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Apple Music Festival: London 2015 (Video Album)
Venue: Verti Music Hall (Berlin, Germany) Find tickets
Cam at Indigo at The O2 (March 7, 2019)
Venue: Indigo at The O2 (Greenwich, UK) Find tickets
C2C: Country To Country C2C: Country To Country 2019
Venue: The O2 Arena (London, UK) Find tickets
C2C: Country To Country C2C: Country To Country 2019
Venue: The SSE Hydro (Glasgow, UK) Find tickets
Country to Country 2019 Country to Country 2019 2019
Venue: The O2 Arena (London, UK) Find tickets
Country to Country 2019 Country to Country 2019 2019
Venue: The SSE Hydro (Glasgow, UK) Find tickets
Brett Eldredge, Chase Rice, Keith Urban, and Cam at 3Arena (March 10, 2019)
Venue: 3Arena (Dublin, Ireland) Find tickets
CMC Rocks CMC Rocks 2019
Venue: Willowbank Raceway (Brisbane, QLD, Australia) Find tickets
Stagecoach Country Music Festival Stagecoach Country Music Festival 2019
Venue: Empire Polo Club (Indio, CA, US) Find tickets
Cam at Avalon Ballroom Theatre, Niagara Fallsview Casino Resort (June 14, 2019)
Venue: Avalon Ballroom Theatre, Niagara Fallsview Casino Resort (Niagara Falls, ON, Canada) Find tickets
Cam Feb 12, 2019
‪I'm playin' Watershed Festival this August! Can't wait to be back in the PNW 🌲💛 Get your passes on Friday, February 22nd
Cam Feb 10, 2019
So happy I get to play a few extra shows in Australia with this incredible guy!! 🇦🇺 Luke Combs
Cam Feb 01, 2019
I’ve spent the past year serving as a member of the Recording Academy’s Task Force for Diversity & Inclusion- it’s been enlightening and depressing to do a deep dive into the numbers around underrepresented groups in music- but Producers and Engineers have pretty much the worst statistics, so we started there. I’m so proud to say over 200 of the most influential members of our music community have signed on to the Producer & Engineer Inclusion Initiative, a commitment to consider at least two women candidates when hiring producers or engineers for any project. It’s a small shift with a very big impact. Click the link below for more info and how to get involved. #WomenInTheMix
Cam Jan 25, 2019
The first time I played electric on stage in a tiny club around midnight a guy from the crowd just walked over to my amp and started messing with the knobs to “help me”. Guitar/Gear is a boys club. I can write and record guitar for major releases, make serious money, but still not be taken seriously in conversations about the time signature of my own song: “Don’t worry about that numbers stuff”. This isn’t new. We ignore the women (especially the queer black women) who have shaped music history with their guitars (look up Sister Rosetta Tharpe). Instead we idolize and imitate the guy with the huge ego, taking up all the space on stage. I’ll be honest, it’s not comfortable for me, so I try to avoid it. And I can bc I have an out: it’s much more palatable for a woman to be a “singer”. I appreciate @gibson and their all-female North American team, for taking steps to make sure more women are present in their events at #NAMM. Do we have so much more work to do? Yes in every way 💯. But at least I’m starting to see a few more people that give a shit. So if you are a woman reading this I hope you know- it’s gonna suck sometimes but there are a few of us out here really pulling for you 🎸 💕
Cam Jan 08, 2019
‪I’m on the cover of my alma mater’s magazine!!! 😱 Love this article. Go Ags! 💙💛 UC Davis
Cam Dec 18, 2018
Felt very lucky to be invited to talk with Elaina Dore Smith on her podcast. This is a big big topic, way past due, and it’s time to call on all of us participating in the country music industry to start turning the ship in the right direction 💛 Listen here:
Cam Dec 08, 2018
Cam Dec 08, 2018
Californians stick together 💛 Honored to be a part of this #CaliLove t-shirt campaign to help The Salvation Army USA aid in the California wildfire relief efforts! Join Jon Pardi, Gary Allan, Devin Dawson, Tyler Rich, Brett Young and I contribute to the cause by grabbing a shirt!
Cam Dec 07, 2018
Here is what it means to be an ally: flashback to 2012, Ty and I heading to a session with Mike WiLL Made It where we ended up writing a song for Miley Cyrus Bangerz album. This was my FIRST big session, I had no credits, no name yet, but I was there because Ty made sure I was there. Ty is the one who showed my early demos to his boss at the time, Jeff Bhasker (the Grammy winning producer of the year). I’m sure that felt like a risk, but he took it, and that is what led to Jeff becoming one of my biggest advocates and a huge influence on the quality and success of my album. When Ty was working with SAM SMITH he showed Sam some of my music which got me in the room to write Palace, which went on Sam’s album, was part of a well-paid Apple commercial and led to me touring with Sam. Yes, my hard work and talent is why I’ve succeeded, but Ty is the reason I got through the door in each of those moments, and that’s why I had the opportunity to prove myself in the first place. It’s not just me either - I’ve seen Ty bring other talented women into big sessions. He also invests heavily as a producer and songwriter into female artists (my albums included), so when we watch women being methodically shut out of country music (for example, this week is first time in the HISTORY of the Billboard Country Airplay Chart, that there are ZERO women in the top 20), Ty’s business is getting hit too. But he still makes the ground level practical decisions to work with women. THAT is an ally. Thank you Ty for just doing your job without bias, for bringing women into the room, and for never asking for congratulations for giving women opportunities. Because of your actions I am able to do my job, support myself and now open doors for others in this business. We cannot expect progress to happen without this kind of action. If you don’t know any women you can work with or hire - you need to branch out because they exist and the future depends on all of us opening doors.
Cam Dec 04, 2018
‪YES ONE OF THE BEST NIGHTS OF C2C!!! (in my humble opinion.) And I get to host the night & chat up these incredible storyteller musicians 🎶 I sincerely promise you do not want to miss this... Tix on sale Friday #CMASongwritersSeries‬
Cam Dec 03, 2018
Passing the mic to my longtime friend, the Rabbi Jaclyn Cohen as Hanukkah begins: “And so tonight the festival of lights begins once more. Hanukkah, Chanukah, Hanuka - however you spell it, its message to Jews worldwide is eternal: there is hope in the darkness. There is love, and light, and potential, even during the darkest, coldest time of year. Thousands of years ago Jews refused to give up their traditions or bow to the rule of a tyrant. We held fast to heritage, to family and to Torah and fought for religious freedom in the face of oppression. The miracle of Hanukkah was not that a jug of oil lasted for eight days instead of one. The true miracle is that - after years of rebellion - anyone remained to light the menorah at all; that faith, hope and tradition endured in the face of oppression. It’s a message each and every one of us, no matter our religious beliefs, can relate to. And so we light these lights as a symbol of possibility and promise, lighting our way forward toward justice, wholeness and love.” - @mrsjfroco
Cam Dec 02, 2018
‪It’s Dec 1st and officially OK to start listening to Christmas music IMO. I made a Holiday Classics playlist for your cookie decorating, spiked eggnog drinking & party throwing needs ☕️❄️
Cam Nov 16, 2018
So excited to be playing the Cavendish Beach Music Festival next year! Tickets go on sale tomorrow morning 💛
Cam Nov 10, 2018
Cam Nov 08, 2018
🌴 (📸: Chelsea Kornse Photography)
Cam Nov 07, 2018
😍🐶 Say hi to the littlest of the pack, our newly adopted pup, Cooper 💕 #threescompany
Cam Nov 05, 2018
‪Tune in to The Voice on NBC tonight!! This sweet fella Chris Kroeze Music is performing Burning House on Team Blake!! He better win cause this is too f*ing good 🙌🏼🤩📺 ‬
Cam Nov 05, 2018
🎈 (📸: Chelsea Kornse Photography)
Cam Nov 05, 2018
If you can’t be at the show tonight in Nashville you can watch the live stream here. You can also contribute by pressing the “donate” button to help support Launch Pad 💛
Cam Oct 26, 2018
Nashville! I’m playing a benefit concert with some pals Nov 4th @ Analog at Hutton Hotel. Gonna be a great show, AND as winter sets in, it’s important for me to support Launch Pad so they can continue offering warm beds, meals and safe space for the youth in our community who need it (and they are welcoming to kids of all backgrounds- which is everything). 💛🏳️‍🌈 Get tickets here:
Cam Oct 23, 2018
YESSSS ITS FINALLY ANNOUNCED! I’ve been dying holding this one in (I suck at secrets). I’m SO happy to be coming back to see you all!!!! 💛🇮🇪💛🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿💛🇬🇧 Tickets on sale Friday at 10am BST
Cam Oct 19, 2018
Who’s comin’ to Stagecoach Festival 2019?? Tix available now!! 👉🏼 :
Cam Oct 16, 2018
CALIFORNIA I’m comin home to play my fav festival alongside so many artists I LOVE: Sam Hunt, Luke Bryan, Jason Aldean, Luke Combs, Rita Wilson, Cole Swindell, Kane Brown, Lauren Alaina, Aubrie Sellers, Rachel Wammack.... TOM JONES !!!!! (swipe to read the full line up) this is gonna be fun🌴💛🐎 #stagecoach2019
Cam Oct 07, 2018
‪I’m here at the Parnassus Bookmobile at the Nashville Art Crawl right now. Come say hi!! 👋🏼‬
Cam Oct 06, 2018
‪Nashville! See you tomorrow at the Art Crawl. I’ll be at the Parnassus Bookmobile from 6-7 PM at the corner of 5th and Union. 💃✨‬