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The Tide, The Thief & River's End (Re-issue 2017)
Moments from Ephemeral City (Re-issue 2017)
Caligula's Horse at Blondie (September 1, 2019)
Venue: Blondie (Santiago, Chile) Find tickets
Caligula's Horse with Stringlight (PE) at Patronato del Centro de la Amistad Peruano China (September 2, 2019)
Venue: Patronato del Centro de la Amistad Peruano China (Lima, Peru) Find tickets
ProgPower USA ProgPower USA 2019
Venue: Center Stage Theater (Atlanta, GA, US) Find tickets
Caligula's Horse Aug 19, 2019
❄🌺❄🌺❄🌺❄🌺❄ From the bottom of our hearts, thank you to the amazing people we had the privilege of sharing time and music with over the last two weeks, for those who welcome us every time we come to your cities, and those who travelled interstate and from other countries. Thank you to our crew Kevin Teh and Will Hunter who exceeded our vision for this show and brought the laughter along with it. To Max Watts, The Factory Theatre, and The Zoo for your honestly incredible hospitality, and making us feel completely at home before each show. And for those who missed out on the exciting news at the end of each show, we'll see you again next year... with new music.
Caligula's Horse Aug 15, 2019
Shoutout to our masterclass friends from Brisbane! It was so great chatting to you all and we hope you enjoyed it as much as we did. 🐎🐎🐎🐎🐎 For all Sydney and Melbourne masterclass ticket holders, please arrive at the venue prior to 6pm for the session to start on time. Bring your air guitars, air drums, and air questions. Tickets still in limited availability! #caligulashorse #letitgrowtour #guitar #guitarist #7string #prog #progressiverock #progressivemetal #progmetal #progrock
Caligula's Horse Aug 15, 2019
Let's do this Sydney and Melbourne! Get ready to sing along and jump around to River's End and Bloom this weekend. We have some intimate acoustic sets from some of our favourite artists Glass Ocean (SYD) and CIRCLES (MEL) who will be opening the night. It's your last chance to pick up presale tickets for the Let It Grow tour, so make sure you secure your spot NOW. Follow the link below for all tickets purchases.
Caligula's Horse Aug 14, 2019
🌺❄🌺❄🌺❄🌺 What an awesome night Brisbane! We love you hanging out with you guys so much. Until next time... ❄🌺❄🌺❄🌺❄ 📸 - Ummagummamumma - Live Music Photography
Caligula's Horse Aug 12, 2019
Thankyou Brisbane! That was an incredible journey to take with each and every one of you, and we hope you thought so too #letitgrowtour A special thanks to the zoo for your incredible hospitality and continuing support in growing Australian music for the last 25 years. Also to Hazel Mei for giving us a truly special setting for the evening with her sublime music. For Sydney and Melbourne, tickets are limited for this 5 year anniversary tour, so jump onto the link in bio for this exclusive show with limited edition, super-mega exclusive merch. We'll see you there. 📸 - Elizabeth Sharpe
Caligula's Horse Aug 09, 2019
Our stringmen Sam and Adrian got together to turn their tails, and look what happened. TURNTAIL. These guys are putting on a masterclass for you guys before each show of the Let It Grow tour! Brisbane you have just over 24 hours to get your tickets for the LIG tour where we will be playing River's End and Bloom in full. This is the ONLY time you will get to see this happen, make sure you don't miss out on tickets. Presales and Masterclass tickets are available via the link below! ❤️🐴
Caligula's Horse Aug 05, 2019
Caligula's Horse Eats Spicey Things* (challenge) Head over to our YouTube channel to see the madness of two spicey boys answering your questions! The heat is real. The tears and transcendence into other dimensions, also real. Link below. . . . . . #caligulsshorse #hotwings #vegan #chili #sospicey #thespicelife #scoville #hotsauce #prog #progmetal #progrock #progressivemetal #progressiverock
Caligula's Horse Aug 02, 2019
In honour of the upcoming Australian Let It Grow tour and our shows in Chile, Peru, and Mexico, Sam and Jim got together to answer your questions while eating increasingly spicy hot sauces. The real thing is coming your way NEXT MONDAY - but for now, here's a little taste of the spicy bois in their sweet suffering. Don't forget! Tickets are very likely going to run out for the Let It Grow tour, so if you want to see River's End and Bloom in full back to back, you NEED to buy your tickets now: Check in on Monday for the full video!
Caligula's Horse Jul 31, 2019
The Let It Grow tour is right around the corner! We’ll be playing River’s End and Bloom in full, back to back, and we’re almost there. Make sure you secure your tickets as soon - this allocation is limited and you don’t want to miss these special shows. Don’t risk not getting in on the night! Tickets here: See you soon Brisbane, Sydney, and Melbourne! 🐴❤️ [📸: Mark Hoffmann Photography]
Caligula's Horse Jul 30, 2019
Wishing our Peruvian friends and fans well today for Fiestas Patrias. See you all in September! . . . . . 📸 Andrea Cherulescu #caligulashorse #fiestaspatrias #peru
Caligula's Horse Jul 25, 2019
Yes, the rumours are true - Caligula's Horse are headed for South America! We'll be performing a series of exclusive headline shows in Chile, Peru, and Mexico before making our way to the US for the very first time to join an epic line-up at ProgPower Festival. We're thrilled to be travelling to this part of the world, where we have always had enormous support from all of you - see you in September! Ticket links below, don't miss out: Santiago Tickets ➤ Lima Tickets ➤ Mexico City Tickets ➤
Caligula's Horse Jul 25, 2019
Caught in the middle of an alien laser battle. Tickets are actually going to run out for the Let It Grow tour. Make sure you get yours now or you may not get in on the night! You have been warned. Picture Credit: 📸 Electrum Photography
Caligula's Horse Jul 23, 2019
Pretty keen then mate? #caligulashorse #letitgrowtour #prettykeenhey #keensmustard #prog #progmustard #waitwhat #progmetal #thatsbetter #progrock #progressiverock #progressivemetal
Caligula's Horse Jul 22, 2019
Either singing or holding the world's longest invisible baby. Not sure. . . . . . 📸 @dave_circles . #caligulashorse #vocalist #leadsinger #singer #livemusic #livephotography #musicphotography #tour #ausmusic #prog #progressiverock #progressivemetal #progrock #progmetal
Caligula's Horse Jul 16, 2019
❄SUPPORTS ANNOUNCEMENT ❄ . An Evening with Caligula's Horse just became an evening with some more friends. We're delighted to announce three awesome acoustic acts across the shows for the Let It Grow tour. 🌺 Hazel Mei Sat AUG 10 - THE ZOO, BNE . Glass Ocean Fri AUG 16 - THE FACTORY THEATRE, SYD . Circles Sat AUG 17 - MAX WATT'S, MEL 🌺 It's definitely something different for us! We're foregoing the traditional band lineup, and these three evenings celebrating River's End and Bloom will be opened with some gentle acoustic sets. These artists are all good friends of ours, and their music translates beautifully into the acoustic world. . . . . . #caligulashorse #riversend #bloom #letitgrowtour #ausmusic #progressiverock #progressivemetal #progmetal #progrock #prog #hazelmei #glassocean #circlesband
Caligula's Horse Jul 14, 2019
Skype practice for the stringy boys. Cheapest rehearsal room we could find. . . . . . . #caligulashorse #letitgrowtour #riversend #bloom #thanksnbn
Caligula's Horse Jul 08, 2019
Exhibit A - Start your week off with a smile from our resident golden retriever @adriangolebythemajorlift 📸 @alauremarie . . . . . #caligulashorse #saycheese #progmetal #progressivemetal #progrock #progressiverock #rockmusic #ausmusic #bandphotography #livephotography
Caligula's Horse Jul 02, 2019
Check out what Jim has been up to! ... 🎶 NEW TUNES OUT TODAY! 🎶 Last year I had the absolute pleasure of collaborating on a track with Evan Carson Drums for his solo album, OCIPINSKI. I was thrilled to be involved, and to be welcomed as a guest alongside a host of talent including Gleb Kolyadin of Iamthemorning. This album is out today! It's a beautiful journey inspired by the story of Evan's own Grandfather Jerzy Ocipinski and the Polish Resistance Movements of the Second World War. I'm particularly fond of OTRIAD, the track that Evan and I worked on together - so I urge you to head to the link below and grab the album in whatever format you fancy and support an awesome artist! and also available on Spotify! [PS: If you're into that sort of thing, OTRIAD contains equal to the highest note I've ever recorded, matched only by the end of Daughter of the Mountain by Caligula’s Horse]
Caligula's Horse Jun 30, 2019
Did you think we weren't going to use the trampoline on stage for sweet flips? . . . . . 📸 @hughes_vanhoucke . #caligulashorse #jumpyboi #stompyboi #euroblast #progressivemetal #progressiverock #progmetal #progrock #metal #rock #livemusic #bandphotography #livephotography #ausmusic
Caligula's Horse Jun 28, 2019
🌺LET IT GROW🌺 Tickets are selling fast for the shows across Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne. TICKETS ➤ We can't wait to see your beautiful faces there again, it feels so long since May. Don't forget to jump on the masterclass ticket package to hear Adrian and Sam throwing each under the bus with tour gossip, with some guitar chat thrown in for good measure. ❄SAT AUG 10 - The Zoo, Brisbane ❄FRI AUG 16 - The Factory Theatre, Sydney ❄SAT AUG 17 - Max Watt's, Melbourne
Caligula's Horse Jun 26, 2019
🌶Q&A and AMA🌶 Sam and Jim will be doing a spicey wings hot ones challenge tomorrow afternoon. 🤬🤒😳 Hit us with your questions in the comments below, or get our attention with an Instagram story tagging our handle! . The hotter the sauce, the hotter the answer. Bonus round for whoever guesses who ever chickens out first. . . . . . #caligulashorse #hotoneschallenge #ama #qanda
Caligula's Horse Jun 18, 2019
Look. It's Josh. Josh wants to know if you've heard all the tour rumours #wheretonext #hypetrain . . . . . #caligulashorse #whoknows #yourguessisnotasgoodasmine
Caligula's Horse Jun 17, 2019
Just another day of smiley horsey boys. 🌺 Don't forget to chomp up a ticket for the Let It Grow tour in Australia through August. This will be the ONLY time to see River's End and Bloom played in their entirety. ❄ Link in bio for all ticket purchases. 📸 Petra Kovacevic . 🌍 KSET Zagreb, Croatia . . . . . #caligulashorse #letitgrowtour #riversend #bloom #austour #tour #7string #progressiverock #progressivemetal #progrock #progmetal #prog
Caligula's Horse Jun 12, 2019
Hitting notes at Euroblast in October last year. Classic misdirect from sleeveless Jim with how cold it was. . #caligulashorse #europe #allaussieinvasion #euroblast #euroblast2018 #euroblastfestival #livemusic #prog #metal #rock #progmetal #progrock #progressivemetal #progressiverock #incontact @ Cologne, Germany
Caligula's Horse Jun 10, 2019
Green Jim or yellow Jim? You decide who wins. Don't forget to grab your tickets for the Let It Grow tour where we'll be playing all of River's End and Bloom. 📸 - 4Rock Spain . . . . . #caligulashorse #livemusic #tour #europe