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Camouflage Jun 06, 2019
Today: Mastering 😀 #methodsofsilence #30 #anniversary #1989 #2019 Bureau B
Camouflage May 07, 2019
Macworld Berlin 1992 Camouflage showcase for Cubase / Steinberg & Apple. Equipment: 1 Apple 2ci Computer inclusive Harddiscrecording and Midi, 16“ Colour Monitor, 120 kg of 19“ rack synths and samplers, 1 microphone #macworld #1992 Apple #2ci Steinberg @cubase Digidesign #audiomedia2 Heiko Maile Marcus Meyn
Camouflage Apr 27, 2019
„Areu Areu“ 1992 Photo by Reiner Pfisterer #areuareu #1992 Reiner Pfisterer #marcusmeyn #heikomaile
Camouflage Apr 10, 2019
Our original logo and lettering - 1985. Design by Robert ... from Metterzimmern. (Unfortunately we lost contact. Can't remember the surname)
Camouflage Apr 07, 2019
Our first sequenzer, „MIDI recorder“ 1988-1989: „Hybrid Arts - Midi Track /Smpte Track“ for Atari ST Computers. #hybridarts #sequencer #atari #atarist1040 #loveisashield🎵 #methodsofsilence #midi #sync #stoneage
Camouflage Mar 04, 2019
Covershooting „Methods Of Silence“, Hamburg, 1989. Photo by Walter Cimbal. #camouflage #methodsofsilence #waltercimbal #1989
Camouflage Feb 24, 2019 2015 - A tribute from Synth Radio Russia. 20 artists - 20 cover-versions ;-) Free MP3 Download:
Camouflage Feb 16, 2019
The project "M.I.N.E" (Marcus Meyn, Jochen Schmalbach & Volker Hinkel) just released a new Remixed EP
Camouflage Feb 16, 2019
1989 Sankt Peter-Ording, North Sea coast, Germany. Shooting of "Love Is A Shield" video and photosession "Methods Of Silence" Photo by Walter Cimbal.
Camouflage Feb 09, 2019
8 Feb 2014 30th Anniversary Concert Dresden. What a night! Photos Part 2 by Reiner Pfisterer With: Julie Ocean, Christoph Zirngibl - Film Composer , Peter Heppner , Felix Räuber, Ingo Ito
Camouflage Feb 08, 2019
8 Feb 2014 30th Anniversary Concert Dresden. What a night! Photos Part 1 by Reiner Pfisterer With: DE/VISION Felix Räuber Robin Pohle @MartinKaehling
Camouflage Feb 05, 2019
Timeline Photos
Camouflage Jan 11, 2019
On this day 4 years ago we released our video for "SHINE". Some preparations by the director Sebastian Stuertz. ;-)
Camouflage Dec 25, 2018
's cover photo
Camouflage Dec 24, 2018
DE: Frohe Weihnachten und ein gesundes neues Jahr wünschen euch Heiko, Oli, Marcus und das Camouflage-Info-Team! Auch dieses Jahr präsentieren Camouflage wieder ein Geschenk in Form eines kostenlosen Downloads. Passend zum 30 jährigen Voices & Images Jubiläum wurde im Camouflage Archiv wieder ein kleiner Juwel gefunden: die aller erste Demo Version von Stranger's Thoughts (Instrumental Playback). Wahrscheinlich Anfang bis Mitte 1987 entstanden, noch vor dem ”The Great Commandment” Overkill ;-) Die Aufnahmen sind ohne Overdubs, sprich: 1x Stereo Kassette, ein Durchgang, keine weiteren Aufnahmen. Alle Klänge wurden entweder mit dem Sequenzer der einzelnen Geräte oder Live gespielt - kein Computer! Yamaha RX-11 Drum Machine, Roland System 100, Roland Juno 60, Roland JX-3P, Korg MS-20, Roland TR-808, Moog ”The Source" und Camou's ersten Sampler: Akai S612 Sampler ----- EN: Heiko, Oli, Marcus and the Camouflage Info Team wish you a Merry Christmas and a Healthy New Year! This year Camouflage presents again a gift in form of a free download. Fitting for the 30th anniversary of Voices & Images, a jewel was again found in the Camouflage Archive: The very first demo version of Stranger’s Thoughts (Instrumental Playback). Probably originating from early to mid 1987 before the overkill from ”The Great Commandment” ;-) The recording is without overdubs, meaning: Only one stereo cassette, one play through of the material, no further recording. All sounds were played either from the sequencers of the various equipment or they were played live - no computers! Yamaha RX-11 Drum Machine, Roland System 100, Roland Juno 60, Roland JX-3P, Korg MS-20, Roland TR-808, Moog ”The Source” and Camou's first Sampler: Akai S612 Sampler
Camouflage Dec 09, 2018
#camouflage #methodsofsilence #almost #santamonica #wallart
Camouflage Nov 21, 2018
Camouflage - We Are Lovers (Dos Buratinos remix) Remix by Ruslan Tagirov (2006)
Camouflage Nov 06, 2018
Oliver, Heiko & Marcus #newstudio #1988 #boysfactory #3 #besigheim #emella #fabrik
Camouflage Oct 29, 2018
Concert @ Kornwestheim (1985) #camouflage #live #oliverkreyssig #marcusmeyn #heikomaile #camousaysabdulu #ms20 #simmonsdrums
Camouflage Oct 29, 2018
Oliver (1984) Photo by #heikomaile #camouflage #oliverkreyssig
Camouflage Oct 29, 2018
Marcus (1985) Photo by #heikomaile and #oliverkreyssig #camouflage #bietigheim #fussgaengerzone #marcusmeyn Marcus Meyn #chair #sessel #1985 @ Bietigheim-Bissingen
Camouflage Oct 29, 2018
Heiko (1984) Photo by #reinerpfisterer #camouflage #heikomaile #bietigheimbissingen #band #1984
Camouflage Oct 24, 2018
CAMOU-TRACK OF THE DAY "In Search Of Ray Milland" :-) B-Side of "X-Ray". Our song "X-Ray" was influenced by the movie "X" - "The Man with the X-Ray Eyes" (1963) by Roger Corman. Starring Ray Milland (1907-1986)
Camouflage Oct 10, 2018
On this day - 30 years ago - "THE GREAT COMMANDMENT" peaked at #1 in the Billboard Dance Charts, USA. Strike!