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Teen Age EP
Calypso Rose Dec 13, 2018
I received Musiques du Monde (means world music) award from @sacem and I have to tell how much I’m thrilled. Thanks to all of you around the world, everywhere you are, you have my love ❤️
Calypso Rose Dec 10, 2018
🌸Very honored to receive World Music Grand Prix tonight Sacem 🌞 you can watch it live here :
Calypso Rose Dec 10, 2018
Can’t believe I’ll be receiving World Music Grand Prix from @sacem tonight! ✨🏵🏆 and also thank you @liberationfr for this awesome portrait. Smiling on the inside, always 🌞
Calypso Rose Nov 22, 2018
See you in one hour, we'll be on facebook live! 🌺
Calypso Rose Nov 15, 2018
🌸Starting touring in France again!💕
Calypso Rose Nov 06, 2018
Calypso Rose still on tour! ☀️ Listen to the album here >> ➡️
Calypso Rose Sep 12, 2018
🌸 I am thrilled, thank you Radio Nova!🌸
Calypso Rose Sep 07, 2018
Tonight I'll be with Fondation des Femmes at Le Consulat and it is such an honor 💕
Calypso Rose Aug 29, 2018
Honored to sing for the Duke and Duchess and also Sir Mick Jagger 🙏🏾
Calypso Rose Aug 24, 2018
We had a lot of fun last sunday at Ariano Folkfestival ! 🔥 Thank you so much ! See you on Sunday 26th at Les Solidarités 💗
Calypso Rose Aug 22, 2018
Thinking of Aretha 🙏🏾from which I picked up 'I say a little prayer'
Calypso Rose Jul 18, 2018
Remembering with lots of love my last show in Carcassonne city 🔥❤️ hope to see you soon!
Calypso Rose Jul 16, 2018
We had a nice meeting with JDD last week! 🌸🔥 we talked about Calypso, Bloody Mary and Trinidad find out more here 👇🏾
Calypso Rose Jul 06, 2018
NEW VIDEO Wah Fu Dance is out today! A great way to start your weekday 😎 had so much fun with Angélique Kidjo 🔥🙌🏿 #dothewahfudance
Calypso Rose Jul 05, 2018
My new video WAH FU DANCE feat. Angélique Kidjo will be out tomorrow 🌸🙆🏾 Can't wait ! #dothewahfudance
Calypso Rose Jul 02, 2018
I went to London last friday to play for BBC Radio 4 Calypso Groovin 🔥🌸 Check out the replay here 👇🏾
Calypso Rose Jun 29, 2018
Hello Calypso Friends!🌸 I will be performing on BBC Radio 4 Loose Ends on Saturday 30 June - make sure to tune in at 6:15pm UK time! 🔥 #BBCLooseEnds
Calypso Rose Jun 21, 2018
Thank you BuzzFeed ! 🌺🌹🌴
Calypso Rose Jun 19, 2018
The Calypso Team had a lot of fun last night ! 🔥 Watch our special "Rivers of Babylon" 🌴 for LTME
Calypso Rose Jun 14, 2018
Proud to be the Calypso Queen 👑Thanks Rebecca Manzoni ❤️
Calypso Rose Jun 12, 2018
What a great show this morning at France Inter with Angélique Kidjo! 🎤 we brought the faya faya on stage 🔥 Thanks to Nagui and his team! Here my special medley at 49'⬇️
Calypso Rose Jun 08, 2018
Hello Calypso Lovers 🌸 here is a new selection of my favourite songs I like to listen to while travelling around the world ✈️ Check out my Deezer Globetrotter playlist takeover 🎶⬇️
Calypso Rose Jun 04, 2018
About last sunday at Radio Nova! Listen to Calypso Blues and Rivers of Babylon 🌊❤️
Calypso Rose Jun 01, 2018
If you're 🔎 for a sweet playlist 🎶 to chill out during your week-end check out my Calypso Summer Selection 🌸 Stream here 👇🏾
Calypso Rose May 30, 2018
Last April, ARTE came to visit me at home in NYC to talk about Calypso and women rights 🌸🙌🏾 watch the interview here 👇🏾