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The Thread That Keeps Us
Edge of the Sun
Selections from Road Atlas 1998-2011
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Selections from Road Atlas 1998-2011
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Carried to Dust
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Garden Ruin
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The Black Light
Even My Sure Things Fall Through
Calexico Oct 18, 2018
#tbt "Old Man Waltz" The "Old Man" references the lyric in ‘Stray’ - "Old man spoke of meanings lost and without name.” I picked up a thrift store accordion made in Italy and this little melody came out. I’m pretty sure I remember Joey playing a violin, holding it like a cello, and recording the intro on a phone machine, the old kind that had a cassette tape in it. My father also played accordion, so I always think of him whenever I hear or play one. Listen to "Old Man Waltz" here: Pre-order the 20th Anniversary Reissue of ’The Black Light’ here: John Convertino El Paso, Texas Photo: Stephanie Cousin | 1998
Calexico Oct 15, 2018
Help us get out the vote for the coming election! 🗳 We can’t think of a better way to encourage people to volunteer and help get out the vote than to celebrate with music and good friends. See you November 5th, the night before the election, with Gin Blossoms, Gabby Giffords and Mark Kelly, PAO Phoenix Afrobeat Orchestra, and more. The event is free with a volunteer shift for an Arizona Democratic candidate or you can purchase tickets here:
Calexico Oct 11, 2018
#tbt “Frontera” To close out ‘The Black Light’ we poured all the ingredients from the Casa de Calexico into one epic instrumental. I especially love the way the bridge turned out - warped and wobbly from a blast of the Sonoran sun. Listening back I can hear melodic influences from Stravinsky, Ennio Morricone and the Haunted Mansion theme. Viva Octatonicism! Listen to “Frontera” here: Pre-order the 20th Anniversary Reissue of ’The Black Light’ here: Joey Burns Disneyland
Calexico Oct 09, 2018
We stand with St. Jude and #MusicGives in the fight to end childhood cancer at St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. Learn more:
Calexico Oct 04, 2018
#tbt “Crumble" We had fallen in love with this Gil Evans record ‘Out of the Cool’ and payed homage to him and Mingus when we put this song together. It wasn’t really rehearsed, and in that first break I wasn’t quite sure what to do, so I didn’t do anything. It created a nice silent moment with the time gone and we all came back in together instinctively. Some really great solos by Jacob Valenzuela, and Nick Luca, as well as a killer trombone solo by Jeff “fruit pie” Marchant. John Convertino El Paso, Texas Listen to “Crumble" here: Stencil art by Victor Gastelum
Calexico Sep 25, 2018
The Future Is Voting! Register to vote for the 2018 Midterms with HeadCount at
Calexico Sep 20, 2018
#tbt "Over Your Shoulder" This lulling 6/8 instrumental has one of the best drum sounds and performances we've ever done. I love John's brushwork and the big, open sound of the kick drum. Check out the room sound... it's massive. 'The Black Light' was recorded in a big empty brick warehouse right next to the train tracks - where WaveLab Recording Studio called home back then. This song, with its minimal accompaniment and spacious feel, captures something special about this time and place that John, our friends and I were making. Pre-order the 20th Anniversary Edition of The Black Light here: Joey Burns Tucson, AZ Photo: Bill Carter | 1998
Calexico Sep 18, 2018
We’re pleased to announce the 20th Anniversary Edition of The Black Light, available for pre-order now and out November 23 from Touch and Go Records (US) and City Slang (EU): We’ve enjoyed revisiting The Black Light and going through our archives for for the 20th Anniversary Edition of this album. This limited edition includes 11 bonus tracks, extensive liner notes (+ insightful commentary from ourselves), and incredible, alternative artwork by Victor Gastelum. Read more from Joey & John here:
Calexico Sep 13, 2018
#tbt "Convict Pool" In early 2003 I picked up a copy of TransWorld SKATEboarding on my way to Europe. On the plane I started writing some ideas for a song based on an article about skating in pools. There were a bunch of great names like “Hesh Bowl,” “Monster Bowl,” and “Convict Pool” that took me back to skating and riding my BMX in SoCal in the 80’s. There’s a bunch of those threads woven into this song. We did our best to honor D. Boon, George Hurley and Mike Watt. Like them, we’re just a couple of corn dogs driving on the Harbor Freeway. Stencil cover art by Victor Gastelum, who I met while working at #SSTRecords Listen to "Convict Pool” here: And for anyone interested here is a link to the article: Joey Burns Tucson, AZ
Calexico Sep 06, 2018
#tbt Hard Hat Hard Hat is a track of ambient meditation from ‘Even My Sure Things Fall Through.' Seven minutes and ten seconds, no real melody, except maybe just there at the very end. I love the space and place one's mind goes when making this kind of music. Allowing it to happen, as long as it takes… Listen to ""Hard Hat"" here: Purchase ‘Even My Sure Things Fall Through’ here: John Convertino El Paso, Texas
Calexico Aug 31, 2018
Last call on our summer merch sale! If you're looking to add any Calexico merch to your collection, be sure to stock up soon. Sale ends Monday, September 3 at 11:59PM ET. ↳ shop now:
Calexico Aug 30, 2018
#tbt "All Systems Red” Recently we began playing the song “All Systems Red” on tour. The song has a slow natural build up that ends with three electric guitars completely distorted and swirling into a ball of beautiful chaos - it was one of the favorites from the 'Garden Ruin’ album. The song's inspiration lyrically mirrors some of the same frustration we are feeling in the current social and political climate locally and around the world. Here’s a photo of us playing the song live with lighting design by Hugo Genetier. Stream "All Systems Red” here: Purchase 'Garden Ruin' here: Photo: Laura Weitzel | Erlangen
Calexico Aug 23, 2018
#tbt “Glowing Heart of The World” Some friends of ours in Europe requested that we dust off an old instrumental on this August tour and so we did. “Glowing Heart of The World” and was originally written In 1998 for author Lawrence Clark Powell’s audio book ‘A Literary Guide to The Southwest.' The song is our homage to the one and only, Maestro Ennio Morricone. Stream “Glowing Heart of The World”: Photo by Gaelle Beri (
Calexico Aug 11, 2018
Croatia! We're thrilled to be back and performing at Ex Port Delta in Rijeka on 13 August. Tickets still available:
Calexico Aug 09, 2018
#tbt "Sideshow" While the political circus in the States continues to unravel and before we head to Europe on tour I thought I would chose this circus inspired song titled “Sideshow." Every now and then a good family circus rolls into town and all eyes are focused on the death defying acts under the big tent. Our song “Sideshow” is an homage to those who dedicate their lives to holding up our imagination and reminding us to dream. Siempre Circo. Joey Burns Tucson, AZ Stream "Sideshow" here: Purchase 'The Black Light' here: 📷: Marianne Visser at Poppodium 013, Tilburg NL | circa 1998
Calexico Aug 06, 2018
Colorado! We’ll be performing at On Tap with KBCO Live Music at Breckenridge Brewery on Saturday, September 22 with CAKE and DeVotchKa. The show benefits Take Note Colorado, which is a statewide initiative to provide access to musical instruments & instruction to every K-12 student in Colorado. See all show details, including how to purchase tickets, here:
Calexico Aug 02, 2018
#tbt “The Vanishing Mind" On our European tour last month the backstage hallway at Kino Siska in Ljubljana proved to be a perfect spot to record a solo version of “The Vanishing Mind." I was rehearsing the song as per someone’s request, dusting off the song in a bath of light and reverb. This is one of my favorite songs from the album ‘Algiers,’ which talks about seeing someone you love gradually slip away. A good reminder to hold the ones you love close as life is short. Filmed by Gaelle Beri and edited by Brandise Danesewich. Joey Burns Tucson, AZ Listen to the studio version here: Buy 'Algiers' here:
Calexico Jul 19, 2018
#tbt "Cruel" One of the things I miss about Tucson is listening to KXCI Community Radio, so sometimes I will stream it. A few days after Trump was elected I wanted to hear the show Democracy Now! with Amy Goodman. After her show, the afternoon mix came on and the DJ played our song “Cruel” off of 'Garden Ruin.’ Listening back, the song takes on a completely different meaning for me in the present context politically. When we were putting the song together down in Bisbee, AZ, I was initially thinking something along the lines of a Motown groove. It was really fun working with JD Foster on this record, and coming up with some different sounds. John Convertino Writing from Vienna, Austria Listen to “Cruel": Purchase ‘Garden Ruin':
Calexico Jul 16, 2018
Joey sat down with Reginald Hunter for BBC Two’s special “Songs of the Border.” Watch a performance clip of "Across The Wire” and part of the conversation here:
Calexico Jul 13, 2018
#tbt “Drenched” It’s Monsoon season back home in Tucson, and it’s also raining here in Italy where we are currently on tour. The other night in Verona a couple asked if we could play the song “Drenched” from the ‘Hot Rail’ album (2000). This is one of those songs that we get asked every now and then to perform. It has an epic chorus with strings and horns that makes a sweeping crescendo. And all the while the rustic acoustic guitar and drums keep the foundation rooted with two feet in the soil. Floating in the ether there is a far away sounding melodica which reminds me of Maestro Ennio Morricone’s use of space in his arrangements. Joey Burns Writing From Rimini, Italy Listen to "Drenched": Purchase 'Hot Rail': Photo: Peter Pakvis (Getty Images)
Calexico Jul 03, 2018
Soundchecking for the first of two shows at Odeon of Herodes Atticus in Athens, Greece. Night one is sold-out (and underway) but tickets are still available for tomorrow’s show. Find tickets and see all upcoming dates at || 📷: Gaelle Beri (
Calexico Jun 28, 2018
Our summer European tour kicks off today in Vilanova I La Geltru, Spain for Vida Festival. We've collaborated with artist Mishka Westell - Art, Design, Illustration to create a limited edition poster for the upcoming dates, available at the merch table. See all upcoming dates and purchase tickets at
Calexico Jun 25, 2018
Our summer European tour kicks off this week! We’re looking forward to performing all throughout Europe - a handful of Italian dates, a return to Vienna at The Arena open air, and two nights at The Acropolis in Athens, just to name a few. Find tickets and see all upcoming dates: 📷: Lauren Jacobson
Calexico Jun 21, 2018
#tbt Stray Starting from a simple repetitive acoustic bass line, the song “Stray” sets out to leave more space in the arrangement than to fill it. One of the things I’m most impressed with from the original session for ‘The Black Light’ is the minimalism throughout. There’s a foundation in this particular track that’s been a solid vehicle for us to collaborate with musicians all over the world, like Bassekou Kouyaté from Mali and Τακίμ TAKIM from Greece. This song is a meditation. There are only verses, a simple trumpet melody, and the chorus, punctuated with trumpet hits echoed by descending nylon guitar. With its bare bone construction, “Stray” leaves plenty of room for both guest musicians and listeners to find their own way. Joey Burns Tucson, AZ Listen to "Stray" here: Purchase 'The Black Light' here: 📷: Rough draft of "Stray" lyrics. 1997
Calexico Jun 14, 2018
#tbt “Missing” If there is one element that has connected our band over time it’s been the theme of space. Whether it’s in the places we like to record, the arrangements of our songs, or the topics of space woven into our lyrics. The song “Missing” has all of these elements working together. There’s an overarching story line of a cross border romance on ‘The Black Light’ and this song delves into the hearts of it’s two main characters. Joey Burns Tucson, AZ Listen to "Missing" here: Purchase 'The Black Light' here: