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The Thread That Keeps Us
Edge of the Sun
The Guard Original Soundtrack
Selections from Road Atlas 1998-2011
Selections from Road Atlas 1998-2011
Frank's Tavern
Carried to Dust (Bonus Track Version)
Carried to Dust
Garden Ruin
Garden Ruin
Live Sessions EP
In the Reins
Feast of Wire
Hot Rail
The Black Light
Even My Sure Things Fall Through
The Black Light (20th Anniversary Edition)
Bane's World with Sergio Mendoza y La Orkesta, Donna Missal, The Suffers, and 22 more… at The Crescent Ballroom (March 9, 2019)
Venue: The Crescent Ballroom (Phoenix, AZ, US) Find tickets
Super Bock Super Rock Super Bock Super Rock 2019
Venue: Unknown venue (Lisbon, Portugal) Find tickets
Calexico and Iron & Wine at Konzerthaus (July 28, 2019)
Venue: Konzerthaus (Vienna, Austria) Find tickets
Calexico and Iron & Wine at Stadtpark Hamburg (July 31, 2019)
Venue: Stadtpark Hamburg (Hamburg, Germany) Find tickets
Cambridge Folk Festival Cambridge Folk Festival 2019
Venue: Cherry Hinton Hall (Cambridge, UK) Find tickets
Calexico Feb 15, 2019
#TBT "Slowness" As I’m learning a bunch of Gram Parsons and Emmylou Harris songs for the upcoming @Flyingburritofestphx I’m reminded of how much their music has been an influence on me. Our tune “Slowness” off of ‘Carried to Dust’ (2008) features a duet with Pieta Brown @Pieta_music and has that similar feel. It’s a cosmic Sonoran soul song written about a romantic drive with my wife through the desert when all of a sudden one of the hubcaps from my ‘60 Impala went spinning off into the “field of thorns”. In our search for the hubcap we found that just being in the moment and slowing down replaced all the worries and cares of the day. Sitting there on the hood of the car staring up at the stars brought us together in that moment. After taking a break we eventually found the missing hubcap. Happy Valentine’s Day everyone. Much love to one and all. Joey Burns Tucson, AZ
Calexico Feb 14, 2019
We're heading to North Carolina this summer to perform at Cold Mountain Music Festival with The Milk Carton Kids, Yonder Mountain String Band, and more. Tickets are on sale now ( + see all details at
Calexico Feb 13, 2019
We'll be sharing the stage with Iron & Wine at Cambridge Folk Festival 1st-4th of August. Tickets on sale now ( + see more Calexico and Iron & Wine dates at
Calexico Feb 07, 2019
Excited to be playing a few shows with Iron & Wine in Europe this summer. Tickets for Lisbon are on sale now, with the others following tomorrow, 8 Jan at 10AM GMT. See all details at
Calexico Jan 21, 2019
Our AUS/NZ tour continues tonight at the Factory Theatre in Marrickville with special guest Jess Ribeiro. Find tickets and see all remaining shows →
Calexico Jan 11, 2019
Hey Australia and New Zealand! We’re packing our bags and ready to bring our instruments to celebrate the summertime with you. Our first stop will be in Perth at the Rosemount Hotel and we’ll be making our way east looking for good coffee, bookstores and record shops, so send us some of your favorite local spots! Swing by the merch table to grab this limited edition tour poster designed by Zoca Studio Inc.. We'll see you all soon.
Calexico Jan 10, 2019
Looking back, we’ve had some incredible shows in Australia and New Zealand. Whether it was the first show opening for Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds along with Neko Case in 2003, playing the Waverock Festival Outside of Perth, or even playing the historic Sydney Opera House, we’ve had a great time and look forward to returning next week. You can find tickets for all upcoming dates at See you soon! Joey Burns Photo: Jennifer Polixenni Brankin #tbt
Calexico Dec 27, 2018
Hey everyone hope you all had a great holiday season. The band and I would like to wish you a Happy New Year. It’s been an amazing year for us and I wanted to thank you all for supporting our band on tour and with the release of "The Thread That Keeps Us.” Looking back at some of the shows in 2018, I have to say that playing the Herodion at the Acropolis in Athens for two nights was simply stunning. The locale, the moon rising up over the amphitheater, playing with local musicians and getting a chance to soak up all that is Greece, both ancient and modern, touched me deeply. It’s one of those moments you know will only happen once in a career. When walking through the massive archway onto the stage I was transported to somewhere else and most definitely lost in time. I loved every moment of it. We couldn’t have done it without the solid support of the most amazing band members and the best crew in the world. Thanks to all of them, our record labels, booking agents, and management. We are most fortunate to have a beautiful team, and together with our families make for a vibrant and vital thread that keeps us going. Other notable towns and experiences along the road in 2018: I loved playing El Paso (John’s hometown) and Tulsa (John’s childhood hometown). Two inspiring towns with lots of character and inspiration. I was also really impressed with Cincinnati and loved the way the turn of the century district was renovated and cared for. I would love to see more towns restore their cultural and historic centers here in the States. Thanks again folks. We look forward to seeing you in the New Year. Much love from Tucson. Joey ps. Think Global, Act Local. #tbt
Calexico Dec 20, 2018
A look back at 2018 from John: Thanks and love from my bass drum heart to all the fans and familia we got to play music to, and with, this year... Monforte d' Alba, how we love the rain - we won’t forget you!! I turned 55 on a day off in Chicago and ran almost four hours along the lake, with clouds in the mountains of architecture!! I got to see all my brothers and sisters (unity 5!) and all my nieces and nephews except one - she was having a baby, the legacy continues… I even got meet my daughter’s half sister in Philly! It was an incredible year of touring. All inner guts thanks to the crew, labels, and management. Music is the snow plow through the muck. All hope and love to keep it going. John Convertino El Paso, TX #tbt Photo: Gaelle Beri | Consenza, July 2018
Calexico Dec 19, 2018
ICYMI: Watch Joey perform some songs for KXCI Community Radio's Sonic Solstice.
Calexico Dec 13, 2018
#TBT "Minas de Cobre - For Better Metal" One day when making 'The Black Light,' I arrived early to WaveLab Recording Studio and heard a youth Mariachi group recording with some help from trumpet players Al Ranjel, Fernie Sanchez and Rigo Pedroza. Immediately, I heard musical connections to some of Maestro Ennio Morricone's soundtracks I found at thrift stores. I asked the trumpet players if they’d be interested in coming back to do some recording on our album. Together, with the help of the trumpet players and local violinist Bridget Keating, we were able to build an arrangement that felt like a wall of sound. When tracking the basic rhythm section, I was recording the acoustic guitar in the bathroom while John was in the big warehouse room. Wavelab was located right on the train tracks in downtown Tucson at the time and we kept all of the passing freight train sounds or we waited till after they left. They seemed to line up beautifully on this one and it’s become one of our signature songs that we still play today. On the 20th Anniversary Edition of The Black Light we’ve included several of the outtake versions that were made to show variations on the main theme, previously available on 'The Ride (Pt. 2).' Like 'The Black Light' album art, Victor Gastelum made a stencil of an old 1950’s car. Listen to "Minas de Cobre - For Better Metal” here: Purchase the 20th Anniversary Edition of 'The Black Light’ here: Joey Burns Tucson, AZ
Calexico Dec 11, 2018
SALE. Right now in the Calexico web store, save 20% on all accessories, including hats, socks, posters and more. Shop all items:
Calexico Dec 06, 2018
#tbt “The News About William” “The News About William” came as an instrumental sketch for the ‘Tool Box’ tour only album. I liked it so much that I thought I would write some lyrics for it and talk about the pain of losing someone. A few years prior an old high school friend told me that a fellow classmate of ours had taken his life. I was stunned and overcome with sadness. I couldn’t believe it. He was someone whom I had spent a lot of time playing with as a kid and we always had a great time together. But, like a lot of people, we drifted apart after high school and had been out of touch. We all carry a certain amount of pain and depression with us and I just wish that I could have done something to help before it was too late. This is one of the songs that I always sing when sound checking my vocals on tour. The melody has a way of bouncing around in the empty venues not unlike a bird hovering over a canyon. It’s become part of my daily ritual on many levels; for life, death and as a reminder to be grateful for all that we have and all that we share. Listen to “The News About William” here: Joey Burns Tucson, AZ Photo: Heather Browne | Gothic Theatre, 2008
Calexico Nov 27, 2018
Today only, a portion of all sales in official Calexico web store will benefit Tucson's No More Deaths/No Más Muertes, a coalition dedicated to stepping up efforts to stop the deaths of migrants in the desert and to achieving the enactment of a set of Faith-Based Principles for Immigration Reform. You can learn more about No More Deaths ( and shop the Calexico store here: #GivingTuesday
Calexico Nov 26, 2018
CYBER WEEK SALE. Right now in the Calexico web shop you can save 20% off all apparel. Shop here:
Calexico Nov 23, 2018
The Black Light 20th Anniversary Edition is here! We are excited for first time listeners and long-time fans to check out one of the most important releases in our career, with 11 bonus tracks, extensive liner notes by Wyndham Wallace, John and myself, and incredible, alternative artwork by Victor Gastelum. Thank you for 20 years of support. Best wishes from Tucson, Joey Burns
Calexico Nov 22, 2018
#tbt “El Morro” This cinematic instrumental is included in the bonus tracks for tomorrow’s release of The Black Light 20th Anniversary special edition. It was originally written for author Lawrence Clark Powell’s audio book ‘The Southwest’. We were really impressed how massive the atmosphere came out on this recording. Each instrument whether it’s cello or marimba, slide acoustic guitar or thunder drum add just enough nuance and voice to make for a sweeping and emotional finale. The title comes from the site of an ancient pueblo atop a mesa in New Mexico that the Spaniards called “El Morro” otherwise known by the Zuni as"A'ts'ina" (Place of writings on the rock). In keeping with the Thanksgiving Holiday we want to express our sincere gratitude for these past twenty years and to have such amazing listeners and friends as you. Thank you. Joey Burns Tucson, AZ Photo by Bill Carter
Calexico Nov 09, 2018
Australia! Tickets four our recently announced tour dates are on sale now. 15 Jan: Rosemount Hotel ( 17 Jan: The Gov ( 19 Jan: Tanks Arts Centre ( 20 Jan: Byron Theatre ( 21 Jan: The Triffid ( 22 Jan: The Factory ( 24 Jan: Melbourne Recital Centre* ( 25 Jan: Melbourne Recital Centre* ( 26 Jan: Odeon Theatre, Hobart ( 27 Jan: Theatre Royal Castlemaine ( -- New Zealand 29 Jan: Powerstation* ( 30 Jan: Opera House, Wellington* ( *Shows go on sale Monday at 9am local time. Find all details at
Calexico Nov 08, 2018
#tbt "The Ride - pt II" It makes me laugh when listening back to this song because of the unusual instrumentation. I love it for all it’s weirdness and charm. I’m mainly referring to the glockenspiel and mandolin parts. They crack me up. Fortunately, they’re balanced with some massive room sounding drums from John on his vintage Ludwigs, some gritty slide guitar, and acoustic rhythm chunk. It brings me back to some great times and I’m looking forward to seeing The Black Light 20th Anniversary reissue get released on November 23rd. Enjoy everyone and thanks for listening and reading along for all these years. Pre-order the 20th Anniversary Reissue of ’The Black Light’ here: Listen to "The Ride - pt. II" here: Joey Burns Tucson, AZ
Calexico Nov 06, 2018
AUSTRALIA + NEW ZEALAND! 'The Thread That Keeps Us' tour will be coming your way in January. We’ll be playing songs off our newest album and some older jams as well. Tickets for all Australian shows go on sale Friday at 9am local time, with the New Zealand on-sale following on Monday at 9am local time:
Calexico Nov 01, 2018
#tbt "Sprawl" In between ‘The Black Light’ and ‘Hot Rail,’ we did a soundtrack to a movie called Committed. A lot of the themes for the soundtrack were based on songs from ‘Spoke’ and ‘The Black Light.' The director, Lisa Krueger, liked "Sprawl" for its open feel, no resolve in the melody. The movie has a lot of ritualistic themes and this instrumental fit in well for the main character, getting her husband back through a spiritual spell. Listen to "Sprawl" here: Pre-order the 20th Anniversary Reissue of ’The Black Light’ here: John Convertino El Paso, TX
Calexico Oct 25, 2018
#tbt Gypsy’s Curse Twenty years ago we released ‘The Black Light’ and we chose “Gypsy’s Curse” as the lead off track. The instrumental feels like the soundtrack to a scene from a modern day Comac McCarthy novel directed by Jim Jarmusch. It’s dark and takes many twists through what would become our thrift store orchestra; cello, accordion, mandolin, piano, vibraphone, cheap old guitars, rescued old drum kits and “bag of death” - an old canvas bag full of unwanted percussion. We were looking to carve out a sense of character and do something different at the time. Having just moved to Tucson we found a wealth of inspiration at all of the swap meets, second hand stores and airplane graveyards. Everything is coated with dust here and underneath lies a story. Listen to "Gypsy’s Curse" here: Pre-order the 20th Anniversary Reissue of ’The Black Light’ here: Joey Burns Tucson, AZ
Calexico Oct 19, 2018
We are honored to be asked to perform and take part in FIACmx, an exquisite arts festival in Leon, Mexico on November. Tickets available now:
Calexico Oct 18, 2018
#tbt "Old Man Waltz" The "Old Man" references the lyric in ‘Stray’ - "Old man spoke of meanings lost and without name.” I picked up a thrift store accordion made in Italy and this little melody came out. I’m pretty sure I remember Joey playing a violin, holding it like a cello, and recording the intro on a phone machine, the old kind that had a cassette tape in it. My father also played accordion, so I always think of him whenever I hear or play one. Listen to "Old Man Waltz" here: Pre-order the 20th Anniversary Reissue of ’The Black Light’ here: John Convertino El Paso, Texas Photo: Stephanie Cousin | 1998
Calexico Oct 15, 2018
Help us get out the vote for the coming election! 🗳 We can’t think of a better way to encourage people to volunteer and help get out the vote than to celebrate with music and good friends. See you November 5th, the night before the election, with Gin Blossoms, Gabby Giffords and Mark Kelly, PAO Phoenix Afrobeat Orchestra, and more. The event is free with a volunteer shift for an Arizona Democratic candidate or you can purchase tickets here: