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Dance and Laugh Amongst the Rotten (Deluxe)
Dance and Laugh Amongst the Rotten
This Is No Fairy Tale
This Is No Fairy Tale
Where the Corpses Sink Forever
Death Came Through a Phantom Ship
Carach Angren Aug 03, 2019
Lingering in an imprint haunting, drum cam Namtar. Hellfest 2019.
Carach Angren Jul 30, 2019
Check out the new official video for the opening track of Clemens "Ardek" Wijers' new solo EP! Again in collaboration with Rick Jacops of Backstage Film Productions known for his work with Carach Angren on "When Crows Tick on Windows" & "Charles Francis Coghlan"
Carach Angren Jul 28, 2019
Namtar destroying the drumkit at Hellfest 2019
Carach Angren Jul 26, 2019
Today is the official release of Clemens "Ardek" Wijers Solo EP "Parasite Twin"! Head over to your favourite platform to listen to a different musical side of Ardek. Bandcamp (Physical Album/ Digital) Spotify i-Tunes Apple Music Amazon Deezer
Carach Angren Jul 26, 2019
Carach Angren Jul 24, 2019
The "Pitch Black Summer Tour" has come to an end. We want to thank all of you malicious souls who withstood heatwaves with us and made this one hell of a tour! Special thanks to our fantastic crew Alexi, Pumpkin & Koen And of course Wolfheart, THY ANTICHRIST & NEVALRA!
Carach Angren Jul 14, 2019
Throwback to Bristol's Blood Queen! Tonight haunting Estonia!
Carach Angren Jul 13, 2019
Review (Dutch) of the show in Baroeg Rotterdam by Zware Metalen Haunting Velnio Akmuo / Devilstone today!
Carach Angren Jul 11, 2019
Bratislava's Blood Queen! Tonight haunting Rock Marathon Festival!
Carach Angren Jul 08, 2019
Defiling home grounds tonight @ Baroeg Rotterdam!
Carach Angren Jul 05, 2019
You can pre-order Clemens "Ardek" Wijers new experimental industrial EP as Digipack CD via his bandcamp page - first 250 copies come signed.
Carach Angren Jul 03, 2019
Tonight haunting Rebellion Manchester! Pic by Shoot Me Again
Carach Angren Jul 01, 2019
Carach Angren Jun 29, 2019
Today we are back on home grounds for Dokk'em Open Air! Pic by Camille Fabro Photography
Carach Angren Jun 28, 2019
Review from Wave Gotik Treffen
Carach Angren Jun 28, 2019
Thanks Trier - On to Full Force Festival! Pic by Camille Fabro Photography
Carach Angren Jun 26, 2019
Clemens "Ardek" Wijers released a new single for his upcoming EP. Watch the lyric video (brilliantly done by Costin Chioreanu) down below and pre-order the Digipack via
Carach Angren Jun 25, 2019
Carach Angren Jun 23, 2019
Hellfest haunted! Thanks so much! On to Milano!
Carach Angren Jun 22, 2019
Italia, due giorni ...
Carach Angren Jun 22, 2019
See you today at Hellfest Open Air Festival! Temple: 16:45 - 17:35
Carach Angren Jun 19, 2019
Interview for United Rock Nations with Clemens "Ardek" Wijers about the Tour!
Carach Angren Jun 18, 2019
To the Belgian fans: Vanavond een echte Carach supporter bij "Blokken" op TV.
Carach Angren Jun 18, 2019
Seregor Pic by Ah!PHOTO
Carach Angren Jun 16, 2019
Due to technical issues beyond our control, the shows in Sevilla, Granada and Valencia in Spain have been canceled. We have never canceled gigs but there’s no choice due to the circumstances at hand. We will make up these shows in the near future and for those still interested to see the package in Spain we will be in Barcelona as scheduled, so come and rage with us. The rest of the tour goes as planned.