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Free Ride (2018 Edition)
Vibraciones Doradas
Live in Copenhagen
Summer Sessions, Vol. 1
Summer Sessions, Vol. 2
Summer Sessions, Vol. 3
Return to Sky
Live at Freak Valley
Pewt'r Sessions 3
Euporie Tide
Pewt'r Sessions 2
Pewt'r Sessions 1
Summer Sessions, Vol. 1
Causa Sui Dec 11, 2018
These Norwegian cats can really play! 🤯🤙
Causa Sui Nov 07, 2018
The 2018 edition of Free Ride is out now! Here's a long thoughtful review from The Obelisk: "whether being viewed as a document of modern heavy psych in the making or just as a killer heavy rock record with immersive jams, natural tones and a soulful vocal and instrumental execution, there’s no question it stands up to the 11 years since it first arrived"
Causa Sui Nov 04, 2018
Old or new version? "Revisiting my own artwork 11 years later. Original release from 2007 on top - 2018 re-release on bottom. I know some people have a hard time with artworks changing like this. But I always felt like the idea of a book cover changing over time, creating a wide range of different editions, made more sense than the concept of the "sacred album art". Also this is remastered by @jonasmunksounds and a 2xLP with a live bonus track on our own label - the original was a 12" + 7" on #elektrohaschrecords - so not technically the same release at all."
Causa Sui Nov 02, 2018
Get your friday rolling with this 19 minute (!) live version of El Paraiso - recorded at the 2007 edition of Roadburn Festival. Free Ride (2018 edition) out NOW! 2LP/CD/DL available here:
Causa Sui Oct 26, 2018
Hey, it's that drummer from that band you used to like!
Causa Sui Oct 25, 2018
Dritkul, Norske djevler!
Causa Sui Oct 16, 2018
Beautiful writeup on Free Ride over at Complex Distractions. "Free Ride is an essential step in the creation and evolution of what Causa Sui has grown into. The DNA to which Return To Sky, Euporie Tide, Pewt’r Sessions, and even the epic live showcases like Live at Freak Valley and Live in Copenhagen are made of can be traced back to those first two Causa Sui records, and in-particular Free Ride."
Causa Sui Oct 06, 2018
Free Ride! Back in print after more than a decade. 🔥
Causa Sui Sep 30, 2018
Pure fire! See you friday at El Paraiso Records Presents Causa Sui & Mythic Sunship (release)
Causa Sui Sep 28, 2018
Just one week til we play Copenhagen again El Paraiso Records Presents Causa Sui & Mythic Sunship (release)
Causa Sui Sep 26, 2018
Newborn Road ✌️
Causa Sui Sep 24, 2018
About time, eh? Free Ride will be back on CD and luxurious double LP! Remastered by Jonas Munk, and includes a 20-minute live version of El Paraiso recorded at 2007's Roadburn Festival. Out November 2nd.
Causa Sui Sep 13, 2018
📸 by Danny Kötter. Photographer
Causa Sui Sep 12, 2018
Fancy a spot on the guest list? Just add your name to this post on the Mythic Sunship page. Gonna be hell of a night 🔥
Causa Sui Sep 11, 2018
Causa Sui
Causa Sui Sep 11, 2018
Magnificent Music Festival 2018 | Berlin Photos by Danny Kötter. Photographer
Causa Sui Sep 08, 2018
Tonight! 🔥
Causa Sui Sep 05, 2018
New soaring Mythic Sunship track - feat. Causa Sui's Jonas Munk. See you at El Paraiso Records Presents Causa Sui & Mythic Sunship (release)
Causa Sui Sep 02, 2018
SUPERB recording of the opening track of a night in Portugal one month ago 💚 Playing Magnificent Music Festival 2018 | Jena & Magnificent Music Festival 2018 | Berlin next weekend!
Causa Sui Aug 30, 2018
Ain't that some beautiful thing?!
Causa Sui Aug 23, 2018
Just two weeks until we play Magnificent Music Festival 2018 | Berlin
Causa Sui Aug 22, 2018
Live at Freak Valley is back in print - limited to just 300 copies! Also there's a new Mythic Sunship album out - Jonas Munk even joins in on 2 tracks.
Causa Sui Aug 20, 2018
Sonic Blast Moldeo, Portugal 2018