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The Shadows' Madame
Far Away from Conformity (Remixed and Remastered)
Horror Metal (Undead Edition)
In Your Blood
The Shadows’ Madame (2013 Remastered Version)
CADAVERIA Apr 09, 2019
Here’s the lovely Audrey wearing some pieces from our merch: “Thank you very much for the quality of the items, the quickness and the pleasure i felt when i unboxed 😁 I send you lots of good vibes and love. À bientôt 😉 Audrey” Thanks to everyone who is continuing to support CADAVERIA even in dark and silent times!!! Shop: Play: Watch: Download: Memento Audere Semper
CADAVERIA Mar 01, 2019
Cadaveria's guest vocals here. Go and check this. #Cadaveria #guestvocals #Gorgon #osmoseproductions #blackmetal
CADAVERIA Dec 31, 2018
Metal New Year Everyone! #cadaveria #discography #happy2019
CADAVERIA Nov 18, 2018
Silence was out 4 years ago today. Play it LOUD and enjoy! Celebrate LIFE every day! Make some noise. \m/ - Cadaveria herself
CADAVERIA Oct 15, 2018
Cadaveria herself: "Life is strange: 2018 was supposed to be my sabbatical year, instead I must overcome a new challenge. This Summer I discovered an intruder inside me and I started a neoadjuvant chemotherapy to reduce it. The route is long and difficult and I'll have to deal with surgeries in a near future. My body is reacting good and I'm trying to stay positive in order to enjoy every day as much as possible, focusing my thoughts in the present. I believe a good aptitude is important to best recover, as part of the necessary therapeutic path I have undertaken. I decided to reveal my situation and to show myself to you in sincerity. It makes me feel free. After all I have always had a direct, sincere and honest connection with my fans. I am noticing that, at least in Italy, cancer is still a taboo. I don’t think it is something to hide, on the contrary I believe that sharing a disease can facilitate the healing process. Since I disclosed this via Facebook and Instagram, I have been flooded with messages and love and I will never stop thanking you for how you are supporting me. I feel really close to you. I cannot work at the moment, for the cancer and 'cause chemo cycles have brought a cardiac complication. I have to rest, but I want my music continue to be spread. So please go on Spotify or the digital store you prefer and play CADAVERIA. This will make me happy. My eternal gratitude goes to my sister Eleonora, my caregiver, who is facing this ugly story with me step by step from the beginning. She has just started this campaign with some close friends to help me in this path... A direct donation can also be done via PayPal to [email protected] From my side I ask you to continue to send me positive vibes. I need them. Thanks a lot! Long live life." #cadaveria #cadaveriaherself #cancer #trouble #longlivelife #thankyou 🙏
CADAVERIA Oct 05, 2018
Happy birthday to Marçelo Santos!
CADAVERIA Aug 18, 2018
This is me now. It is good to be able to show myself to you in sincerity. It makes me feel free. I am noticing that, at least in Italy, cancer is still a taboo. I don’t think it is something to hide, on the contrary I believe that sharing a disease can facilitate the healing process. 2018 was supposed to be my sabbatical year and I am trying to enjoy it as much as possible, in parallel with the necessary therapeutic path I have undertaken to best recover. Long live life. #cadaveria #resilience Questa sono io ora. E’ bello potermi mostrare a voi in sincerità, in modo da potermi sentire libera. Sto constatando che, almeno in Italia, il cancro è ancora un tabù. Io non ritengo che sia una cosa da nascondere, al contrario credo che la condivisione di una malattia possa favorirne il processo di guarigione. Il 2018 doveva essere il mio anno sabbatico e sto cercando comunque di godermelo il più possibile, parallelamente al percorso terapeutico che ho intrapreso, necessario per guarire al meglio. Viva la vita. #cadaveriaherself #resilienza
CADAVERIA Jul 29, 2018
Check out CADAVERIA complete discography on Spotify! Play and share. #cadaveria #brandnew #playlist #completediscography #spotify
CADAVERIA Jul 17, 2018
The Shadows' Madame was re-released 5 years ago today with remastered audio. Did you already listen to this new version? iTunes Spotify #cadaveria #theshadowsmadame #remastered
CADAVERIA Jun 20, 2018
CADAVERIA Jun 20, 2018
's cover photo
CADAVERIA Jun 19, 2018
A recent interview in Italian language #cadaveria #intervista
CADAVERIA Jun 04, 2018
We have released The Dark Bundle! Don't miss it! #cadaveria #thedarkbundle #shop #deal
CADAVERIA Jun 01, 2018
Thank you!
CADAVERIA May 21, 2018
Celebrating "In Your Blood" 11th birthday today #cadaveria #anagram #inyourblood
CADAVERIA May 16, 2018
#waybackwednesday #cadaveria #flowersinfire #horrormetal
CADAVERIA May 13, 2018
Productive weekend. #Cadaveria #newalbum #firstseeds ... 💀 Catrina mood: ON
CADAVERIA May 07, 2018
Five years ago today the Undead Edition of CADAVERIA acclaimed 4th album "Horror Metal" was released. Listen to it now on Spotify
CADAVERIA Apr 26, 2018
One year ago we released Mater Tenebrarum single. Darkness reigns. #cadaveria #necrodeath #cover
CADAVERIA Apr 25, 2018
Cadaveria on Bands to Burn to Vol.1 compilation by RockMetalTalk, among many American bands! 💪🤘🇮🇹🇺🇸
CADAVERIA Apr 23, 2018
Memory Monday | SPELL #CADAVERIA #remastered
CADAVERIA Apr 18, 2018
Proudly weared by Sally and Timothy! #cadaveria #fanfeaturing #merch #tshirt #tanktop Shop online at
CADAVERIA Apr 14, 2018
Remembering Peter Steele #cadaveria Type O Negative #cover
CADAVERIA Apr 13, 2018
Homage to superartists Debbie Harry and Giger. 'Call Me' [Blondie cover] is on Spotify as part of 'Far Away From Conformity' album: #cadaveria #callme #blondie #cover #debbieharry #hrgiger #americangigolo #giorgiomoroder
CADAVERIA Apr 11, 2018
Some more pics from CADAVERIA show in Naples. Thanks LorVin for the great shots. #cadaveria #livepictures