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In Contact
The Tide, The Thief & River's End (Re-issue 2017)
Moments from Ephemeral City (Re-issue 2017)
Ne Obliviscaris with Caligula's Horse, Beyond Creation, Allegaeon, and 1 more… at Lion Arts Factory (May 9, 2019)
Venue: Lion Arts Factory (Adelaide, SA, Australia) Find tickets
Ne Obliviscaris with Caligula's Horse, Beyond Creation, Allegaeon, and 1 more… at 170 Russell St (May 10, 2019)
Venue: 170 Russell St (Melbourne, VIC, Australia) Find tickets
Ne Obliviscaris with Caligula's Horse, Beyond Creation, Allegaeon, and 1 more… at Manning Bar (May 11, 2019)
Venue: Manning Bar (Camperdown, NSW, Australia) Find tickets
Caligula's Horse Apr 21, 2019
The gathering of gingers at @damnationfestival 2018 with @iamthemorningband. Definitely the tofu in the proverbial meat sandwich, but this festival was a really awesome day of playing early and catching incredible bands. . We'd crossed paths with @thisismonuments and @volaband in Berlin and Cologne across both our tours (I think we caught your show in Berlin) then our 2015 tour mates in @theoceancollective at the end of the night too. . Adrian, Dale and Dave Hunter (@listen_to_circles) filming @neobliviscarisofficial sneaking in the bottom right there too. . Yeah...huge day.
Caligula's Horse Apr 19, 2019
Jamming in Toulouse before @veryprogfest . This was a definite highlight of the All Aussie Invasion. . Just now remembering how many incredible friends we made this night during and after the show. . #caligulashorse #europe #tour #livemusic #prog #france
Caligula's Horse Apr 19, 2019
How did you get so wise Sam? Don't forget about those low GI almonds over Easter folks. . Keep posting those #songsforeveryone covers. I haven't seen any slappy bass-y boys yet. . Link in bio for the In Contact Tablature Collection . #caligulashorse #incontact #7string #5string #prog #rock #practice
Caligula's Horse Apr 15, 2019
IN CONTACT TABLATURE COLLECTION #songsforeveryone . You guys asked, so here it is. Proudly releasing the In Contact collection. Now go learn it all for your grandparents to play on the honky tonk after family dinner time. . Thank you to everyone for your support and for reaching out with your requests, we're continually humbled by our passionate CH family. We hope this brings as much happiness to your playing as it does to ours. Hashtag #songsforeveryone for all your playthroughs so we can see what you've been up to. . . @guitarpro_official @wildthingpresents . #caligulashorse #incontact #guitar #bass #7string #5string #tablature
Caligula's Horse Apr 02, 2019
It's taken Caligula's Horse HQ over the weekend to absorb this incredible release from the beloved Devin Townsend. . A huge congratulations to the team at @insideoutmusic and @dvntownsend for this stellar album. It's no secret that Devin has been instrumental as an influence for our music as individuals, and as a collective. . Have fun with this one guys. . #devintownsend #empath #newmusic #prog #metal #devymetal #insideoutmusic #phwoar #huge
Caligula's Horse Mar 23, 2019
#Repost from @dale_prinsse with ... Restringing my Warwick Thumb 5 today with my go-to fellas from our best friends at @ernieball Ended up transcribing the bass parts for @opusofamachine Stray Fire for fun using Guitar Pro 7 - The new update is so awesome. . How does it sound you ask? Well I'll have you know the ting go skrrrt POP POP POP POP. . Thanks for letting me butcher youth pop culture guys. . @framuswarwickofficial @guitarpro_official @monocreators #caligulashorse #opusofamachine #5string #bass #guitar #getalife #musicstudio
Caligula's Horse Mar 18, 2019
❤LOVE CONQUERS ALL MERCH❤ This incredible LCA design from one of our resident artists Chrispy Mangos is available on our Backstreet store. Get in quick to secure one of these precious gems. While you're at it, check out @csmangos and his truly incredible and vibrant art. Disclaimer: Shirts not actually made of gems. All shirts are personally weaved by the hands of @samvallenmusic @insideoutmusic AS Colour #caligulashorse #prog #rock #bandmerch #ausmusic #fashion
Caligula's Horse Mar 12, 2019
🐎HAPPY BIRTHDAY ADRIAN 🐎 While trying to do decide whether Adrian's eyes are screaming happiness or terror here, everyone wish our big old special boy a happy birthday. We love you lots Agey, you're one of the best touring buddies we could ask for. You are 🔱Poseidon🔱incarnate (if his personality was like a golden retriever). Also my mum audibly gasped when she saw a picture of your hair. . You can thank me later for no longer being the youngest in the band - Dale . @adriangolebythemajorlift . #caligulashorse #hapbirf #birthdayboy #mate #m8 #m7 #m88o #typo #thathairthough #progressive #prog #progmetal #progrock #rock #progressiverock #ausmusic
Caligula's Horse Mar 05, 2019
Introducing the new full-time Caligula's Horse face of bass, the one and only Dale Prinsse! You might already know Dale through his work with Opus of a Machine and Rise Overrun. It’s a pleasure to have Dale jumping on board with us. We’ve been close friends and tour companions with him for a long time. We’re thrilled to have his skills as a multi-instrumentalist, and his fresh creative voice within the ensemble. Looking forward to what comes next for us all! Here's a little message from Dale about what the future holds for C-Horse: "It brings me great joy in joining Caligula's Horse, a group of people who I've considered my family from it's inception in 2011; having known Sam through our time at university, subsequently becoming the closest of friends with Adrian, Jim, and Josh as a crew member on the All Aussie Invasion tour of Europe. Moving from an audience easter egg to jousting on stage in the CH vanguard brings with it an incredible sense of fulfilment and sentimental value from music that I cherish. My skills in video, live production, and sound will come as an asset for the band, particularly having built a relationship throughout the recording of previous albums. I can't wait to mosey around the stage and inevitably be knocked over by Jim." Everyone show Dale some love! - Jim
Caligula's Horse Feb 27, 2019
🐎 NEW CALIGULA'S HORSE MERCH 🐎 We've got some new goodies on our Backstreet Merch store including a limited edition HANDS SHAPE STONE Long Sleeve Tee! Hit the link to check it all out:
Caligula's Horse Feb 22, 2019
Our Inside Out Music label mates Dream Theater just dropped their new album “Distance Over Time” and it brings the true spice. We’re loving it at C-Horse HQ! 🐴❤️ What do you guys all think? Hit the comments below!
Caligula's Horse Jan 31, 2019
Throwback to 2016! Turntail was the third time we worked with our now guitarist Adrian Goleby on a full music video project (the first two being A Gift to Afterthought + Firelight), and the result was amazing. The star of the show, of course, was our dancer and constant source of on-set energy, Clare Burton. An absolute trooper! If you missed this clip, or want to relive the moment, hit it below:
Caligula's Horse Jan 27, 2019
PROGFEST are handing Jim the keys to their Instagram story tomorrow for the Brisbane leg of this year’s festival! Hijinks/interviews/backstage nonsense guaranteed. Make sure to follow @progfest_ on IG and hang out tomorrow, and if you’re at the festival make sure to say hi!
Caligula's Horse Dec 30, 2018
Many thanks to for naming us as their #1 live performance by an Australian artist in 2018, and their #3 artist of the year! You can see their whole list here: It's a lovely way to close out a huge year, and we can't wait to join you for another year full of C-Horse in 2019. Have a safe and happy new year, take care of each other out there! 🐴❤️
Caligula's Horse Dec 08, 2018
🎈 🎉 🎁 HAPPY BIRTHDAY @jimgreyofficial 🎁🎉🎈 PLEASE USE APPROPRIATE EMOJIS TO REACT Thanks @eldstrom6 for forcing my hand into posting this. We were going to post the original @thierry_bouriat image, but then you spewed this into existence. #happybirthday #birthday #shoutout #caligulashorse #meme #neobliviscaris #beyondcreation #allegaeon #riversofnihil #tour
Caligula's Horse Dec 07, 2018
HUGE thanks to all of you for the IMMENSE amount of support and love you've given us this year. We can't wait to share another huge year of C-Horse with you all in 2019! 🐴❤️
Caligula's Horse Dec 06, 2018
Caligula's Horse Dec 05, 2018
TOUR ANNOUNCEMENT Good news Australia! We're back! Happy to announce that in May 2019 we'll be touring with our absolute BFF's in Ne Obliviscaris for the "Painted Progression" tour. It's a treat enough just to play alongside good friends, but we'll also be joined by this huge lineup, including Beyond Creation, Allegaeon, and Rivers of Nihil! TICKETS ON SALE 9am Thu, Dec 6 from: See you next year, pals! - Jim
Caligula's Horse Nov 27, 2018
Jim met up with The Metal Tris while we were in London to have a good old chat about modern prog, In Contact, and his thoughts on all its themes. Check it out below!
Caligula's Horse Oct 30, 2018
DUSSELDORF: Due to errors outside our control, the door times and schedule on your printed tickets is wrong! . Doors are already open, with I Built The Sky starting at 8! Get in here and let’s go!
Caligula's Horse Oct 25, 2018
LONDON! GREAT NEWS! ... Unless you were hoping to get tickets to the show, which is now SOLD OUT!!! We'll see all your smiling faces at the Boston Music Room on November 1! - Adrian
Caligula's Horse Oct 17, 2018
Thank you to Toulouse, Barcelona, Madrid and Lisbon for your energy and impromptu singalongs. Here's a little video to remind you of the #allaussinvasion with our pals CIRCLES and I Built The Sky A very special thank you to Heli Andrea of Mobius for filming us during our set at Very Prog Festival Kiff Foyer, Aarau, Switzerland tonight! <3
Caligula's Horse Oct 16, 2018
Throwback to last week's show at Very Prog Festival in Toulouse. Thank you so much for having us on your extremely successful first edition - we felt right at home. - Adrian 🐴😍🇦🇺️
Caligula's Horse Oct 15, 2018
#theaussieinvasion of Portugal is about to kick off in Lisbon tonight at the RCA club. We've been loving every second of our time in front of endlessly gorgeous audiences. A special thank you to all of the photographers at the shows, taking the time to edit and upload these precious moments for us to remember such an incredible tour by. 📸@unai.minguez
Caligula's Horse Oct 12, 2018
We've had an incredible time in the first week of our journey across Europe so far! Very Prog Festival in Toulouse tonight and then off to Barcelona for AMFest tomorrow. Thanks to CIRCLES and I Built The Sky as well as Dale Prinsse (Opus of a Machine) for supplying the visuals for the #allaussieinvasion