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Dance and Laugh Amongst the Rotten
Dance and Laugh Amongst the Rotten (Deluxe)
This Is No Fairy Tale
This Is No Fairy Tale
Where the Corpses Sink Forever
Death Came Through a Phantom Ship
Inferno Metal Festival Inferno Metal Festival 2019
Venue: Inferno Metal Festival (Oslo, Norway) Find tickets
Carach Angren at Inferno Festival 2019 (April 20, 2019)
Venue: Inferno Festival 2019 (Oslo, Norway) Find tickets
Ragnarök Festival Ragnarök Festival 2019
Venue: Stadthalle Lichtenfels (Lichtenfels, Germany) Find tickets
Archspire, Carach Angren, and Insanity Alert at Hellfest 2019 (21 22 23 June) (June 22, 2019)
Venue: Hellfest 2019 (21 22 23 June) (Clisson, France) Find tickets
Full Force Festival Full Force Festival 2019
Venue: Full Force (Gräfenhainichen, Germany) Find tickets
Carach Angren at Devilstone Open Air 2019 (July 11, 2019)
Venue: Devilstone Open Air 2019 (Anyksciai, Lithuania) Find tickets
Carach Angren Feb 21, 2019
Carach Angren Feb 16, 2019
The "Writing" is a Portent of Doom...
Carach Angren Feb 02, 2019
You can now pre-order our third album "Where The Corpses Sink Forever" as it will be re-released on a very limited gatefold 12" vinyl with an updated design by Negakinu Photography & Design! Be quick and secure your haunted copy now!
Carach Angren Feb 02, 2019
Sink to the depths of the ocean with Charles Francis Coghlan.
Carach Angren Jan 25, 2019
Carach Angren, Worship Horror Fuck God, T-Shirt - Backstage Rock Shop
Carach Angren Jan 16, 2019
Carach Angren - When Crows Tick On Windows (Official Video)
Carach Angren Jan 10, 2019
Review from the show in P60, Amstelveen by Zware Metalen (Dutch).
Carach Angren Jan 06, 2019
Namtar is selling 1 of his spare pedal sets. Visit page for more info
Carach Angren Jan 04, 2019
Carach Angren Ultimate Playlist, a playlist by Carach Angren on Spotify
Carach Angren Dec 29, 2018
Compilation from the show at Dynamo! by Marleo Video
Carach Angren Dec 28, 2018
This was no Xmas.. Made by Ronja Gassner.
Carach Angren Dec 26, 2018
Don't forget your pre-order!
Carach Angren Dec 24, 2018
US fans, head over to JSR Direct - Band Merchandising to get new merch items!
Carach Angren Dec 23, 2018
Tomorrow the last show of the year at Dynamo! Check pictures from our show at P60 and don't miss out! Pics by John van der Zee & Hans Schoo Photography
Carach Angren Dec 19, 2018
Just a few more days until the final shows of the year - don't miss out! P60 Tickets: Event-Page: Dynamo Tickets: Event-Page:
Carach Angren Dec 17, 2018
Pre-order the latest design in our official shop now! This one will also be available at the two upcoming shows in P60, Amstelveen & Dynamo, Eindhoven!
Carach Angren Dec 15, 2018
In a week we will haunt our home land again! 21-12 P60, Amstelveen & 24-12 Dynamo, Eindhoven!
Carach Angren Dec 13, 2018
Due to unforeseen problems at customs as a result of mandatory new requirements implemented for traveling between Brazil and Colombia, Carach Angren are unable to perform in Bogota, Colombia this evening. All tickets will be reimbursed and the band promises to return soon to make up the show to its fans. The band apologises and states this was not the band's or band team's fault.
Carach Angren Dec 10, 2018
Sao Paolo haunted! Tomorrow Rio de Janeiro!
Carach Angren Dec 09, 2018
Santiago ghosts, you were amazing! Next is Sao Paulo!
Carach Angren Dec 06, 2018
Carach Angren Nov 26, 2018
We will once again be haunting Hellfest Open Air Festival next year!
Carach Angren Nov 24, 2018
Carach Angren Nov 24, 2018
Amstelveen, nog een kleine maand... Tickets:
Carach Angren Nov 23, 2018
JSR has 20% off on our items!