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Lasso Yo
Canon Blue May 22, 2019
Canon Blue Oct 24, 2017
The artwork for ‘Lasso Yo’ was done by Cori Corinne, an amazing designer based in New York. I discovered Cori online after seeing one of her pieces and knew instantly that her work would be the perfect visual accompaniment to the music I was making. Thankfully she felt the same way. Available in both CD and LP here:
Canon Blue Oct 13, 2017
I wrote about my first experience of “vinyl”...Thanks to The Vinyl District.🙌
Canon Blue Oct 12, 2017
Canon Blue's new album 'Lasso Yo,' out now on all platforms! Listen here via Spotify:
Canon Blue Oct 06, 2017
Temporary Residence Ltd.
Canon Blue Oct 06, 2017
Shoutout to Grimey's New & Preloved Music for being the best and supporting independent artists and physical music. I had every intention of putting out a record years earlier, but somehow it wasn’t ready till now. 6 years is a long time between albums and a lot of life happened between Rumspringa & Lasso Yo. Thank you to my amazing label Temporary Residence Ltd., everyone who ever bought/streamed/stole my music, let me borrow gear, came to a show and let me sleep on their floor afterwards or had a kind word. All of it kept me going these past years and allowed me to see this thing through. It’s almost 10 years to the day since my first record Colonies came out and feels very fitting to come almost full circle a decade later. XO
Canon Blue Oct 06, 2017
Lasso Yo is out!!! Thanks to Spotify for the ❤️ Listen here
Canon Blue Oct 05, 2017
New song today, new album tomorrow! ‘Carry My Weight’ is one of my favorites from the record and is a song that is especially personal to me - Thanks to BrooklynVegan for the premiere. Listen here: ‘Carry My Weight’ from the new album 'Lasso Yo' out Friday on Temporary Residence Ltd.!
Canon Blue Oct 03, 2017
It seems self serving to try and promote a record in the midst of all this tragedy, sadness and injustice. I saw someone post somewhere yesterday that we are now collectively living in a constant state of trauma. It feels that way. There are so many intense things in need of our care, action and attention that it can be overwhelming to the point of paralyzation. We are asked to process the highest levels of evil, of systemic injustice, and the loss of heroes all while our attention is being distracted by celebrity gossip, talking heads, viral videos and memes. It’s insane. We need music, we need art and we need a deeper understanding of love and consciousness. We need donations, we need calls to senators/representatives, we need to show up at the local city council meetings. This is first and foremost a call out of myself. It’s uncomfortable. It’s inconvenient and even in the face of all of this, I rarely do anything about it. We’ve lost our narrative and our collective mythology as we splinter into a million pieces, but I’m hopeful we can rebuild a new one. One built upon love, inclusion, understanding and a practiced engagement into the lives and worlds of people who are different from us. Music isn’t going anywhere, but our ability to feel something to the point of engaged action is slipping away, and I don’t want to let that happen.
Canon Blue Sep 27, 2017
Been pumped to share this for a while. 'Onyx' remixed by the sonic genius Jamie Lidell is now live! Listen here:
Canon Blue Sep 25, 2017
Fun facts about the new video for 'Beholden' - It was filmed at 1000fps and was shot out of a moving car going 50mph. The entire 3:20 min video took only 5 seconds to film with the the 5th take out of 6 being used for the final version. See it here!
Canon Blue Sep 12, 2017
'Onyx' is the second song to be released from my new album, Lasso Yo. In many ways it started from the book Denial of Death which found its way to me via David Dark. This was my attempt to explore the way we are forced to hold sacred and vast, unspeakable things alongside the trivial and the everyday. It's also a song about love. Side note, this features the mighty Darren King on the drums—'Onyx' from the new album Lasso Yo out Oct. 6 on Temporary Residence Ltd.! Artwork by Cori Corinne. Listen here:
Canon Blue Aug 23, 2017
It's here—the official video for BEHOLDEN! Thanks to Noisey + Vevo for the premiere. Watch it now:
Canon Blue Aug 22, 2017
Last look at the BEHOLDEN video before it premieres tomorrow. Excited to share! 😎
Canon Blue Aug 20, 2017
8.23.17 — BEHOLDEN video premieres this Wednesday, August 23rd. Directed, written + filmed by Jouka Valkama.
Canon Blue Aug 18, 2017
8.23.17 — BEHOLDEN video premieres next Wednesday, August 23rd. Directed, written + filmed by Jouka Valkama.
Canon Blue Aug 16, 2017
8.23.17 — BEHOLDEN video premieres one week from today. Directed, written + filmed by Jouka Valkama.
Canon Blue Aug 15, 2017
Vinyl test pressing sounding fraish. Pre-order 'Lasso Yo' at the @tempresltd web store. Out Oct. 6!
Canon Blue Jul 31, 2017
I put together a Spotify playlist of a bunch of sonic wizardry that I was listening to while working on the new record. Let it be the soundtrack to your life by subscribing to the Electro Billy Radio Hour. Will update on the reg.
Canon Blue Jul 28, 2017
Thanks to Spotify for featuring 'Beholden' on New Music Friday!! Listen here:
Canon Blue Jul 27, 2017
Thanks for the love yesterday. I'm excited that this music is finally making its way into the world. Can't wait to share more soon. ✌🏻 Photo by Brett Warren.
Canon Blue Jul 26, 2017
I had randomly found a bunch of large plastic letters in a dumpster that used to be the sign to a storefront. At the time, I lived with a bunch of people and whenever we would have a party, friends would always bring the letters out and arrange them into phrases and leave them in the backyard. The morning after one of the parties, I came outside and someone had spelled out “Lasso Yo” against the back fence. It took me over 6 years to finish this new Canon Blue album. Looking back, it’s crazy to see how much I changed in parallel to the making of the record. The arc of my life evolved so distinctly that I feel like the person who started this album is almost the exact opposite of the person who finished it. 'Beholden' is the first song on the record and is symbolic in the way that it sets the stage of what’s to come. Life only moves in one direction, and you can either accept the reality and truth of your life, or you can live in denial in a futile fight against it. Self acceptance is the great work for us all. Thanks for hanging in there with me and I hope you enjoy the new music. —‘Beholden’ from the new album ‘Lasso Yo’ out Oct. 6 on Temporary Residence Ltd.!
Canon Blue Jul 25, 2017
Something special coming tomorrow...
Canon Blue Jul 19, 2017
Photo by Brett Warren
Canon Blue Jul 19, 2017
's cover photo