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buzzov-en Jul 25, 2019
buzzov-en Mar 21, 2019
Wanted to thank Lord for their CDs and sticker . Wish the other covers by all the bands who did them were available to still compile and release the buzzoven tribute album that Sleeping Village and Troy Medlin we’re putting out but for some reason it never saw the light of day and from what I understand most of the bands tracks were lost or went with sleeping Village label owner. He also had around 600-700 copies of the first k.lloyd cd “ solow” Anyway thanks guys !’
buzzov-en Feb 19, 2019
Unearthed demo tracks released and officially copyrighted and published. Enjoy these and pay nothing for them. Don’t believe the copycat wannabes.
buzzov-en Feb 06, 2019
This is DICK from Citizen Fish And Subhumans
buzzov-en Feb 01, 2019
Get your shirt before they are wiped out . All shirts are 10$ only . Every design we have . Clearance sale to make room for the future .
buzzov-en Jan 26, 2019
So here it is , everything is on sale . Liquidation sale . All t-shirts are $10 plus postage . For those of you who know about the difficulties with the buzzoven store that isn’t going to happen this time . I hired a couple people to run the store and I promise you they will stay on top of things and I would thonkn1-2 weeks turnaround at most . Also if you were one of the people who ordered to a Frown repress and never got it please email us at [email protected] Com . Also the small # of shirts I got for that I know I’ve missed a few of those as well . You can call me names and go on about how fucked up the waiting game for March is but after your done message us here so we can get youbyour shirt or vinyl on it’s way . Go to doc Please check on sizes before ordering . All orders will also come with a couple of patches.
buzzov-en Jan 25, 2019 Not sure if anyone is aware but Ramzi Atteya is now drumming for Weedeater and they are currently on tour with COC / Crowbar / The Obsessed here in the states. Go see em .
buzzov-en Jan 18, 2019
Go check out Rev. Dirtkicker’s painting skills . Gonna start selling them too.
buzzov-en Jan 16, 2019
Gonna be putting up some paintings for sale at really soon. All done by the Reverend personally while trying to find some piece of mind and balance on new meds. Yeah for bipolar people. Man fuck you bro.......I heard that! 😝
buzzov-en Dec 27, 2018
Go check out these awesome bullet mics with built in distortion.Dr. Alien Smith is a part of the Australian Punk/ Metal / noise etc...... scene !! The mics are awesome and supporting. A true musician / Producer that’s one of us is Amazing.
buzzov-en Dec 02, 2018
buzzov-en Nov 03, 2018
buzzov-en Oct 01, 2018
These are selling quickly so if you want one grab it soon .
buzzov-en Sep 28, 2018
So here we have the long awaited reissue of our debut album that was on Allied Recordings “ to a Frown” recently released limited to 500 copies. Got a small amount ourselves if you would like to order one go to . This price is for US orders only . Email [email protected] to inquire about overseas postage rates. PayPal Payment to [email protected] Your order will ship in 7 days or less from when your order is received. This is the album that started the whole hell ride. Produced by the ever popular Billy Anderson and recorded in SF at Razors Edge in 91,92.
buzzov-en Jul 10, 2018
Go to shirt and to pick up buzzoven merch.
buzzov-en Jul 02, 2018
Remembering Bobby from Load. One good little dude.
buzzov-en Jun 29, 2018
Most of these are finally being sent out. Sorry for the long delay.
buzzov-en Jun 29, 2018
Shirt Killer is the go to for merch for buzzoven. Vinyl of " to a Frown " is out in Poland now and will be available soon here.
buzzov-en Jun 02, 2018
Disciples of Chaos
buzzov-en May 30, 2018
Hope everyone had a Great Memorial Day and didn’t forget the reason we Remember. These men and women of our Armed Forces all do great things for this country. Lord knows buzzov-en has a scary story of what not to do and it brought me ( Kirk Lloyd Fisher ) to where I had to turn over everything to God and let it go. Friday though I spoke with a Veteran who shared just a few stories and Tattoos with me that made me certainly realize I don’t have things in my past as dark as this mans experience in regards to what he saw and felt and it helped me to realize that God brings people together for different reasons. He helped me and I needed help cause Life certainly is not easy and even though I’m now legally disabled I don’t wanna just give up. Anyway this isn’t about me, this is about him. I choose to keep this man anonymous but ya know I had a good Memorial Day reading books, and relaxing cause I needed it . That man and the God of my understanding gave me that privilege. Not all country’s have that privilege and for that privilege I will remain Grateful as I’ve always been whether my actions showed it or not . God Bless Our Troops !! Hope everyone had a blessed weekend. #
buzzov-en May 29, 2018
God Bless Our Troops ! Hope everyone had a great Memorial Day ! #God,#missio
buzzov-en Apr 17, 2018
Picture from last night around 9 pm! #wtfisthat #aliententacles #creepy
buzzov-en Apr 11, 2018
#23. SUNN.{•+•}RISE #sunrise_sunsets_aroundworld ,#endoftheworld ,#sweaterweather #sunnamps #riseabove #riseoftheguardians #hahahahah
buzzov-en Apr 11, 2018
Go to forthis new buzzovenshirt.