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Thick as Thieves
Bright Nights * Dark Days
The Painful Art of Letting Go
Cavo Aug 11, 2019
10 years old today ❤️ What’s your favorite song off the record?
Cavo Aug 02, 2019
CAVO 2019
Cavo Jul 26, 2019
New CAVO Music Coming in 2019
Cavo Jul 25, 2019
Tomorrow 10am
Cavo Jul 24, 2019
Friday. Instagram. @cavomusic
Cavo Jul 24, 2019
Cavo Jul 23, 2019
Cavo Jul 13, 2019
Happy Birthday to our very own king of cool, and pool, Casey Walker!
Cavo Jul 10, 2019
Cavo Jun 30, 2019
It’s a “Southern Smile” kinda evening! Cheers to all of our Katz and Luvies out there. Don’t forget about us, you’ll hear some new music........soon! Casey, Chris, Andy, Brian CAVO
Cavo Jun 25, 2019
That one time we were at 105.7 The Point The Rizzuto Show and we covered STP-Sour Girl
Cavo May 22, 2019
Hmmm what’s this?????
Cavo Apr 26, 2019
Throwback Thursday 🍾
Cavo Apr 22, 2019
Earth day soundtrack!
Cavo Mar 29, 2019
Today is a very important day in the CAVO camp! Years ago today our drummer Andy Herrin was born! His mother got tired of the beats he’s was creating in her belly so she pushed!! And now we are all better for it! To our brother in musical arms we want to wish the happiest of birthdays until next year. We’ll wish the happiest then and so on! Please show some love for his birthday! Cheers Andy and, we love ya!!! Brian, Chris and Casey
Cavo Feb 21, 2019
Upon completing his guitar solo @chrishobbsguitar channeled his inner Rick Flair!!!! Woooooooooooo!!!!!!
Cavo Feb 21, 2019
What @pookeejones dreams about most nights!! Man, I am so tall!! I have got to be like 8’3. Quick give me a basketball...I bet I could dunk it! Hehehehe.....I’ll squish you all like the ants you are!!! Fe-Fi-Fo-Fum more bass everyone!!!!
Cavo Feb 20, 2019
It was at this moment Casey would learn the consequences of stepping on Chris’s guitar pedals in the middle of the song. A swift kick to the shin....Casey would never touch the pedals again!!
Cavo Feb 20, 2019
Sorry @andyherrin but this is what @pookeejones does between sets on leg day!!! Just text him back and say shut up and lift bro!!!
Cavo Feb 16, 2019
Sorry Guys, there was an issue with stream, be up in a few!!!
Cavo Feb 14, 2019
Check out this little thing we did with Gaslight and Media Outlaws being released this Friday Feb. 15th @ 7pm.
Cavo Feb 13, 2019
This #friday we’ll be releasing our Gaslight sessions featuring Cavo LIVE on Facebook at 7pm! #stlisamusictown #live #livemusic #rock #cavo #video #livestream #audio #supportlocalmusic #videoproduction #audioproduction
Cavo Jan 22, 2019
Yesterday’s writing session, we’re working on some new music!!! #newmusic #rock #alternativerock
Cavo Jan 02, 2019
What will happen this year is the question!!
Cavo Dec 27, 2018
Happy Birthday to our very own lord of the low-end, Pookee Jones! 🤺