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Ceres & Calypso in the Deep Time
Two Airships / Exploder Falls
Hidden Lands
In the Dream of the Sea Life
Candy Claws Jul 09, 2019
Number 3? 🌋 Honored to follow Slowdive and My Bloody Valentine. It's been six years... We're celebrating with a surprise to come... 🌄
Candy Claws Jun 16, 2019
Candy Claws Apr 28, 2019
Vinyl repress 2019? Or repress 2190? Are you searching for Ceres & Calypso in the Deep Time? She has been sold out for years.. is it time?
Candy Claws Sep 10, 2018
We're heading to Europe for the first time with our project Sound of Ceres and joining our friends Beach House <3 for our third tour with them this year. Will you attend?
Candy Claws Apr 30, 2018
We're on tour with Beach House with our project Sound of Ceres. We're not playing any CCC songs but we're selling some posters and CD's... ... ... Future...
Candy Claws Oct 08, 2017
Our new record as Sound of Ceres is out now. This album explores the idea of being one human outcome amidst an infinitude of possibilities. Produced by Alex Somers (Sigur Rós) with accompanying story by Sci-fi author Alastair Reynolds. Dive into our mind via Talkhouse: Hear the new record in full via Spotify: Order the album via Joyful Noise Recordings: See 2 music videos via Stereogum: Show performances (with live Candy Claws songs):
Candy Claws Jul 27, 2016
Candy Claws Jun 25, 2016
Ceres and Calypso in the Deep Time came out 3 years ago today. Despite popular demand, we may not fit the Hippie musician mold Pitchfork describes us in, but we did just buy a cabin in upstate New York and now live isolated in the woods. Call it what you want. Time to make those "passions" a career. ;) Thanks PF. If you want to reflect with us today on C&C, might we suggest the track Pangea Girls (Magic Feeling). What's your favorite? You can buy CCitDT on WHITE VINYL here:
Candy Claws May 28, 2016
Candy Claws Mar 06, 2016
Our debut record as Sound of Ceres is out now! Our new project is a collaboration between Karen and Ryan of CC, members of The Apples in Stereo, and Jacob Graham of The Drums. The eclectic lineup brings a new personality accompanying our familiar sound. Stream and order the album below. Colored vinyls are running low! ...According to National Sound, the outer orbit is the listener's first encounter with the music - the sound itself. The music functions as a satisfactory whole even at this level, as good music should, without any knowledge of the meaning of the lyrics or the underlying album concepts explored in further orbits. Here, the lyrics exist for how they sound, not what they mean. This is a concept album, but one that's hopefully enjoyable and complete without any awareness of the fact. The first orbit's title, "Stella by Laserlight," alludes to the mid-century classic song, "Stella by Starlight," specifically Frank Comstock's version on "Music From Outer Space." This update of the title is a description of our album's sound - the harmonic sensibilities of mid-century space-age lounge music with a more electronic tendency. Read the full text behind the album:
Candy Claws Mar 04, 2016
Sound of Ceres Nostalgia for Infinity.... OUT TODAY! <3 The album works on five levels, described as "orbits" in the liner notes, following the guidelines from National Sound: Outer - Stella by Laserlight Polar SSO - Deep Silhouette Mid-Pyramid - Notes from Solar Mirror Anthology Vol. 33 Supercopernican - 2nd Jupiter Mission Inner - In Search of Lost Time and Space Learn more: Order the Record: Stream the Album: ...We love you, Joyful Noise Recordings for giving our new project a place to take flight. ...Joy to the many musicians who have helped create the music of the album, Jacob Graham, Ben Phelan, John Ferguson, Robert Schneider, Derrick Bozich, and Russ Ault. ...Thank you to our best friends for your support and endless kindness. Craig Morris, Pete Lyman, David Harris, Cody DeMatties, Joe Smyth, James Irvine, Brian Kerr, Jared Cheek, and so many more...
Candy Claws Feb 29, 2016
Listen to our new record... In its entirety! The full album is now available to stream via Stereogum who hosts "Nostalgia For Infinity" for its exclusive premier. "At the end of the day, the Hovers’ goal has always been to create pop music that is both enjoyable and artistic. Now, with their debut album, Sound of Ceres has made something that takes and enormously diverse set of sounds with immaculately matched textures and weights, and employed them with perfect balance for a thought provoking, unique and emotionally evoking listening experience. Stream the whole album below." Come see us on tour... Joined live by our The Drums member, Jacob Graham April 1st - 5th. 3.5 Fort Collins CO @ Downtown Artery (Album Release) 3.10 Denver CO – Hi-Dive (Album Release) 3.13 Colorado Springs CO @ Ivywild School 3.15 Wichita KS @ Lucky’s Everyday^ 3.17 Austin TX @ Obsolete Industries^ 3.18 Austin TX @ Tellers^ 3.19 Austin TX @ Spider House Ballroom 3.19 Denton TX @ Rubber Gloves^ 3.20 Hot Springs AR @ Valley of the Vapors Music Fest^ 3.22 Louisville KY @ Haymarket Whiskey^ 3.26 Indianapolis IN @ Pioneer @ Fountain Square Music Festival 3.27 Chicago IL @ Schubas^* 3.28 Cincinnati OH @ MOTR Pub* 3.30 Toronto Canada @ The Drake* 3.31 Montreal Canada @ Quai Des Brumes* 4.1 Boston MA @ Out of the Blue Fools Fest*! 4.2 Brooklyn NY @ Sunnyvale Brooklyn*! 4.3 New York NY @ Mercury Lounge*! 4.4 Philadelphia PA @ Kung Fu Necktie*! 4.5 Washington DC @ DC9*! 4.9 Omaha @ Milk Run Stereogum: Pre Order the Record out March 4th: Tickets and Info: ^ with Advance Bass * with Pick A Piper ! Joined live by Jacob Graham
Candy Claws Feb 26, 2016
Guess who is going on the road with us this Spring? Someone really special... Someone we love...
Candy Claws Feb 16, 2016
A SECOND track off our new album as Sound of Ceres titled NOSTALGIA FOR INFINITY, is available via NPR Music's All Songs Considered. While our previous track, "Hand of Winter," showed you the shadowy side of our new record, "Dagger Only Run," spins you to a wild end. Talk begins roughly at 15:00 minutes. PRE ORDER the new album out MARCH 4 via Joyful Noise Recordings:
Candy Claws Feb 10, 2016
Seattle Times says you should come see our show on Thursday 2.11 at Chop Suey. So happy to be back in WA after 5 years... Come say Hi and pick up a CERES & CALYPSO white vinyl. <3
Candy Claws Feb 01, 2016
Stereogum, you have our hearts. <3 Stream our FIRST single Hand of Winter... PRE ORDER our new record... A SECOND single coming to you next week... PRE ORDER: <3 Sound of Ceres
Candy Claws Jan 28, 2016
Dear Candy Claws fans... We've embarked on a new journey that space and time has named Sound of Ceres. Thank you for all the years of love and sweetness. While we're not saying goodbye forever, we are saying if you liked us then, you'll probably want to check out our new record. This new project has some new collaborators, thus a new project name was necessary! OUR NEW album is available for PRE-ORDER... A NEW track is available to hear... Thanks to our friends over at BrooklynVegan for premiering HAND OF WINTER... A snowy delight. PRE-ORDER our new vinyl on a fun color. Out March 4th via Joyful Noise Recordings!! Pre-Order the album:
Candy Claws Jan 26, 2016
CERES AND CALYPSO AVAILABLE NOW ON WHITE VINYL. Because of your undying love, we've repressed. <3 See you on tour... Many more dates coming... Performing under the name Sound of Ceres.... Playing new and old Candy Claws tunes... 2.11 Seattle, WA - Chop Suey 3.5 Fort Collins, CO - Downtown Artery (Release Show) 3.10 Denver, CO - Hi-Dive (Release Show) 3.16-19 Austin, TX - SXSW Official Showcase 3.19 Denton, TX - Rubber Gloves 3.20 Hot Springs, AR - Valley of the Vapors Festival 3.25-26 Indianapolis, IN - Fountain Square Music Festival 3.27 Chicago, IL - Schubas 3.28 Cincinnati, OH - MOTR Pub 3.30 Toronto, Canada - The Drake 4.3 New York, NY - Mercury Lounge 4.5 Washington, DC - DC9
Candy Claws Jan 23, 2016
Zoom in to my heart.... Our new album as Sound of Ceres comes out March 4th on Joyful Noise Recordings
Candy Claws Jan 12, 2016
Should have mentioned... That we're now playing this song LIVE.... Come listen on our Sound of Ceres national/international tour starting this March.... West coast may get lucky before then <3 <3 <3 Ceres & Calypso vinyl available on tour <3 <3 (and online before!)
Candy Claws Jan 06, 2016
TWO limited edition items are yours this month... 1. FLEXI - A flexible 7 inch record from our new project Sound of Ceres, featuring the song MY SPIRAL ARM... 2. RECORD - *Ceres & Calypso in the Deep Time* on... WHITE VINYL... coming later this month. Purchase a flexi now, and look out for WHITE VINYL this month. <3
Candy Claws Dec 30, 2015
IT'S HERE IN ITS ENTIRETY...<3... Our album teaser featured on Adult Swim 's "Off the Air". Our song Pursuer opens the episode and will be available on vinyl/cd/mp3 on March 4th! (Pre-Orders coming soon!) We WILL be releasing another secret song off the debut album this January, but for now, the teaser will have to suffice you <3 Look out for new and old music on our Sound of Ceres Facebook page and on our Bandcamp
Candy Claws Dec 29, 2015
Candy Claws Dec 28, 2015
Check out a teaser for our new album on Adult Swim 's Off the Air each morning this week at 4am EST! The opening track featured here is our song Pursuer, from our debut album as Sound of Ceres coming out this March! Tune into the episode to hear more... Bonus: At 3am EST early New Year's Day, our new song begins an Off the Air marathon. If you keep watching, you'll hear more CC and SoC songs in the episodes Nature and Liquid.