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Happy Birthday Flutterby
Butterfly Boucher
Scary Fragile
Bitter Song - Single
Butterfly Boucher Jun 11, 2018
Calling all dogs and kids and their caretakers in Nashville, Elle Macho has the show for you! ... Musicians Corner This Coming Saturday.
Butterfly Boucher Mar 17, 2018
Nashville is always the lucky ones... That’s right, this FRiDAY is A SHOWtiME!!! 9pm Supporting the almighty @republican_hair $10 tix sold at the door only @the5spotnashville our love is yours always and forever. #lindsaylikestododrawings #butterflylearnstogiff #davidbuysguitarsalot
Butterfly Boucher Jun 15, 2017
FRIDAY (tomorrow) ELLE MACHO Macho SHoW w/ Republican Hair at the 5 Spot, 8:30 gonna be a killah night. You are loved.
Butterfly Boucher May 21, 2017
Today’s Free Elle Macho show in the park is looking gooooood! Weather is clearing. ALL AGES!! We play 5pm. Bring the kids! 😘😜😝😛
Butterfly Boucher May 16, 2017
Come on out This sunday for a Free Elle Macho Family Friendly show in the park, 5pm Dragon Music Sundays oooooh you got it!
Butterfly Boucher Apr 27, 2017
Last week I had the incredible pleasure of watching The Nashville Ballet perform a sneak peek of their performance of 7 Deadly Sins which has been choreographed to 7 new songs written by Ten Out Of Tenn (of which I am a part of) specifically for this production. I GOT CHILLS PEOPLE!!! I immediately wanted to see it again! Not only will TOT be performing these songs live as a full band while they dance, but we will also be joined by the Nashville Symphony!! wah?! I kind of can’t believe I get to be part of such a collaboration. This truly is ambitious and is going to be something special, very unique to Nashville and definitely something that doesn’t happen every day! The Nashville Ballet, The Nashville Symphony and a bunch of scrapper indie artists :) 3 SHOWS ONLY, May 5-7, I suggest you do your soul a favour, grab a couple of tickets, invite a friend and treat your hearts to a night of refreshing Art. Really hope to see you there. Cheers b u t t e r f l y Ticket >>
Butterfly Boucher Mar 02, 2017
See U there!!!! RT @BasementEast: 8PM TONIGHT!! @Lightning100 has put together another awesome lineup for you!!
Butterfly Boucher Mar 01, 2017
This is real, this we play Thursday, March 2! So hot. So Close. Basement East. $5 Lightning 100
Butterfly Boucher Jan 28, 2017
ELLE MACHO WE PLAY TONIGHT! opening for @humanradioband doors 7pm we play 8pm @mercylounge tix> :) ;)
Butterfly Boucher Jan 21, 2017
Signage with my ladies... tomorrow we march! #southernwomenstrong #swfcr Katie Herzig Harmony Boucher
Butterfly Boucher Dec 12, 2016
Our VoVo is getting some sweet face time on iTunes Today! thnx also ONErpm #vovomusic #ellemacho
Butterfly Boucher Dec 04, 2016
Nashville come get cozy tonight with @rubyamanfu and all us friends!!
Butterfly Boucher Nov 17, 2016
Just Announced: Elle Macho @ ELLE MACHO Season Finale CLUB MACHO© Featuring VoVo Release! in Nashville, TN
Butterfly Boucher Oct 29, 2016
A Lullaby in Fall. #menonminatureinstruments #girlengineer
Butterfly Boucher Oct 10, 2016
And by “debat” I mean hand it to me so I can ...
Butterfly Boucher Oct 10, 2016
This debat is sadly painful #hugsforhillary GO!
Butterfly Boucher Aug 28, 2016
What a buuuuuuuummer we were so excited to play Katie’s new songs!!!
Butterfly Boucher Aug 27, 2016
Free Katie Herzig show in Centenial park this afternoon 4pm-Ill be playing in her band:) Also Ruby Amanfu on 3pm
Butterfly Boucher Aug 26, 2016
Oh I’ll be there with my bass on! RT @MusCornerNash: Excited to have the very talented @KatieHerzig headlining 8/27
Butterfly Boucher Aug 24, 2016
Butterfly Boucher Aug 21, 2016
Night Owls tune into 101.5 (nashville) Atul TONIGHT ELLE MACHO visiting Brandon Lee Harris PLAYING NEW VoVo MUSICS! Go Lindsay Jamieson!
Butterfly Boucher Aug 18, 2016
Next Wednesday is Club Macho #4 time! more info on our FB event page >>
Butterfly Boucher Aug 11, 2016
Artists Artists get on board! Toot Toot. Hours left to get your extra special edition of Follow Magazine. #artistssupportingartists
Butterfly Boucher Aug 11, 2016
Our Debut Club Macho show pics. Good times ... plenty more to come!
Butterfly Boucher Aug 02, 2016
Artist's who are curious about how other artists and how they get their art out into the world will love this. Also anybody who's just curious about the world of Independent artists and how we survive might enjoy this too, check it out :)