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Blunt Force Trauma
Blunt Force Trauma (Special Edition)
Inflikted (Bonus Tracks Version)
Cavalera Conspiracy May 14, 2019
Aussie fans! In case you missed it on our recent tour, we have a limited amount of tour tees available online now with local shipping! Check it out here:
Cavalera Conspiracy May 07, 2019
South America....Mexico, we are coming to you with our Return Beneath Arise tour! Get your dance shoes on, cause we are ready to have a mosh-party....round and round we go. TRIBE!!!!!!!
Cavalera Conspiracy May 07, 2019
Let’s go Beneath Arise!!!
Cavalera Conspiracy Jan 25, 2019
CAVALERA FANS!!!!! Our brothers in INCITE just released their 4th studio album "Built to Destroy" today.....and it's a BEAST of an album, something a little different than previous albums!!!! We recommend you give it a listen and let us know what you think! #NowPlaying
Cavalera Conspiracy Dec 07, 2018
Everyone, do us a favor please! Richie Cavalera's band, INCITE have a new video that was just released for their upcoming album Built To Destroy, due on January 25th. Let us know what you think!
Cavalera Conspiracy Oct 26, 2018
Ready for South/Central America!!!! Tour starts TODAY in Fortaleza Brazil....come out and rage with us!
Cavalera Conspiracy Apr 27, 2018
Cavalera Conspiracy Jan 10, 2018
Cavalera Conspiracy Dec 19, 2017
Cavalera Conspiracy Nov 22, 2017
Unboxing the Deluxe Box Edition of our new album "Psychosis"! Limited Edition! Got your copy yet? If not, grab one at
Cavalera Conspiracy Nov 17, 2017
The day has come!!! Today we released our newest album "Psychosis" We are also releasing this video for the track "Spectral War" can find the video with the following link:
Cavalera Conspiracy Nov 16, 2017
Here is Metal Injection's review of our "Psychosis" album that comes out tomorrow!!!
Cavalera Conspiracy Nov 16, 2017
An awesome interview with our friend Jo Schuftan! Jo did video recording for us in the studio while we were recording Psychosis. Enjoy! Album drops tomorrow worldwide!
Cavalera Conspiracy Nov 16, 2017
Looking for the new album that comes out tomorrow (Friday)??? Here's your Amazon link to purchse! This is a fast heavy album...enjoy! Amazon Link:
Cavalera Conspiracy Nov 16, 2017
Don't forget to tune into SiriusXM's Liquid Metal channel to hear our takeover with Jose Mangin!
Cavalera Conspiracy Nov 15, 2017
Here's a link to some of the different outlets that will selling our upcoming album "Psychosis". The album drops on Friday! Link: Also, on Friday we will be doing an Instagram FYE Takeover. Make sure to follow @officialFYEMusic on Instagram to get in on the fun.
Cavalera Conspiracy Nov 15, 2017
Checkout this podcast!
Cavalera Conspiracy Nov 04, 2017
Do you want to know OUR favorite bands that consist of brothers making music together??? Here's our favorites! See you all soon!!!!
Cavalera Conspiracy Nov 01, 2017
Check this article out!!!! Can't wait for the new album to'll love it!