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Lost Trails
Butterfly Explosion Sep 01, 2014
<3 Mogwai and Slowdive. A criminal clash of set times at Ireland's Electric Picnic festival last night meant I had to choose between two of my biggest influences. Both bands responded in class by wearing tee-shirts of the other band during their sets. Here's a video of Slowdive from last night, a stunning performance...
Butterfly Explosion Mar 28, 2014
New video for God Is An Astronaut's latest release, Weightless, taken from the album Origins. Europe people, check them out when they play pretty much most of the continent over the next couple of months. Having played with them for the last two years, I won't be on the upcoming tours... there's a Butterfly Explosion album to be recorded!
Butterfly Explosion Jan 28, 2014
Slowdive are back...
Butterfly Explosion Dec 31, 2013
Terribly sad news about Benjamin Curtis of School of Seven Bells, who lost a year-long battle with cancer aged just 35. Big fan of this band and his previous band Secret Machines, a great talent, a great loss
Butterfly Explosion May 18, 2013
It was 20 years ago today that Slowdive released their beautiful album Souvlaki. <3 (Didn't actually discover them until years later but it's a good excuse to share them today!)
Butterfly Explosion Sep 09, 2012
Butterfly Explosion - Tracing Stars
Butterfly Explosion Aug 27, 2012
For those going to the Electric Picnic festival in Ireland this weekend, I'll be playing guitar with God Is An Astronaut on Saturday 2:30pm in the Electric Arena. As was with the Lost Trails album, GIAA will also be recording/producing our next album, which will (finally) begin over the next few months. Here's a video from the EDP festival in Portugal last week cheers, gazz
Butterfly Explosion Mar 02, 2012
A treat for Smashing Pumpkins/MBV fans, Billy Corgan speaking candidly of his My Bloody Valentine influences...
Butterfly Explosion Aug 28, 2011
A big warm-hearted thanks to everyone involved at the Barco Rock Fest and everyone who came to see us. You made us feel at home in Portugal!
Butterfly Explosion Jul 06, 2011
Ireland folk, we'll be playing Cork's INDIEPENDENCE Music & Arts Festival this coming july/aug bank hol weekend - our slot is Sunday 5pm on the Main Stage. Sweet line up too with Whipping Boy, Editors, Therapy, Ash, ASIWYFA, Ham Sandwich and some other savage bands there...
Butterfly Explosion Jun 27, 2011
Feel good "hit" of the summer
Butterfly Explosion Jun 27, 2011
Hola chicos!! Just in time for the (northern hem) summer peak, we have finally got T-Shirts back in stock - mens and ladies available but only a limited stock of each size. Check out the 4 different T-Shirt designs on our myspace page here...
Butterfly Explosion Apr 22, 2011
Butterfly Explosion
Butterfly Explosion Apr 11, 2011
Thanks to everyone who came to our gigs in Madrid, Murcia and Barcelona, it was a pleasure to finally play there, el gusto es nuestro!! :-)
Butterfly Explosion Apr 05, 2011
A rare (so rare an acoustic guitar had to be stolen) acoustic performance of 'Closer' for the lovely BalconyTV Toronto crew in lovely Toronto - weather not so lovely!
Butterfly Explosion Mar 25, 2011
Here's a session that was recorded and aired live on Irish radio station 2FM last year, featuring Automatic and our own version of Simple Minds' 80's classic Don't You Forget About Me
Butterfly Explosion Mar 13, 2011
just an image for the music, but the tree will come round, the season pass, and the leaves will grow again
Butterfly Explosion Mar 08, 2011
100/1 ...the odds on us playing Glastonbury Festival (official) main stage this summer. No typo there folks, that does actually say "us" and not u2 I don't fancy us at those odds, then again i didn't fancy us getting our odds slashed from 5,000/1 to 100/1 this week. Thank you Bass Music for hearing the music and selecting us!
Butterfly Explosion Mar 03, 2011
- "imagine taking the Smashing Pumpkins and squishing them together with Sigur Ros and My Bloody Valentine" - "majestic music with elements of shoegaze, dream-pop, and post-rock" ...nice words from popular Toronto DJ Alan Cross and Adam Morrison as 'Closer' is track of the day on in their Canadain Music Fest preview. Download for free here...
Butterfly Explosion Feb 25, 2011
Q&A with Play It Louder Toronto...
Butterfly Explosion Feb 12, 2011
Toronto beckons! Butterfly Explosion will be playing at Toronto's annual music extravaganza that is the Canadian Music Fest. We will be performing at the Music From Ireland showcase at The Hideout on Thursday 10th March at 2am. Thanks to the Imagine Ireland programme who are providing essential sponsorship, through MFI, to make the trip possible.
Butterfly Explosion Jan 16, 2011
You can now listen to our album 'Lost Trails' in full at bandcamp, links to lyrics beside the songs... Albums of 2010 features: #1 - #1 - #3 - #3 - ot6d.blogspot Top 3 - agleteaters.wordpress Top 10 - oncewasblind.tumblr #11 - plattenvorgericht.blogspot #12 - coast-is-clear.blogspot #14 - Shoegazer Alive
Butterfly Explosion Jan 14, 2011
Rock is dead? Nah, it's mainstream music that's getting it's soul sucked out and being left for dead! Nice of them to use us as an example of "there is life in the underground" :) Interesting stat though, just 3 'rock' songs in the UK's top 100 songs of 2010. You'll probably find more great songs from 1985's top 10 than 2010's top 100. Ah, Tears For Fears
Butterfly Explosion Dec 08, 2010
Latest Lost Trails review on the world nets. Sputnikmusic say: "Among the best debuts of 2010" For the next week only, the album can be downloaded for just €3 at this bandcamp link... Every cent of every sale in that week will be donated on 15th December to the Simon Community ( who support the homeless at this difficult time of year. Thanks!
Butterfly Explosion Nov 19, 2010
Video from last Fridays gig in London, and what a night it was! Many thanks to God Is An Astronaut and Caspian for having us! Last one of the year is next Thursday in Dublin's Academy2.