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Caravan Palace / Panic (2 albums)
Caravan Palace
Caravan Palace Sep 03, 2018
Just found out about this! Keep on dancing to our track Wonderland!
Caravan Palace Aug 30, 2018
A collection of tracks we listen to in the studio, in the car, in the shower... Enjoy, share and subscribe for more eclectic music! dI° _ °Ib
Caravan Palace Jul 06, 2018
Our big playlist is now called "Lone Diggers Radio" Updated with great tracks from Leon Bridges, Jacob Banks, Seinabo Sey, Ténéré, Charles X, mura masa and more ! Enjoy!
Caravan Palace Jul 04, 2018
L O N E D I G G E R S We are happy and proud to announce that we're launching our own label for our future releases! It's called Lone Diggers and we'd absolutely love you to be part of this exciting new adventure! Wanna join the club? Please take a few seconds to click below and leave us your email so we can be in touch!
Caravan Palace Jun 13, 2018
So we invited P.Lock, Hakim and Willow from The Rocket to dance to our track Black Betty It was impressive, inspiring and lots of fun too! Check the video below
Caravan Palace Jun 05, 2018
Please take a couple of minutes to enjoy this beautiful video by Dance Per Minute using Tomboy's awesome remix of our track Aftermath
Caravan Palace May 09, 2018
Are you a lone digger?
Caravan Palace Jan 08, 2018
Happy 2018 y'all! What did you guys do for the new year? We certainly didn't expect that when we wrote Lone Digger :)
Caravan Palace Dec 24, 2017
Wishing you all a very happy holiday season! Here's a playlist we put together last year that still works pretty well for today's mood! Youtube: Spotify:
Caravan Palace Dec 14, 2017
To all the lovely people streaming our music on Spotify, thank you so much for the vertiginous stats! It's been an amazing year and we can't wait to come back with new material in 2018! Stay tuned and make sure you subscribe to our artist page to be notified!
Caravan Palace Dec 12, 2017
Our Twitter account was hacked yesterday. Big thanks for all the caring messages. Truly helped us feel less distraught. We lost about 500 followers in the process so please make sure you are still following us (if you want to) We're back!
Caravan Palace Nov 13, 2017
For those who didn't get the chance to party and sweat with us during our last tour, this is the extended version of Mighty that we play on stage! (and because you guys are going to ask, yes we are working on new material, just be patient) <3
Caravan Palace Oct 25, 2017
as we're working on a new record , that kind of news is very exciting!
Caravan Palace Oct 20, 2017
New additions to our ever growing "Mixed Bag" playlist: Chill Bump, The Delphonics, Ténéré, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Sheila Jordan, Jazzinuf, Princess Nokia, Sweatson Klank and more ! Make sure you subscribe to both our Spotify artist page and playlist to be updated regularly. Have a nice weekend everyone!!
Caravan Palace Oct 16, 2017
100 Million THANKS in return!!! We couldn't be any prouder.
Caravan Palace Oct 13, 2017
Happy release day to our good friend Ténéré! His first EP is out today for the world to enjoy! 👉👂
Caravan Palace Aug 29, 2017
Summer's almost over and it's time for the very erratic but always joyful update of our "Mixed Bag" Spotify playlist. Enjoy!
Caravan Palace Jul 28, 2017
/// Informal poll /// Just wondering... which is your favorite track? dI*__*Ib
Caravan Palace Jul 16, 2017
That was a great Saturday night! Thank you so much Chicago!
Caravan Palace Jul 15, 2017
Merci à la Ville de Paris d' avoir choisi Dramophone pour leur playlist du feu d'artifice du 14 Juillet!!! Proud to be part of the Paris firework! #Bastilleday#Paris#Dramophone
Caravan Palace Jul 13, 2017
Yesterday was special.. What a birhday party! Thank you DENVER , we love your city!
Caravan Palace Jul 07, 2017
People in NYC! We're super excited to be in the big apple and play Irving Plaza tonite! Ursula 1000 will spin some records to get you in the right mood before we hop on stage so make sure you come early! See you tonight!! Picture (c) Justin Scalera
Caravan Palace Jul 07, 2017
So we decided to put this little DJ mix together for you guys! Play it loud and have fun! dI^__^Ib
Caravan Palace Jul 06, 2017
When 9:30 Club gets crazy.. It's always so cool here! Thank you Washington DC!
Caravan Palace Jul 05, 2017
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