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Outside Providence
Calling Morocco Oct 08, 2017
Calling Morocco Nov 29, 2012
After hundreds of shows in 30-something states, six months straight of living in a van, making countless new friends, and seeing more of the country than we ever thought we would, we have called it a day. Thanks to everyone who lent us a hand along the way, gave us a couch or a floor to sleep on, hopped in the van to travel with us, came to a show, bought a CD or a koozie or even bought us a drink. We couldn't have done it with out you. Thanks for the support you guys. I'm sure you can expect more music out of all of us in the future but for now, it was a good run.
Calling Morocco Aug 25, 2012
Met with our buddy Karl Metts today about recording new music in October! Super stoked to be putting out new music this year. Come out to the show tomorrow at Sophia's Thai Kitchen to hear all the new jams, we can't wait to play them.
Calling Morocco Aug 23, 2012
Just finished up a brand new song to play for Saturday's show. It's pop gold.
Calling Morocco Jun 23, 2012
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Calling Morocco Jun 22, 2012
Davis Music Festival is tomorrow! Come see all the amazing acts playing throughout the day. We're playing at Luigi's at 8:30 but we'll be out and about all day watching our friends play music. Stoked.
Calling Morocco Jun 10, 2012
Davis Music Festival is two weeks from today! We're playing on the KDVS stage at Luigi's at 8:30 so mark your calendar. We've got some special stuff planned so don't miss it! #DMF #VanHammersly
Calling Morocco Jun 03, 2012
Working on new songs and polishing up the old ones in prep for Davis Music Festival! Three weeks from today, June 23rd! #DMF
Calling Morocco May 21, 2012
Our album Outside Providence was released one year ago today! In celebration it's available for free download on our bandcamp site. We don't want want your money. Go get it!
Calling Morocco May 19, 2012
Hey look, our website is back up and running! Our site and e-mail have been down for the past 2 weeks because I'm an idiot and I don't know how the Internet works (I'm only good at finding funny pictures of cats). But we're back now thanks to our wonderful, insightful, and handsome web man Bradley Elliot! Sorry for all the e-mails that have been ignored, I'm sure there were a million record deal offers that we simply never got. Bummer. In other CM news, we've got some live versions of NEW SONGS we'll hopefully be posting in the next few days. On top of that I've got some acoustic demos and covers of songs from bands like Jawbreaker, Drag The River, and Symphony of Distraction that I'm stoked on. I'll try to post those as well if I can get my shit together. It was good to have some down time but it's been even better being productive again. Speaking of productivity, I'm going to go drink whiskey now. -K
Calling Morocco Apr 28, 2012
Some of you may already know, but Ben has decided to leave the band in exchange for fortune and fame. Or at least a more stable life style that provides an actual income. We wish him the best of luck and look forward to sleeping on his floor in the future. In the mean time, we'll be taking a break from touring to work on new songs, record some of those songs, and play some local California shows with our good friend and original bassist Zak "Move Them Fingers" Norlyn filling in until we find someone new. In the meantime, here's the first demo acoustic version of "Mess" I just found ( I apparently wrote it in a different key originally and it has slightly different words. I think it's a pretty interesting listen. Check it out if you dare.
Calling Morocco Apr 15, 2012
TONIGHT @ G Street WunderBar! The one and only Zak Norlyn will be filling in on bass! Marissa Moriel will be debuting a new set! 10pm! Free! I think today's hangover will be happening all over again tomorrow...
Calling Morocco Apr 14, 2012
This is going to be LOUD!!!!!
Calling Morocco Apr 01, 2012
Ah. Love these guys. Just a singing about my life adventures.
Calling Morocco Mar 28, 2012
Calling Morocco Mar 28, 2012
Brand new koozies, hoodies, shirts and handkerchiefs on our online store!
Calling Morocco Mar 26, 2012
On the road back to Davis.
Calling Morocco Mar 26, 2012
Playing The Ruby Room tonight in San Diego with A Fistful of Blue and Patrick Lanzetta Music. Starts at 8!
Calling Morocco Mar 24, 2012
Back in California for the first time in nearly 7 weeks. Also we have a BRAND NEW WEBSITE! Check that shit out.
Calling Morocco Mar 24, 2012
Playing tonight in Tempe, AZ with the always wonderful and handsome Tramps & Thieves. Sunday is the last show of this leg of tour in San Diego at The Ruby Room with A Fistful of Blue an Patrick Lanzetta. Then we will sleep for a week.
Calling Morocco Mar 21, 2012
Five months ago today we played the first show of this tour in Portland. It really doesn't feel like we've been out five months already.
Calling Morocco Mar 20, 2012
Hanging out at Red Rocks today.
Calling Morocco Mar 19, 2012
After too many months and a handful of emails we're finally on Spotify! Tonight we're playing the Rock'n'Roll Spelling Bee at INTERSTATE kitchen & bar in Denver. Hope to see some of you there!
Calling Morocco Mar 19, 2012
Thanks Suburban Home Records and Illegal Pete's Starving Artist program for filling our stomachs with awesome food while we're in Denver. You all are the best!
Calling Morocco Mar 17, 2012
Lizzie Huffman