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Carly Simon Music Mar 04, 2018
March 3rd, Let The River Run!
Carly Simon Music Dec 27, 2017 In this 50+ minute segment, you will see all the major players along with Carly talking about their role in the recording of her classic NO SECRETS album. Richard Perry, Bill Schnee, Paul Buckmaster, Klaus Voorman, Jimmy Ryan, Arlyne Rothberg and more.
Carly Simon Music Dec 20, 2017
Film of Carly Simon recording Christmas Is Almost Here in her hotel room in L.A. 2002.
Carly Simon Music Oct 10, 2017
Carly will be on the PBS' series "Finding Your Roots" tonight (10/10).
Carly Simon Music Oct 05, 2017
Pre-order today!
Carly Simon Music Oct 03, 2017
Carly participated in the PBS "Finding Your Roots" series, and while I am not sure which episode she'll be featured in, it begins airing on Tuesday. "Carly Simon, who was eager to find out whether her maternal grandmother, who came to the United States from Cuba, had her lineage right: She claimed to be the offspring of the king of Spain and a Moroccan slave. Researchers traveled to Cuba to search out Catholic church records unavailable online and found “an amazing family tree,” Gates said, one different than expected. Simon’s grandmother was found to be 40 percent black, making the singer-songwriter 10 percent black. Her grandmother “invented this crazy story, this fabrication, because she knew she was from a mixed-race heritage, and that was very unpopular in the 1950s and ‘60s,” Gates said."
Carly Simon Music Jun 30, 2017
Great audio interview conducted by Alec Baldwin.
Carly Simon Music Jan 26, 2017
Someone uploaded the entire My Romance video to Youtube, and the quality is excellent!
Carly Simon Music Dec 08, 2016
Norman Seeff Productions
Carly Simon Music Oct 19, 2016
Looks like Carly will be doing a book signing in NYC on 11/2. Have fun all!
Carly Simon Music Sep 11, 2016
Carly Simon Music Aug 19, 2016
#FlashbackFriday Have a great weekend, everyone!
Carly Simon Music Jun 17, 2016
Pittsburgh fans want their $11.75 concert tickets refunded in 1980. ($34.25 in today's dollars).
Carly Simon Music Jun 09, 2016
It's Cole Porter's birthday ~ listen to Carly's rendition of I've Got You Under My Skin.
Carly Simon Music Apr 27, 2016
With legendary stage fright, it amazes me that Carly chose Grand Central Station to film a surprise concert to promote her 1995 album, Letters Never Sent. Go big, or go home.
Carly Simon Music Apr 18, 2016
I can think of several fans who need to wear this shirt :)
Carly Simon Music Apr 15, 2016
Doug McCormick (head of Lifetime TV in 96') sings "My Girl" with Carly Simon in front of a private audience. #BeforeCellCameras
Carly Simon Music Apr 13, 2016
Carly is featured in part 2 of the new PBS Jackie Robinson story (airing tonight 4/12), The Robinson's lived with Carly's parents, while their house was being built in Stamford, CT.
Carly Simon Music Apr 08, 2016
Lay back on a starry night, feel as big and as small as you are...#tbt Another Passenger
Carly Simon Music Mar 31, 2016
Listening to this CD will make Donald Trump go away forever. :)
Carly Simon Music Mar 16, 2016
Been awhile since I heard this, it's still good!
Carly Simon Music Feb 16, 2016
"Let's hold the word TRASH, until we see it" Carly Simon on what she envisioned her memoir to be, IF she'd written it in 1987. Good thing she waited, until she was comfortable talking about her life and those people who helped shape it.
Carly Simon Music Feb 07, 2016
A just-released track that was recorded for Carly's "Boys In The Trees" album in 1978. Featuring James Taylor vocals.
Carly Simon Music Feb 05, 2016
Here's a higher quality version of Carly's appearance on The David Frost Show in 1972.
Carly Simon Music Feb 04, 2016
Playboy, Oct. 1972.