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C418 Dec 09, 2018
All orders of 'Excursions' landed in Los Angeles and have been packed up by Driftless Recordings - Vinyl preorders ship tomorrow! A few copies still remain if you want to order now!
C418 Nov 20, 2018
Friends - the 'Excursions' vinyl pressing has completed and will be shipping very soon via Driftless Recordings. All orders will come with some bonus music amongst other goodies as a big thank you for waiting!!
C418 Sep 13, 2018
C418 Sep 13, 2018
You can now stream or purchase Excursions via the digital platform of your choice!
C418 Sep 13, 2018
Excursions is out on Spotify!
C418 Sep 07, 2018
Excursions is now out on Bandcamp, with more to follow super soon!
C418 Sep 07, 2018
Here's a lovely post from Bandcamp about my upcoming release
C418 Sep 01, 2018
Have you listened to my new songs Beton and Thunderbird? Do you have a favorite?
C418 Aug 27, 2018
My latest album 'Excursions' is coming out very soon and you can pre-order it physically on CD or vinyl from Driftless Recordings now!
C418 Aug 25, 2018
Friendssss, are y’all interested in physical editions of Excusions? well, you can now preorder them on Vinyl or CD and they’re gorgeous!
C418 Aug 20, 2018
Here's the second single from my new album. It's over 13 minutes in length, so BUCKLE UP KIDS
C418 Jul 19, 2018
Check it! New musicccc
C418 Dec 18, 2017
hi here's a mixtape
C418 Sep 11, 2017
If you want to write me a personal message, something nice, something loving, something constructive... you can do that here! ❤️
C418 Sep 10, 2017
C418 Sep 07, 2017
Hi! I've had a tumultuous last 6 months. HOW ARE Y'ALL
C418 Mar 25, 2017
C418 Mar 22, 2017
I should schedule some work time inbetween my playing Zelda life, shouldn't I...
C418 Mar 16, 2017
Hey so I'd like to take Facebook pages seriously but I can't lol. Facebook is real bad for getting a message across unless you spend cash bux, which kind of makes me feel like garbage every time I post something here. IDUNNO FEELSBADMAN
C418 Mar 14, 2017
Yay! Dief is on the 4th place on Bandcamp. I think that's a p good achievement considering how popular Bandcamp has become. Thanks everone!
C418 Mar 13, 2017
I released a new short and smooth Album called Dief. I've made it in under two weeks. Please check it out and tell me what you think!
C418 Feb 16, 2017
C418 Feb 14, 2017
Nothing is a waste of time. Nothing at all.
C418 Feb 08, 2017 do you do good Facebook page marketing? asking for a friend