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Cardiknox Dec 07, 2018
we fell in love creating music together and making this band. we travelled all over the country (and other countries!) and met so many wonderful people. and through blood sweat & tears we had high highs and low lows and everything in between. we grew closer, we were a team, we pushed each other endlessly, until eventually we grew apart. and though that is sad, today is not a sad day. we are releasing this song, “back in LA,” which is one of the last we finished and very dear to us. it’s out now and you can hear it anywhere you listen to music. lastly, thank you so much to every single person who ever came to a show or sang along to our music in the car or added us to a playlist. you filled us, truly. thank you to our families and incredible friends and team for being so amazing and supportive. we could have never done any of this without you. all love. but for now, farewell. Apple Music: Spotify:
Cardiknox Feb 04, 2018
shout-out to our ride-or-die cardi-choreographer Natalie Gilmore! we can't wait to watch you KILL IT in the super-bowl half-time show dancing with the one-and-only JT. here's a lil' throwback to all the fun we had shooting 'on my way.' peep a behind-the-scenes vid of nat working her magic as we made the vid: KILL IT TODAY, NAT!!! 💥🎉✨
Cardiknox Jan 26, 2018
Cardiknox Jan 24, 2018
happy happy bday to this magician ✨🎶🎸
Cardiknox Jan 16, 2018
Cardiknox Jan 01, 2018
cya next year
Cardiknox Dec 30, 2017
giving 2017 that side-eye like 👀
Cardiknox Dec 24, 2017
Cardiknox Dec 18, 2017
🚨🚨order all cardi-sale items by midnight tonight to receive before xmas!!🚨🚨
Cardiknox Dec 15, 2017
blondeonblondeonblonde —> Beau Dieda
Cardiknox Dec 14, 2017
🎉🎉🎉🎧🎉🎉🎉 thanks for boppin and hangin and dancin with us this year. wowowow. 🙏
Cardiknox Dec 12, 2017
limited-edition signed white vinyl, on sale now!! to receive sale items by xmas, orders must be received by fri 12/15. 📀📀📀
Cardiknox Dec 12, 2017
pins on pins on pins! $3/each ::: www.cardiknox.limitedrun
Cardiknox Dec 11, 2017
🤔🤭🤨 casually awkward. on sale now::: www.cardiknox.limtedrun
Cardiknox Dec 09, 2017
this sweatshirt is cozy AF —> www.cardiknox.limitedrun
Cardiknox Dec 09, 2017
our world is burning up (literally) and so many people are experiencing unimaginable loss. it’s scary and awful but we can all do our lil part to help. i’m very grateful to have spent the day at The L.A. Kitchen helping prep food for the incredible firefighters on the front line and the shelters. also, found out that hairnets are v posh.
Cardiknox Dec 08, 2017
need a cheap xmas present?? since you already own portrait (obviously...) get a signed + personalized copy for a friend for just $5! mom gets one, dad gets one, uncle steve gets one, grumpy neighbor gets two, the mailman gets one 💿📀💿📀💿📀
Cardiknox Dec 08, 2017
lookin for a wild child stocking stuffer?
Cardiknox Dec 06, 2017
the cardi-sale continues...snag your navy crewneck (+ handwritten lyric sheets) before they’re gone.
Cardiknox Nov 28, 2017
played a stripped down version of BAD BOYS for idobi Radio. peep the whole vid here: 💋💋
Cardiknox Nov 27, 2017
cardi-T (diff than cardi B)on $ALE. (dog not included)
Cardiknox Nov 27, 2017
it’s a blowout $ALE thru xmas on all cardi-store items. get a personalized polaroid pic if u buy this fuzzy crewneck sweatshirt 📷! peep the store site for all other personalized goodies! ➡️➡️
Cardiknox Nov 24, 2017
🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥BLACK FRIDAY SALE!🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥up to 60% off all store items. BUT WAIT, there’s more!!! autographed & personalized CDs and vinyl, handwritten lyric sheets with sweatshirt orders, and one-of-a-kind personalized polaroids with t-shirt orders! RUN DON’T WALK WHILE SUPPLIES LAST. 🎉🎉🎁🎁
Cardiknox Nov 22, 2017
i’m all choked up #dadjokes
Cardiknox Nov 21, 2017
fight like a girl 💪🏼