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Thick as Thieves
Bright Nights * Dark Days
The Painful Art of Letting Go
Cavo Feb 16, 2019
Sorry Guys, there was an issue with stream, be up in a few!!!
Cavo Feb 14, 2019
Check out this little thing we did with Gaslight and Media Outlaws being released this Friday Feb. 15th @ 7pm.
Cavo Feb 13, 2019
This #friday we’ll be releasing our Gaslight sessions featuring Cavo LIVE on Facebook at 7pm! #stlisamusictown #live #livemusic #rock #cavo #video #livestream #audio #supportlocalmusic #videoproduction #audioproduction
Cavo Jan 22, 2019
Yesterday’s writing session, we’re working on some new music!!! #newmusic #rock #alternativerock
Cavo Jan 02, 2019
What will happen this year is the question!!
Cavo Dec 27, 2018
Happy Birthday to our very own lord of the low-end, Pookee Jones! 🤺
Cavo Dec 24, 2018
Merry Christmas y’all 🎄
Cavo Dec 07, 2018
Cavo Nov 26, 2018
‘‘Tis the season”!!!! We love this time of year! Here’s our song “Home for Xmas”!!! Happy Holidays!!!! Brian, Casey, Chris, Andy Chris Hobbs Andy Herrin Pookee Jones #music #christmas #xmas #xmasmusic
Cavo Oct 17, 2018
Happy birthday to our very own guitar slinger with the best hair and on stage back bends around, Chris Hobbs🤘🏼🤺🎃
Cavo Oct 10, 2018
Cavo Sep 22, 2018
Our boys in Greek Fire killed it with their new EP Orientation 🔥🤘🔥 Also released a video for the first single “The Ride “ AAAAAND launched a PledgeMusic campaign for their next record. Show STL music some love !!!!
Cavo Sep 20, 2018
Walking around Target loudly demanding that someone point me in the direction of Halloween. 🎃
Cavo Sep 13, 2018
It’s nun of your business how many times I jumped tonight while watching “The Nun”. 😱
Cavo Sep 02, 2018
Late post....but, this is how I know music is alive and well. #morelovetodeservingbands. #RivalSons
Cavo Aug 18, 2018
Our very good friends in @blueoctoberband just released a new record that is simply incredible!! You have to check this record out! P.S. @mattnoveskey is near and dear to us and produced our “Bridges” record!! He’s the man!! Love you Katz!!! Cheers!!!
Cavo Aug 17, 2018
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Cavo Aug 08, 2018
's cover photo
Cavo Jul 27, 2018
What a great day for new music, our friends in @halestormrocks release and amazing rocking record today!!! Freaking great record guys!! @officiallzzyhale @arejayhale @thejoestorm @jodowa cheers from your CAVO boyz!!!
Cavo Jul 27, 2018
Boom @daughtry @chrisdaughtry @itsjoshpaul @brian_craddock Josh Steely and gang, this record is fantastic!! This is a must buy everyone, start to finish its amazing!! Cheers guys, we miss ya!
Cavo Jul 27, 2018
Boom @chrisdaughtry @daughtry @itsjoshpaul @brian_craddock Josh Steely and gang! This record is fantastic!! Definitely our soundtrack for the year! The record is a must buy!!! Cheers fellas, we miss ya!! Your CAVO boys!!!!!
Cavo Jul 13, 2018
Happy Birthday to our very own Casey Walker! 🤘🏼💙 #ThatVoiceTho
Cavo Jul 06, 2018
Check out our lyric video for "Wreck Me"!
Cavo Jul 05, 2018
America god bless you!! Happy Birthday!!
Cavo Jul 04, 2018
Because he shouldn’t be the only one to do it today!!! Let’s do this!! Crank up some music to 11!!!