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The Rise and Fall Of...Butch Walker and the Let's-Go-Out-Tonites
The Rise and Fall Of... Butch Walker and the Let's-Go-Out-Tonites
This Is Me...Justified and Stripped (Live)
Left of Self-Centered
Butch Walker Jun 21, 2019
I don’t know about y’all, but I’m ready for a vacation. With you... click here for more info:
Butch Walker Jun 21, 2019
Making stuff.
Butch Walker Jun 19, 2019
#repost @pilgrimagefestival ・・・ Single-day and weekend passes are available now at! Which day are you most excited for? 🤔
Butch Walker Jun 18, 2019
NYC 📷: @marcscibilia
Butch Walker Jun 17, 2019
Not gonna lie. Yesterday was a tougher than usual Father’s Day for me. Being part of the Dead Dad Club of 6yrs, compounded by spending the most epic trip in nyc with my little man for his 12th bday (only to put him on a bus on Father’s Day morning to 3wks of technology-free sleep away camp, with no communication except for handwritten letters.. he loves it! His 3rd year!)... it was a rough day. I cried about 8 times. Like out loud crying. My manager came to my rescue though. He took me to the Metropolitan Museum for the Rock n Roll Musical Instruments display.. and WOW. it was like seeing my entire Guitar Player Magazine collection from my youth right before my eyes. What a walk down memory lane of having posters of most of these EXACT guitars hanging on my attic bedroom wall in Cartersville as a young gun. Swipe to see: Eddie Van Halen’s black and white “partscaster”, Keith Richard’s live guitar rig, Jimmy Page’s famous painted telecaster, Keith Richards’ custom painted Gibson Les Paul Custom Black Beauty, Prince’s custom “Sign o’ The Times” guitar, Joe Strummer’s Tele (!), Rick Nielson’s custom Hamer, Stevie Ray Vaughn’s “SRV” Strat, Eddie Van Halen’s infamous red and white stripe parts guitar, And Jimi Hendrix’s custom painted Flying V! So cool, Y’all. Have a great day... @ Katz's Delicatessen
Butch Walker Jun 16, 2019
If you know.... then you know. To all my brothers that do... Happy Fathers Day ♥️
Butch Walker Jun 14, 2019
This kid changed my life. I know i know. Every parent says that. But i can’t think of a better daily visit from my Dad than through the eyes, mouth, and soul of this human. Some kids want a bicycle or a pony or a new baseball glove for their birthday. This kid said,”One day, for my birthday, I’d love to go to New York to visit the Nintendo store and see a Broadway play”. So i put some of that “fuck you money” I’ve made from my day job into a couple first class plane tickets, got a suite at one of those bougie hotels, and we DID IT UP. Selfishly, i think i loved this birthday as much as him. And thanks for the visit, Dad. You were with me all day, with every word spoken, every smile given, and every big-eyed gaze. You are him. I am you. We are together always. - BW
Butch Walker Jun 12, 2019
I like this friend. She’s a good one. Stay badass, @pink
Butch Walker Jun 10, 2019
Been there.
Butch Walker Jun 07, 2019
Putting the Transformers character’s head under the Dodge logo, while writing some shitty, senseless diatribe with shitty spelling (in Comic Sans font y’all) on your shitty rusted out tailgate is my favorite current take on #MANHOOD. Keep those #daddyissues coming, bros! (PS YES IM AWARE ITS A BOONDOCK SAINTS quote but if you’re defending this because it’s a movie quote, then you have your own set of issues😘)
Butch Walker Jun 06, 2019
Love my dead black dot concert toms on my “fuck you I’m gold” @ccdrumco kit. I’m no drummer, but damn do i love being a frustrated one. Oh... and 70’s drum fills are compliments of my 49 years of not listening to trap beats.
Butch Walker Jun 05, 2019
Took a long lunch break to show my Texas Brother from another motor, @paulcauthen , Topanga canyon yesterday (and showcase our “rider-unfriendly” summer footwear).. good to see you and @elizabethnesmith for a bit. -BW
Butch Walker Jun 04, 2019
Wow.. it’s been 35yrs since hearing this for the first time and thinking “he’s going to be bigger than ever with this one”, about 25yrs since i realized the title track was NOT a “positive anthem about America” (it still gets used EVERY YEAR in their campaigns by politicians that don’t listen to lyrics), about 15yrs since having his influence come pouring through my own attempts at songwriting, and about 5yrs since hearing one of the best stories involving my friend Jakob Dylan, John Bon Jovi, and THE BOSS. I still tell it at parties when the mood is right, and it’s take away is that after all these years THE BOSS is still consistently the biggest grossing rock n roll tour EVERY TIME HE TOURS. And NEVER phoned a show in. 3+ hours of heart and sweat always... I feel like I’m celebrating your birthday, and in a way, you were born again when this record came out... so Happy 35th Birthday to one of your greatest records (fuck the haters that will default at “Nebraska”.. i know what you’re trying to do and you’re just not listening hard enough). In an era of hair metal and pop synth ballads, this record found its way through because he was THAT GOOD. Sick snare sound on the title track too. Love you, Bruce -BW • • • • • @springsteen #brucespringsteen #rocknroll #legend #bornintheusa #repost @rollingstone ・・・ Bruce Springsteen released ‘Born in the U.S.A' 35 years ago today. Springsteen had spent more than two years perfecting the record, constantly shifting around the track listing. 📷: Lennox Mclendon/AP/REX/Shutterstock
Butch Walker Jun 01, 2019
ЯR Studio.... You’re welcome.
Butch Walker May 31, 2019
Phil Collins called... he said, “Hello....” #concerttoms #philcollins #intheairtonight #drums #blackdot #gold
Butch Walker May 28, 2019
Can’t say enough good things about my new amp! It’s a Bad Cat Cub IV 40R and it’s so gooooood. Even through my shitty Phone microphone (hell, you’re listening to this on an iPhone speaker so don’t judge), you can still hear it bringing the heat. This is straight through the amp, no pedals, and just rolling my volume up/down on the guitar to change the gain and dynamics. For the guitar nerds out there, they have this patented schematic on the master volume (it’s called the K Master) that makes it sing and sound like it’s working the power tube section of the amp AT ANY VOLUME SETTING. It’s pretty genius and is definitely going to be coming in handy for playing it in small clubs (no having to turn the amp around and destroying your drummer, or having to use any sort of variac power soak. It’s got that built in, and I’m telling you, IT SOUNDS AMAZING! Really takes pedals well, and every guitar reacts differently through the Cub IV 40R. Nice work over there at @badcatamps John! Will post some proper studio recorded sounds through mics and also through my @uaudio Ox soon... playing music is fun! -BW
Butch Walker May 27, 2019
Take the time to honor the folks who had the guts to serve, fight, and die for this country. I’m not forgetting about my Pops who served in the US Navy in Airborne Radar. He’s not here for me to thank him personally for his service, but i still tell him occasionally when i go to sleep at night. If you’re grillin’ and chillin’ today and not having to work because if this holiday of remembrance, stop and thank a Vet for actually choosing to serve (or being drafted with no choice). Either way, we owe them our respect. Post the name of (or tag) your relatives that serve, or have served (living or not) in the comments section, so that their names are known and remembered. Have a great day and show some love ❤️- BW
Butch Walker May 24, 2019
A little something to say about anxiety and depression. I did this for the good folks over at Child Mind Institute and so have others like Pete Wentz, Weezer, and many more. Hope it speaks to some of you. #MyYoungerSelf #Anxiety #Depression
Butch Walker May 23, 2019
Seriously. This is me. What would you pick?
Butch Walker May 22, 2019
Tennessee roads are my favorite roads.
Butch Walker May 18, 2019
Thanks to my brothers from ATL @yachtrockrevue for having me up. Loved getting smooth with you all. -BW
Butch Walker May 18, 2019
My ATL fam killing LA with their @yachtrockrevue I’m gonna sing with them if it kills me tonight.
Butch Walker May 15, 2019
Cool version of @amnthewilderness “Paper Rain” we did at my studio (where we also made the full album). Check it out y’all!!! Full version over at
Butch Walker May 15, 2019
OH HELL YES. Come see your boy play on the Saturday night show. See you in September, Nashville. Single day passes available at 10am this FRIDAY at -BW
Butch Walker May 12, 2019
Call your Mom.