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Camouflage Aug 17, 2019
Marcus is playing with M.I.N.E some more shows until the end of the year... MINE-music
Camouflage Aug 09, 2019
Heiko's latest project. Electronic, dark and impulsive score for a disturbing thriller ... Nothing for weak nerves ;-) Music composed, performed and produced by Heiko Maile and Julian DeMarre.
Camouflage Jul 19, 2019
Our beloved label "Bureau B" is celebrating its 10th anniversary with a proper festival. Happy birthday from Camouflage - may we still do a lot together! "Ten years on and more than 320 Krautrock, ambient and electronica releases later (new albums and reissues combined), Bureau B will mark its tenth anniversary this year. To celebrate this jubilee, we are excited to announce a series of label nights in selected European cities. The bill will feature faUSt, Camera and Datashock. Dance with us to a new kind of rhythm!" Sept 11, 2019 B Brussels, Atelier 210 Sept 12, 2019 NL Amsterdam, Paradiso Amsterdam Sept 14, 2019 UK London, Studio 9294 Sept 26, 2019 DE Hamburg, Uebel und Gefährlich Gunther Buskies Camera FAUST
Camouflage Jun 06, 2019
Today: Mastering 😀 #methodsofsilence #30 #anniversary #1989 #2019 Bureau B
Camouflage May 07, 2019
Macworld Berlin 1992 Camouflage showcase for Cubase / Steinberg & Apple. Equipment: 1 Apple 2ci Computer inclusive Harddiscrecording and Midi, 16“ Colour Monitor, 120 kg of 19“ rack synths and samplers, 1 microphone #macworld #1992 Apple #2ci Steinberg @cubase Digidesign #audiomedia2 Heiko Maile Marcus Meyn
Camouflage Apr 27, 2019
„Areu Areu“ 1992 Photo by Reiner Pfisterer #areuareu #1992 Reiner Pfisterer #marcusmeyn #heikomaile
Camouflage Apr 10, 2019
Our original logo and lettering - 1985. Design by Robert ... from Metterzimmern. (Unfortunately we lost contact. Can't remember the surname)
Camouflage Apr 07, 2019
Our first sequenzer, „MIDI recorder“ 1988-1989: „Hybrid Arts - Midi Track /Smpte Track“ for Atari ST Computers. #hybridarts #sequencer #atari #atarist1040 #loveisashield🎵 #methodsofsilence #midi #sync #stoneage
Camouflage Mar 04, 2019
Covershooting „Methods Of Silence“, Hamburg, 1989. Photo by Walter Cimbal. #camouflage #methodsofsilence #waltercimbal #1989
Camouflage Feb 24, 2019 2015 - A tribute from Synth Radio Russia. 20 artists - 20 cover-versions ;-) Free MP3 Download:
Camouflage Feb 16, 2019
The project "M.I.N.E" (Marcus Meyn, Jochen Schmalbach & Volker Hinkel) just released a new Remixed EP
Camouflage Feb 16, 2019
1989 Sankt Peter-Ording, North Sea coast, Germany. Shooting of "Love Is A Shield" video and photosession "Methods Of Silence" Photo by Walter Cimbal.
Camouflage Feb 09, 2019
8 Feb 2014 30th Anniversary Concert Dresden. What a night! Photos Part 2 by Reiner Pfisterer With: Julie Ocean, Christoph Zirngibl - Film Composer , Peter Heppner , Felix Räuber, Ingo Ito
Camouflage Feb 08, 2019
8 Feb 2014 30th Anniversary Concert Dresden. What a night! Photos Part 1 by Reiner Pfisterer With: DE/VISION Felix Räuber Robin Pohle @MartinKaehling
Camouflage Feb 05, 2019
Timeline Photos
Camouflage Jan 11, 2019
On this day 4 years ago we released our video for "SHINE". Some preparations by the director Sebastian Stuertz. ;-)
Camouflage Dec 25, 2018
Camouflage's cover photo
Camouflage Dec 24, 2018
DE: Frohe Weihnachten und ein gesundes neues Jahr wünschen euch Heiko, Oli, Marcus und das Camouflage-Info-Team! Auch dieses Jahr präsentieren Camouflage wieder ein Geschenk in Form eines kostenlosen Downloads. Passend zum 30 jährigen Voices & Images Jubiläum wurde im Camouflage Archiv wieder ein kleiner Juwel gefunden: die aller erste Demo Version von Stranger's Thoughts (Instrumental Playback). Wahrscheinlich Anfang bis Mitte 1987 entstanden, noch vor dem ”The Great Commandment” Overkill ;-) Die Aufnahmen sind ohne Overdubs, sprich: 1x Stereo Kassette, ein Durchgang, keine weiteren Aufnahmen. Alle Klänge wurden entweder mit dem Sequenzer der einzelnen Geräte oder Live gespielt - kein Computer! Yamaha RX-11 Drum Machine, Roland System 100, Roland Juno 60, Roland JX-3P, Korg MS-20, Roland TR-808, Moog ”The Source" und Camou's ersten Sampler: Akai S612 Sampler ----- EN: Heiko, Oli, Marcus and the Camouflage Info Team wish you a Merry Christmas and a Healthy New Year! This year Camouflage presents again a gift in form of a free download. Fitting for the 30th anniversary of Voices & Images, a jewel was again found in the Camouflage Archive: The very first demo version of Stranger’s Thoughts (Instrumental Playback). Probably originating from early to mid 1987 before the overkill from ”The Great Commandment” ;-) The recording is without overdubs, meaning: Only one stereo cassette, one play through of the material, no further recording. All sounds were played either from the sequencers of the various equipment or they were played live - no computers! Yamaha RX-11 Drum Machine, Roland System 100, Roland Juno 60, Roland JX-3P, Korg MS-20, Roland TR-808, Moog ”The Source” and Camou's first Sampler: Akai S612 Sampler
Camouflage Dec 09, 2018
#camouflage #methodsofsilence #almost #santamonica #wallart
Camouflage Nov 21, 2018
Camouflage - We Are Lovers (Dos Buratinos remix) Remix by Ruslan Tagirov (2006)
Camouflage Nov 06, 2018
Oliver, Heiko & Marcus #newstudio #1988 #boysfactory #3 #besigheim #emella #fabrik
Camouflage Oct 29, 2018
Concert @ Kornwestheim (1985) #camouflage #live #oliverkreyssig #marcusmeyn #heikomaile #camousaysabdulu #ms20 #simmonsdrums
Camouflage Oct 29, 2018
Oliver (1984) Photo by #heikomaile #camouflage #oliverkreyssig
Camouflage Oct 29, 2018
Marcus (1985) Photo by #heikomaile and #oliverkreyssig #camouflage #bietigheim #fussgaengerzone #marcusmeyn Marcus Meyn #chair #sessel #1985 @ Bietigheim-Bissingen