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The Rise and Fall Of...Butch Walker and the Let's-Go-Out-Tonites
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Butch Walker at Northcote Social Club (January 25, 2019)
Venue: Northcote Social Club (Northcote, VIC, Australia) Find tickets
Butch Walker at The Wooly Mammoth (January 26, 2019)
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Butch Walker at Oxford Art Factory (January 27, 2019)
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Butch Walker Nov 19, 2018
Better late than never! Sorry we are finally live with the link for shirt orders. Remember me telling you in the last post about the shirt we are selling with my Son’s artwork for the California fires? You can now own one and know that every penny of this shirt goes to a good cause. I visited my property today for the first time since the devastation... and i can tell you that it’s awful. It’s going to be a long road to recovery for a lot of people and for the mountains and nature to heal. Thank you for listening and thank you for donating. Plus you’ll get a rad shirt with an 11yr old’s art skills on it. Go to and follow the link to the store. Link is in bio as well. I Love you -BW ****POST EDIT***** (WILDLFIRE* RELIEF FUND not “wildlife”)
Butch Walker Nov 16, 2018
My 11yr old son showed me a drawing he did on my iPad last night with an Apple Pencil stylus. Both our lips were quivering. My heart is so broken for this little town. Before too many people stereotype what they think Malibu is, let me say something... I had fantasies when i was a long haired kid that moved to Hollywood in ‘88 to pursue my dream, of one day being able to work hard enough to live at the beach in a town that still had a small town vibe (growing up in one makes it hard to shake that notion). I would drive out to the beach and say to myself, “even if i never make a dime from music, I’m gonna find a way to live out here.” So i did just that. The malibu i know isn’t rich, bloated, red faced dudes in Hawaiian shirts, driving Ferrari’s around. Most of my friends there are hardworking, small business owning locals that are 2nd and 3rd generation out there. People that love their community so much that they never left it when they were old enough to fly the coop From their families back in the day. A lot of these people lost everything they own over the weekend, yet went around helping others put out fires (including at my house. We were out of town) and protected others from losing everything too. These aren’t people with “2nd homes” elsewhere. This IS their home. My heart breaks for them after going through this (11yrs ago next week, to be exact) and losing everything. It’s gonna suck rebuilding my property as well as the rest of the town doing so but i can tell you that this is a lesson in people coming together and helping each other instead of the “divisiveness and politicizing” that people have been influenced lately to react upon. Thanks for all the well wishes, as well as birthday (it was a weird one this time), AND NOW ITS TIME TO HELP OUT. We are putting a new shirt for sale on my website this wknd that will have my son’s design above on it. We will be giving the proceeds from the shirt to the California Community Foundation’s Wildfire Relief Fund that supports intermediate and long-term recovery efforts for major California wildfires. I love you (Save your negative bullshit comments for Facebook or something. This is about coming together!) -B
Butch Walker Nov 13, 2018
Oh hello, South Carolina! Butch will be swinging through and performing at High Water Festival this April & you better be there. Tickets are on sale now --->
Butch Walker Nov 11, 2018
Please help these fighters as much as you can. They are true heroes.
Butch Walker Nov 11, 2018
Stay positive ❤️
Butch Walker Nov 09, 2018
Here we go again. Hoping some federal relief and more fire fighters will get sent instead of just thoughts and prayers. Stay safe out there everyone.
Butch Walker Nov 07, 2018
More highlights from this past weekend’s TALPanga 2018 concert! So incredible and heartwarming to raise the kind of support, money, and awareness that we did. Love! BW• • • • • #cancersucks #fuckcancer #talp #cancer #jakobdylan #livemusic #music #topanga #pancreaticcancer @ The Will Geer Theatricum Botanicum
Butch Walker Nov 05, 2018
Absolutely floored, exhausted, giddy, and full-hearted for this past weekend. @theautumnleavesproject TALPanga concert for pancreatic cancer was a MASSIVE success. We raised tens of thousands of dollars to help patients, and it’s all because of YOU. The talent was immense on that stage last night and i was just humbled to be in the company of such greats. @koreydane @soozanto @jaimewyatt @graciepotter #jakobdylan and #theMarvelous3 and my incredible band, all on one stage, on one weekend. Huge thank you to my girl Michelle Morgan and all of her incredible staff at TALP for putting in the blood and the sweat to make it happen. All of the sponsors that made everyone full, buzzed and happy, i thank you. Also, anyone who wasn’t able to be there, i hope you were able to catch the live stream on Facebook last night! It was pretty epic and thank you @superspherevr For providing. Onward and upward we go. For a few hours on Saturday and Sunday, love conquered cancer. This is what makes me keep doing what i do. -BW• • • • • #cancer #cancersucks #fuckcancer #love #music #livemusic #topanga
Butch Walker Nov 04, 2018
Holy moly what a night last night!!!! We raised so much money and had a magic evening in the woods. You ticketholders for tonight have no idea what you’re in for. LIVE STREAM IS HAPPENING TONIGHT!! Just make sure to be on my Facebook page (link in bio for IG) at 5pm PST (that’s 8pm East coast) for Grace Potter, then me and Jakob Dylan (and others!) starting at 6pm PST (9pm EST). It’s gonna be amazing. The fine folks over at @superspherevr will be doing the streaming. Thank you for all of your kindness, generosity, and compassion for such a worthy cause. See you later. -BW• • • • • #cancer #cancersucks #fuckcancer #Marvelous3 #jakobdylan #talp #topanga
Butch Walker Nov 03, 2018
Tonight! Can’t wait! Leave early enough for beach traffic if you are taking the PCH highway to Topanga! Shouldn’t be too bad but still. Allow yourself time.
Butch Walker Nov 03, 2018
Getting primed for takeoff. See all of you lucky ticket holders at the @theatricum_botanicum in Topanga today for day 1 of TALPanga concert for pancreatic cancer! Don’t forget to tune into our Facebook page at (link also in bio) to LIVE STREAM the concert on SUNDAY evening! More details tomorrow........ -BW
Butch Walker Nov 02, 2018
‘69 XLCH and morning coffee run hell yeah
Butch Walker Nov 02, 2018
This ugly world. #sunset
Butch Walker Nov 01, 2018
Early bird gets that damn worm. Sun ain’t even up, but i am.. writing out set lists for the *sold out* @theautumnleavesproject TALPanga shows for pancreatic cancer this weekend in LA. Speaking of set lists.. holy moly these are gonna be epic. Did i mention that the good folks over at @superspherevr are going to be LIVE STREAMING that shit on Sunday night’s show? It’s gonna be so goddamn cool (go to their website and just check out the Paul McCartney 360 VR streams they have done). We will have all the info for you this weekend on where to tune in your little Internet phone and computer boxes to watch the magic unfold live, before your eyes. I’m gonna be so excited for the next few days, i might throw up in my mouth a little. Thanks in advance to all of you ticket-holders for supporting a cause near and dear to my heart. If you’ve ever lost a loved one, and especially to pancreatic cancer (or any cancer), then you know what i mean when i say it’s the fucking worst. It’s not a choice. I don’t believe anyone should have to suffer from this horrible disease (it doesn’t matter how wealthy you are or how much healthcare you have... THERE IS NO CURE AVAILABLE YET). But that all being said, we are going to light this weekend up with love and kindness and music and joy, to celebrate the lives of the people we have lost to this disease (for me it was my Dad “Big Butch”), while raising a ton of money to help out patients having a hard go at it. Life is short. Let’s do the right thing for people that haven’t gotten the kind of luck they deserve. I love you so fucking much. -BW• • • • • #topanga #cancer #fuckcancer #cancersucks #pancreaticcancer #livemusic #music #love #jakobdylan #marvelous3 #autumnleavesproject
Butch Walker Nov 01, 2018
Halloween. Pt 2. StrongBad • • • • • Costume From the amazing @shapeshifterzco #halloweencostume #halloween #trickortreat #homestarrunner
Butch Walker Oct 31, 2018
Halloween. Pt 1
Butch Walker Oct 31, 2018
Oh hey wow! We are posting an FAQ page to answer any and all questions for the annual @theautumnleavesproject TALPanga concerts this weekend. Gonna be a hell of a couple shows, y’all! Go to: or click link in bio to get the last few tickets for Sunday and read all about the ins and outs! Ohhhh! And guess what? We are gonna be LIVE STREAMING the SUNDAY SHOW! More info to come, but those that will be there in person are in for a treat. See you guys this weekend! Saturday, we didn’t forget about you either. Big fun and surprises in store for you too! -BW• • • • • #Topanga #cancer #fuckcancer #livemusic
Butch Walker Oct 29, 2018
Halloween. All the time.
Butch Walker Oct 28, 2018
After the MARVELOUS announcement last week, I didn’t think that the SUNDAY (NOV 4th) show for @theautumnleavesproject TALPanga concert for pancreatic concert could get any better... but it just did. Joining us to sing some of her jams is the one and only GRACE POTTER! If you don’t know this powerhouse badass by now, you’ve been living under a fucking rock. @graciepotter is one of the best voices in music and is also just a rad human, in general. More reasons for you to be stoked for the shows this coming weekend! We’ve squeezed out 50 more tickets for this special SUNDAY SHOW, so go over to and follow the links to the shows to sing up through the website and secure these very limited number of tickets!! Remember the shows (both days) start around 3pm and the whole thing is over by 8pm (so you can still get home to bed for work the next day 😜), and there’s no excuse not to be there. Gonna be INCREDIBLE y’all. @jaimewyatt @butchwalker @graciepotter #jakobdylan #Marvelous3
Butch Walker Oct 27, 2018
And it just keeps on gettin’ better. Y’all remember our gal @soozanto from the Stay Gold album and tour right? Well she is gonna be taking a day off from her touring with @hozier to join us for a set of her very own amazing music on the SAT show at @theautumnleavesproject TALPanga charity concert (SAT NOV 3)! We are ecstatic to have her again (if you saw her last year, then you know how badass this human is). These shows are gonna be epic y’all. And every penny goes to TALP to help out patients with pancreatic cancer! Auctions and raffles and music and booze and tacos and merch and fun and stuff! See you guys next wknd at @theatricum_botanicum in the heart of the wonderland known as Topanga Canyon in LA! Sat and sun Nov 3-4! We will be soaking up some much needed good vibes and love and kindness (god knows we all could use it). See you there! -BW• • • • • #topanga #tour #music #livemusic #guitar #jakobdylan @butchwalker @theautumnleavesproject @soozanto @koreydane @jaimewyatt #marvelous3 @titosvodka @theglenlivet @saarloosandsons @otgbrew @klipschaudio @iduesenberg @yamaha_guitars @fender @1824generalstore
Butch Walker Oct 26, 2018
So... remember the Sunday “special guest appearances” i hinted at for @theautumnleavesproject TALPanga shows for pancreatic cancer on NOV 3-4 in Topanga Canyon (LA)? Hmmm... i wonder who it could be... SAT is sold out. We just opened up 60 final tickets to SUNDAY SHOW. Go get ‘em at or click link in IG bio to be directed on ordering tickets. Have a MARVELOUS day, people... -BW
Butch Walker Oct 23, 2018
New ride who dis
Butch Walker Oct 20, 2018
Getting excited about the TALPanga shows for @theautumnleavesproject in lovely Topanga Canyon, Los Angeles, next month? Now even more reason to get pumped.. my brother from another mother @koreydane is gonna start the day off for us on SAT 3rd around 4pm! Come hear this badass sing from his heart, and you can thank me after. ON SUN 4th, my sister from another mister @jaimewyatt will be kicking the day off with her badass Outlaw Country-tinged jamz. She’s the real fucking deal so get there early (3ish is always a good for both nights to line up and get preferred seating)! We will be having guest appearances, including yours truly, singing throughout the day, so don’t fuck up and get there late! Again, SAT is sold out, But still literally only a few tickets left for SUN. GO GET EM! -BW• • • • • #guitar #music #tour #tourlife #livemusic #cancer #fuckcancer #cancersucks #pancreaticcancer #topanga
Butch Walker Oct 19, 2018
Where to begin.. i saw the 70’s adaptation of A STAR IS BORN in the theatre when i was a kid. It’s foggy, but i think i snuck in from a PG movie playing next door (probably “Freaky Friday” or something). From Gary Busey as the tour manager. Kris Kristofferson as a drunk hunk music maker. Robert Englund (Freddie Kruger to you) as a bit part extra. Barbara Streisand as Lady Gaga ;-). Her alarming vibrato and vocal range. Kris, in his bell bottom jeans and no shirt, with perfect Rock Star torso that i always wanted, but genetically wasn’t capable of obtaining. The lights and sound equipment. That wonderfully played out movie scenario of the whole “go on.. just take the mic! Go for it!” scene with Barb, that followed in so many movies and videos. It really makes a difference in a kid’s life. Taking the mic. It’s the opportunity that we dream of, but we don’t usually act on. What would’ve happened if you would’ve just acted on impulse and decided to “take the mic”? Would your star be born? Or would you at least be able to tell the story at work, about how you “could’ve been”? Or would you have been both, where you got the taste of success and said, “this fucking sucks. I miss my friends and normality”. Either way, you will never know unless you “take the mic”. Can’t wait to see the new version of this movie. And to see more young people make their dreams real. Music is powerful. Don’t ever forget that. -BW
Butch Walker Oct 18, 2018
Welcome home, “Blondie”... This is the name she was given by her classically trained Juliard School of Music owner, RIP... Born in 1978, measuring 7ft 6in long at the @yamahamusicusa piano factory. I’m already writing new songs with you. Let’s start a new musical adventure together.. -BW