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Slow Death
Slow Death (Track Commentary Version)
Die Without Hope
Until I Feel Nothing
Hell Chose Me (Bonus Track Version)
The Diseased and the Poisoned
Dead In My Arms
Carnifex Nov 09, 2018
What was the first CARNIFEX song you heard?
Carnifex Nov 03, 2018
Have you got your tickets to DECEMBER DECIMATION FESTIVAL? We will be performing a NEW SONG live. This will sell out. Get your tickets here:
Carnifex Nov 01, 2018
REST IN PAIN Get yours here:
Carnifex Oct 27, 2018
ETERNAL PRIEST. Now available at
Carnifex Oct 19, 2018
Get your tickets for the DECEMBER DECIMATION FESTIVAL here, we will be performing a NEW SONG live for those in attendance. This will sell out: BLEEDING THROUGH CARNIFEX SO THIS IS SUFFERING SPADES & BLADES Bleeding Through - OFFICIAL PAGE Carnifex So This Is Suffering Spades And Blades
Carnifex Oct 17, 2018
It's hoodie season, so head over to IndieMerchstore to get yours! Grab yours here:
Carnifex Oct 17, 2018
Who else is playing #BlackOps4? Much love to Activision and Treyarch - killer game 💀
Carnifex Oct 13, 2018
Hurry, these patches are limited to 100 pieces. Grab them here:
Carnifex Sep 07, 2018
Get this shirt and more from the official Carnifex IndieMerchstore!
Carnifex Aug 23, 2018
Carnifex's cover photo
Carnifex Aug 14, 2018
Come and get some Manchester!!! We’re at the Club Academy tonight with Dying Fetus, Toxic Holocaust, and Goatwhore. #carnifex #dyingfetus #toxicholocaust #goatwhore
Carnifex Aug 11, 2018
European metalheads - if you didn't get a chance to grab a shirt at any of our shows, go to #Impericon now!
Carnifex Aug 10, 2018
‪Which cover song do you like better, Angel of Death or Heretic Anthem?‬
Carnifex Aug 04, 2018
#SlowDeathSaturday - what's your favorite track from Slow Death?
Carnifex Jul 30, 2018
Court of the Dead and Nuclear Blast presented the Nuclear Blast Comic-Con International after party with Testament and Carnifex performing at the House of Blues San Diego during SDCC 2018. Here are some photos from the event!
Carnifex Jul 27, 2018
Come re-experience this year's Comic-Con International from last week with Nuclear Blast, JSR Direct - Band Merchandising & Stern Pinball! Watch this recap video featuring bay area thrashers Testament, the brutality of Carnifex, El Hijo del Santo, & Kerry King of Slayer ...with a surprise crashing by Kirk Hammett of Metallica in the booth! Also see Llexi Leon of Iron Maiden: Legacy of the Beast & Tom Gilliland of Court of the Dead / Sideshow Collectibles as they sign for fans in San Diego. Eddie lives throughout the booth with Iron Maiden: Legacy of the Beast figures, lithographs and pinball games from Stern Pinball. Thanks to all our sponsors for this year's Comic-Con event & after party at House of Blues San Diego, including Vans, Blackcraft & Court of the Dead!
Carnifex Jul 18, 2018
Last day to get #DEATHDREAMER! Thanks to REVOLVER Magazine for the preview!
Carnifex Jul 14, 2018
See you at Grill 'Em All Alhambra with our friends from Blackcraft
Carnifex Jul 13, 2018
Tomorrow at NOON at Grill 'Em All in Alhambra (Los Angeles area). Totally free, hang out, take pics, get a burger and talk metal 🤘💀🤘
Carnifex Jul 13, 2018
For those of you coming to the Nuclear Blast Comic-Con International After Party with Testament and Carnifex, you can get tickets for half-off here:
Carnifex Jul 04, 2018
One Nation. Under Death Fucking Metal. Get yours here:
Carnifex Jul 03, 2018
Get the extremely limited Carnifex s/t EP from 2006, ONLY available for a limited time under the "DIEHARD CARNIFEX BUNDLE" here:
Carnifex Jun 29, 2018
More Carnifex EP's and tour laminates have been added, hurry up!
Carnifex Jun 29, 2018
Here's a preview of DEATH DREAMER that only a metal head could love, with all the blood and guts of a Cannibal Corpse record. Did you get your copy yet? Pick yours up now:
Carnifex Jun 26, 2018
This Carnifex EP is the the FIRST piece of recorded music #Carnifex made as a band. These were the 5 songs we wrote just prior to Slit Wrist Savior, Love Lies in Ashes and Lie To My Face, which we recorded not long after. After recently moving I was stoked to find a few boxes of these original EP's hiding in storage. These are unopened originals, printed in early 2006 and in perfect condition. I'm putting 97 copies up for the most die hard of Carnifex fans to add these to their collection. Only available here as the DIEHARD CARNIFEX BUNDLE on the right!: