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Between the Lines
Cross the Line
Cross the Line (Special Edition)
Camo & Krooked with DJ Q and Magnetude at LE BIKINI (August 24, 2019)
Venue: LE BIKINI (Ramonville St Agne, France) Find tickets
Camo & Krooked at Konzerthaus Schüür (September 14, 2019)
Venue: Konzerthaus Schüür (Luzern, Switzerland) Find tickets
Hospitality In The Park Hospitality In The Park 2019
Venue: Unknown venue (London, UK) Find tickets
Sub Focus and Camo & Krooked with DJ Hazard, Serum, and 12 more… at Motion (October 5, 2019)
Venue: Motion (Bristol, UK) Find tickets
Camo & Krooked Aug 23, 2019
Camo & Krooked & Mefjus - Kallisto is out now! Hope you like this one as much we did when we created it! :)
Camo & Krooked Aug 13, 2019
We are celebrating Markus 30th birthday and our new collab with Mefjus, which is out in 10 days:) 🎉🎉🎉
Camo & Krooked Jun 16, 2019
Soundwave scientists 4 life!🔬⚗️🔎🔩🔥 New single "Loa" out now on Hospital Recs🎉 Listen:
Camo & Krooked Jun 07, 2019
We return to Hospital Records with our brand new Single "Loa", out NOW! Listen:
Camo & Krooked Jun 07, 2019
"LOA" is out now!
Camo & Krooked May 22, 2019
We have released 151 C&K tunes over the last 11 years! We are currently spiraling down memory lane as we prepare for our first ever 3,5 hour set in Eindhoven on Saturday, followed up by Hospitality Cardiff on Sunday! 126 original tunes, 25 remixes and 50 remixes of CK tunes, and still motivated for more! 🔥
Camo & Krooked Apr 28, 2019
Up in the Alps with the family ❤️ Full Set on YT:
Camo & Krooked Apr 17, 2019
Win 2 Ski passes and 2x2 on stage tickets to join our UKF on Air gig at this amazing location "Kristallhütte" in Austria on Easter Sunday! Comment and like to get involved, more info below!
Camo & Krooked Apr 04, 2019
Looking forward to our Hospitality In The Park debut, what a line-up!🔥 Tickets:
Camo & Krooked Feb 21, 2019
Our new single "Atlas" is out now! :) Listen / download:
Camo & Krooked Feb 08, 2019
Our new single "Atlas" is out now! :) Listen / download:
Camo & Krooked Jan 24, 2019
What an absolute honor to visit Noisia for a couple days in their studio to cook up some fresh music for you guys! 🎉
Camo & Krooked Jan 08, 2019
New Single Finished✔️ New Camo-Studio Finished✔️ We always work in our separate studios with the exact same setup, it's like an assembly line for music and each of us is covering different parts of the production and takes his time to get it right.🤔⌚👌 Really enjoying making music at the moment, lots more to come in 2019!🔥
Camo & Krooked Nov 17, 2018
C&K - Surrounded - Arena Vienna - 14.12.!
Camo & Krooked Oct 24, 2018
Mefjus - Pivot (Camo & Krooked Remix) Out Now! Listen:
Camo & Krooked Aug 10, 2018
C&K Let It Roll 2018 full set now up on Youtube including loads of new music and our "Oxia - Domino" Remix! Watch:
Camo & Krooked Aug 05, 2018
Let It Roll Festival 2018, still speechless! 🎉 So many people united by their love for D&B❤️
Camo & Krooked Jun 23, 2018
Happy 1st Birthday Mosaik! 🎉💥😀 Today, one year ago, Mosaik got released and we hope you guys had some good times with it!
Camo & Krooked May 21, 2018
When you want to make music but summer is way too strong 😅💯 Maybe the best way to make Liquid D&B? 🤔😁
Camo & Krooked Apr 30, 2018
Maybe the highest "get down low" ever :D We are having a party in viennas "Riesenrad" on 9th May! Like + comment your buddy to win 2 tix!
Camo & Krooked Apr 25, 2018
RY X - Bad Love (Camo & Krooked Remix) now on UKF!
Camo & Krooked Mar 23, 2018
MOSAIK REMIXED is out NOW! Listen: As we got remixed by Noisia our life is complete now and we will follow our dreams to form an Austrian gangster-schlager-supergroup with Mefjus called “The Schnitzelbauers” – RUN DA TRAAAC! :D
Camo & Krooked Mar 18, 2018
C&K Live at Rampage 2018 full set now on Youtube!
Camo & Krooked Mar 01, 2018
Waiting for the summer like...🖕❄️😁
Camo & Krooked Feb 23, 2018
We would have never thought to get the honor of being remixed by one of our all time favorites, NOISIA, who have been idols and became good friends over the years🙌🏻 Mosaik Remixed out march 16th! :)