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Our Love
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Caribou Nov 27, 2018
PLEASE HELP. I’ve signed up for Instagram but don’t know how to use it on my phone.
Caribou Nov 21, 2018
NYD 2019
Caribou Nov 02, 2018
I've finally got my whole discography - Caribou and Daphni, physical and digital - up on Bandcamp:
Caribou Oct 29, 2018
DAPHNI - Junction 2 2019
Caribou Oct 23, 2018
DAPHNI - Magnetic Fields 2018
Caribou Oct 12, 2018
DUBAI - we are coming for the first time on Nov 8th with Rhye. Can't wait!!
Caribou Oct 03, 2018
Only a couple weeks until THE WAREHOUSE PROJECT Tickets:
Caribou Oct 01, 2018
I'm DJing this Thursday at Five Miles for Stoke Newington student mental health charity LookUp PopUp / Safaplace with HAAi-. All proceeds to charity. Tickets: Info:
Caribou Sep 28, 2018
DAPHNI - Magnetic Fields 2018. After sadly having to cancel last year I'm super excited to get the chance to play Magnetic Fields Festival this year
Caribou Sep 19, 2018
Caribou Aug 23, 2018
SINGAPORE - We are coming back Nov 11th!
Caribou Aug 08, 2018
We are coming to Hong Kong in November!!
Caribou Jul 29, 2018
Thank you, Galway!!
Caribou Jul 26, 2018
Ireland - Excited to see you in Galway on Sat!! Grab tickets here if you haven't already :)
Caribou Jul 04, 2018
Istanbul - we are very sad to announce that the show has been cancelled. Please see the statement from the festival below. We’re really bummed out as it’s a favourite city of ours and were very much looking forward to coming back for the first time in a while. We hope the show can be made up sooner than later. -Dan, Ryan, Brad & John
Caribou May 08, 2018
DAPHNI @ Field Day London After Party Tickets here:
Caribou Apr 10, 2018
ISTANBUL - we are returning this July for Parkfest! Tickets on sale Friday. #caribou2018
Caribou Mar 31, 2018
DAPHNI - FYF Fest - July 21 & 22
Caribou Mar 31, 2018
See you soon Ceremonia !! #caribou2018
Caribou Feb 12, 2018
DAPHNI Belgrade Sept 21st Drugstore, Beograd All night DJ set. Tickets on sale now: Presented by +++. This is the first time I've DJ'ed in Belgrade and first time I've been in town since Caribou played in 2010. See you all then!
Caribou Feb 10, 2018
MEXICO - Ceremonia tickets are available here: - See you in April!
Caribou Feb 05, 2018
DAPHNI - Field Day London - Sat June 2 #fd2018
Caribou Jan 17, 2018
DAPHNI - Dour Festival July 11 -15 2018
Caribou Jan 15, 2018
MEXICO - Excited to announce we’ll be playing Ceremonia in April! #caribou2018
Caribou Jan 13, 2018
I'm DJing at Ramsgate Music Hall on Apr 21st as a fundraiser for The Garden Gate Project community garden. DAPHNI - 4 hr set - Apr 21st - Ramsgate Music Hall Tickets on sale now: Garden Gate Project: