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Under Control (Bonus Track Version)
Who You Are (Bonus Track Version)
Joshua Radin with Cary Brothers at Manship Theatre (May 8, 2019)
Venue: Manship Theatre (Baton Rouge, LA, US) Find tickets
Joshua Radin with Cary Brothers at Kessler Theater (May 9, 2019)
Venue: Kessler Theater (Dallas, TX, US) Find tickets
Cary Brothers Apr 18, 2019
This Tuesday Night (Apr 23rd) at The Troubadour, I'll be singing some big ol' cover tunes with my pals to raise money for AIDS/LifeCycle. Come hang and sing along for a good cause! Tickets: Donations:
Cary Brothers Apr 14, 2019
Posted the new single "Blend" on Soundcloud. Have a listen...
Cary Brothers Apr 12, 2019
Super honored that my record “Bruises” has been nominated for Best Indie/Alternative Rock record for the 2019 Independent Music Awards! Most importantly, Robert Smith from The Cure and Tom Waits (!!!) are the judges. Psyched they’ll be listening to the music, even if it’s by force :)
Cary Brothers Apr 12, 2019
Happy Friday! I just premiered the lyric video for my new single “Blend” on YouTube. Or stream it here: #NewMusicFriday
Cary Brothers Apr 11, 2019
Don’t you wish that all the colors would blend? New single. #12MonthsOfTunes #Blend
Cary Brothers Apr 11, 2019
‪Don’t you wish that all the colors would blend?‬ ‪#12MonthsOfTunes #Blend‬
Cary Brothers Apr 04, 2019
Flashback week continues! My second EP “Waiting For Your Letter” is back in stores today after a loooong time. Featuring the first mixes of “Ride” and “Loneliest Girl in the World” as well as tracks not available in a decade “Waiting for Your Letter,” “Wasted One,” and “Forget About You.” Here’s a press shot for the EP (featuring my favorite long-lost IRS Records t-shirt *sigh*). Take a listen: p.s. Brand new single “Blend” coming next Thursday!
Cary Brothers Apr 04, 2019
‪Hey guys! I wrote the end credits music for this gorgeous new short film directed by my pal Zach Braff. Check it out!‬
Cary Brothers Apr 02, 2019
For my birthday, I’m going back. Today, I’m re-releasing my first EP “All The Rage,” featuring the debut of “Blue Eyes” as well as the original stripped down mix of “Honestly” and the tracks “Something” and “Supposed to Be.” It hasn’t been available in 10 years, and it was like hearing an old friend’s voice after a looooong time away. Here are some pics from my first photo shoot and The Late Late Show EP release taping.‪ Listen here: ‬ #LongHairStillDontCare
Cary Brothers Apr 02, 2019
My first EP! Back in stores today for the first time in a decade! Listen here: #MySpaceMemories #12MonthsOfTunes
Cary Brothers Mar 06, 2019
‪People say I don’t smile enough in photos, so here you go, people. Happy to announce that I’ll be joining my pal Joshua Radin for some shows in Louisiana and Texas in May!!‬ ‪May 8 | Baton Rouge, LA‬ ‪May 9 | Dallas, TX‬ ‪May 10 | Houston, TX‬ ‪Tickets at‬
Cary Brothers Feb 12, 2019
‪Big choices at Khalid’s birthday party last night...‬
Cary Brothers Feb 08, 2019
‪SoCal shows with Joshua Radin start tonight!!! Come on out! Tickets at‬
Cary Brothers Feb 08, 2019
Hey, guys. Just a heads up that there’s a janky fake page with my name on it on FB. Don’t accept their friend request.
Cary Brothers Feb 01, 2019
‪Some very good-lookin’ supernatural teens will be getting sad to my tune “Everything I Say” on tonight’s Legacies on The CW! 9/8c!
Cary Brothers Jan 25, 2019
Two weeks til Southern California shows with my pals Joshua Radin & Lily Kershaw. Any requests? #live #music #california #whysoseriousface Feb 8 | San Juan Capistrano | Coach House Concert Hall Feb 9 | Big Bear Lake, CA | The Cave Feb 10 | Solana Beach, CA | Belly Up
Cary Brothers Jan 23, 2019
ICYMI - My new single "Queen of Hearts' is out everywhere! Have a listen!
Cary Brothers Jan 13, 2019
‪So you love words AND vibey piano songs AND vintage playing cards? Wow. Then the lyric video for my new single “Queen of Hearts” is everything you ever wanted! #12MonthsOfTunes 👸🏽❤️‬ Watch the whole thing on Youtube:
Cary Brothers Jan 11, 2019
Thanks for the very sweet words about the new song, y’all. This indie music thing can be tough sometimes, but the your kindness makes everything a lot easier. Stressed face replaced by peaceful face today. Happy weekend! #newmusicfriday #gratitude 🙏🙏🙏
Cary Brothers Jan 10, 2019
's cover photo
Cary Brothers Jan 10, 2019
‪My new single #QueenOfHearts is in stores NOW! It’s your #ValentinesDay prep. My Mom calls it “dreamy.” Click the link to get it (at Spotify, iTunes/Apple Music, and more)!
Cary Brothers Jan 07, 2019
‪New single coming Thursday! Follow me on Spotify to hear it first! #QueenOfHearts #12MonthsOfTunes
Cary Brothers Jan 04, 2019
Look Ma, I made it back to Nashville! My song “Everything I Say” is featured on #MusicCityCMT tonight 10/9c on CMT!
Cary Brothers Dec 26, 2018
your christmas recovery music... #JohnDenver #TakeMeHome #CountryRoads
Cary Brothers Dec 26, 2018
Merry Christmas from me and my Mom’s tiny little tree! I hope you’re surrounded by love, even if you don’t celebrate this holiday. Thinking of all those people who are missing someone special today. Extra love to YOU! #merrychristmas🎄