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The Rise and Fall Of... Butch Walker and the Let's-Go-Out-Tonites
The Rise and Fall Of...Butch Walker and the Let's-Go-Out-Tonites
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Left of Self-Centered
Butch Walker Feb 21, 2019
The older i get, the more i see my heroes fade... the first record i ever bought was The Monkees “Greatest Hits” off of TV for $4.99 and i wore it out. Their television show was on every day in my house, and it was my introduction to the Beatles because growing up in a little town, you didn’t get much musical education. The Monkees gave me everything i was enamored with as a child... Rock n Roll, humor, cool haircuts and clothes, and most of all... i didn’t know it was a parody of the Fab Four because i didn’t know who that band was yet. I just thought it was GREAT. Peter was funny and quick witted. Seemed like a cool guy to hang out with. Rest easy, my man. Will be listening to those songs in my head until the day i leave here.. -BW
Butch Walker Feb 18, 2019
Okay, fellow Southerners. Won’t get a chance to see me play for awhile if you don’t come to Highwater Fest in Charleston, SC on APRIL 13-14th! This lineup is BANANAS and I’m honored to be playing this amazing festival that is put on by my brother and sister of @shovelsnrope ! Link for tickets is here (or in IG bio): //////// Yours truly will be on the Stono Stage at 2-2:45pm on SATURDAY! Playing with some of my favorites (Jenny Lewis, Dr Dog, Leon Bridges, Hayes Carll, Lily Hiatt, Blitzen Trapper, Phosphorescent, Thelma and the Sleaze, J Roddy Walston and the Business, Lera Lynn, Preservation Hall Jazz Band, Head and the Heart, and of course Shovels and Rope). Come on. You’re nuts if you miss this! See you this Spring! -BW
Butch Walker Feb 10, 2019
One man’s treasure is another man’s treasure.. Or woman’s. Or whoever’s.. The saying needs an update i suppose (it’s 2019). Either way, i have a store over at that we constantly add cool stuff to sell that we just don’t need anymore (and honestly don’t have the storage room for it). A lot of history is in this gear (lots of big artists have used it or it has been on tour around the globe with me) and we constantly like to try new things in studio and on the road.. So that’s why we always have some fun shit to offer you. Go take a look and dig around. There’s gonna be a lot of cool stuff added over the next couple weeks as well. -BW #gearporn #music #recordingstudio #tourlife
Butch Walker Feb 07, 2019
Some full circle shit right here. When i was a young teenage bullet belt, playing poppy hair metal jams, Our band used to rehearse in the room next door to the Turner brothers, who had a thrash metal band called Nihilist. I remember in between songs, hearing them banging it out, heavy AF, for hours. They would become pals in passing, on the way to the Coke machine down the hall. Many years later, my power pop punky little band The Marvelous 3, would rehearse next door to this band kicking out some of the coolest southern rock riffs and harmonies I’d heard in awhile. This was the Turner brothers new project called @blackberrysmoke and well... it’s 2019 and here we are. These guys would be a constant in my life and times in Atlanta, The Turner bros did all of our band’s merch, logo designs, website designs.. Brit even tipped me off to finding my very first real bonafide studio to house RubyRed Productions in Atlanta that started my producing career. Later, i sold Brit and his family my old house and they’re still in it today. Last night, i got to get up and jam some Tom Petty with the boys at the Fonda Theatre along with my sister from another mister @nikkilane77 and it felt GOOD. Even though the perils of aging aren’t pretty (bad back, neck, knees, eyesight..), it’s kinda cool to be in the game long enough to have these poetic moments happen to ya. As i get ready to head to the Grammys tmrw morning, to sit in the non-televised portion of the awards (where BEST ROCK ALBUM award will be presented along heaps of other “minority categories” like Jazz, Reggae, Blues, New Age, etc..), I’m proud to be nominated for two records in that same category.. and I’m proud to say that even though the haircuts have changed and new forms of it have spawned from it over the years... I STILL LOVE ROCK N ROLL. While the televised version will be exciting and fun, with lots of flash and pyrotechnics, a lot of them will appear to be dancing to the same song. And 50 writers and producers will go home with a Grammy for one of those songs. And that’s cool. But it’s also cool to be in the trenches. ROCK won’t die, it just won’t win the popularity contest this year. And that’s COOL.
Butch Walker Feb 06, 2019
Butch Walker Jan 28, 2019
Well.. that was awesome, Australia. Thanks for coming and packing out the shows, having fun with me, listening to me ramble, singing loudly, flying to all three shows (can’t believe how many of you did that. I’m still blown away...), and even a few of you coming over from my Country to see me play! I’m just heart-warmed that my small but mighty family of friends want to see me act a fool for 2 hours every night. I’d like to raise a toast. Here’s to seeing old friends, making new ones, missing out on holding a koala because i got heatstroke in Melbourne, rekindling my vegemite addiction, playing INXS songs in my set, epic coastal motorbike rides with my @deuscustoms crew, the venue in Sydney (with a “y”) turning into a Gay disco party before i could barely finish my show (got surrounded by 20 men in Speedo’s right when my weed buzz kicked in. Epic!), visiting and making new friends with the kind folks over at @sycamoremeadowsmelbourne (a kickass BW-themed coffee shop and restaurant! I know! I can’t believe it either!), getting to play and sing with Dave from Baby Animals and Helen from Bjorn Again, catching up with my long lost friend Abbie, swimming with drop bears, @silverbacktouring for bringing me back over to Australia for the first time in 20 years, and honestly... I’m running out of room to post because there’s so much cool shit that happened over the course of a week. I’ll see you again soon. It was special. Everyone take care of yourself and know that the quality of the company you keep is never to be underestimated in helping you live your best life. Back to the U.S. tmrw for me.. -BW • • • • • #straya #rocknroll #music #tour #tourlife #melbourne #brisbane #sydney
Butch Walker Jan 27, 2019
Sydney!!! See you tonight at the OXFORD ART FACTORY w/ Josh Paul up first, and your boy at 9pm sharp! Come help me blow this tour out in style! Last night! See you there. -BW
Butch Walker Jan 26, 2019
Night #2 of my little Aussie run! Last night, we brought the heat (literally) in Melbourne, and had a blast catching up with all of you. Tonight in Brisbane, at the The Wooly Mammoth... @joshpaulmusicofficial is up first, then your boy follows at 9:30 until I’m all out of songs... see you there... -BW
Butch Walker Jan 25, 2019
Melbourne! Tonight! Can’t wait! I’m on at 9:45 SHARP (my hair is on... well.. whenever it feels like it, apparently) for a sold out show at Northcote Social Club and it’s gonna be AWESOME. Josh Paul is up before me so make sure to get there to see him play! Got some fun guests, a bonkers set list, and my bud @toddstopera in tow to play and beat on stuff. See you shortly! -BW
Butch Walker Jan 23, 2019
Went antique shopping in Melbourne. Trying to figure out how to get this life-size clay sculpture of Jimmy Carter’s head back to the US..
Butch Walker Jan 22, 2019
Well. We made it. To Australia that is! Can not wait to see you all at the Northcote Social in Melbourne Friday night for a sold out show! Couldn’t ask for a better welcome. There’s still some tickets avail tho for Brisbane and Sydney shows this weekend so go to my website to get em... glad to be down under, y’all. Let’s get totally weird. -BW • • • • • #australia #melbourne #brisbane #sydney #music #tour #tourlife
Butch Walker Jan 18, 2019
Go get the full version of this epic ditty i did for @ramtrucks ‘ new adverts. Available everywhere so just click the Link in profile or here ( ).... Recorded this many moons ago, in my Nashville studio, and it’s still fun to listen to. Props to my homie @joshuakaler on drums, and thanks @keelerpatrick for the sick artwork 🐯🐯🐯🐯🐯 -BW • • • • • #music #musicislife #rocky #ramtrucks #rocknroll
Butch Walker Jan 18, 2019
This is generally called “call and response” in musical terms.
Butch Walker Jan 17, 2019
Wanted to give you guys a quick glimpse into what I’m feeling for my next musical adventure. Big changes coming! #gottatryeverything #peoplechange #music #musicislife
Butch Walker Jan 16, 2019
I loved Rocky when i was a little boy. It was such a powerful movie that made this underdog feel like i could make it no matter what adversity was thrown in my face. I still remember when i left my little town for LA to grab that tiger’s tail... older guys in bands were telling my 17yr old ass “you’ll never make it. There’s too much competition. Stay here and be happy you’re playing cover songs in clubs 6 nights a week”.... naaahhhh. I’m gonna make it. I’m gonna make it, in spite of you... So... Here’s a little cover i recorded of EYE OF THE TIGER (The theme song from “Rocky”) several years ago, one late night at my studio in Nashville. Looks like RAM Trucks liked it enough to put it in their new advertisements. Hope you enjoy it. It was a fun stroll down memory lane. -BW (CLICK HERE TO HEAR THE FULL VERSION OF THE JAM ON MY YOUTUBE PAGE! )
Butch Walker Jan 15, 2019
Hey Australia!! Only a week away from coming to see you and i can’t wait. Looking forward to bringing my acoustic guitar and batch of songs to sing. I’m gonna play my heart out for you! Also, sorry if you’ve been seeing weird ads pop up on Facebook (by the way, Facebook is fucking weird), leaving fake quotes from me, asking about what songs you want me to sing at shows etc.. As much as i love requests, i don’t take them and i always have a plan for my song choices, and i have a pretty good track record for putting on a good show so... buckle up! We are gonna have a great few nights! Stoked to see you soon.... -BW
Butch Walker Jan 13, 2019
Hank rolls HARD.
Butch Walker Jan 11, 2019
I fucking LOVED this song. Remember the whole “rock n roll jungle” band setting in the video? Probably about as good as i remember the words... 📽: @noahabramsstudio
Butch Walker Jan 10, 2019
In a world full of teabags....
Butch Walker Jan 08, 2019
Mornin’, y’all.
Butch Walker Jan 07, 2019
Hey Aussies!!! I’m excited to head your way for shows down under in a couple weeks! Tickets are almost gone for all 3 shows, so click the link and go get ‘em! I’m gonna be bringing my acoustic guitar and a kick drum, playing all my sad bastard shit, and a few uplifting party jams to even the playing field and not send you home crying all over your avacado toast. Been 20yrs since I’ve been down there and can’t wait to see you all!! Click here for tickets (or IG profile link). -BW • • • • • #touring #tour #music #rocknroll #australia #livemusic
Butch Walker Dec 29, 2018
Line checking all my shit at the studio so i can be ready to roll sound next week. New year, new records! -BW • • • • #2019 #music #studio #recording
Butch Walker Dec 28, 2018
Knoxville, TN’s finest. @cablespencer makes some pretty great cables that come in holiday apropos colors. I’m grateful for the support I’ve been given this past year from all of the companies that make amazing gear. But also... Support the little guys too, guitar nerds! -BW
Butch Walker Dec 20, 2018
Ohmigod! Like we TOTALLY HAVE A WINNER for my very own personal The Autumn Leaves Project custom chain-stitched jacket! JILLIAN LYMAN (from Evansville, IL) is our lucky raffle winner! Thank you to everyone that donated their money to the cause by buying a raffle ticket. You’re all fucking winners because every dollar is going to an unfortunate pancreatic cancer patient that needs your help. What’s a better holiday gift to the world than helping someone who needs it?? There isn’t one ♥️ i love you. Congrats again, Jillian! -BW
Butch Walker Dec 19, 2018
CLICK HERE FOR LAST CHANCE TO WIN! (or go to link in IG profile) ... Only $20 gets you a chance to win my beloved jacket I’ve been wearing onstage for a long time now. Custom stitched with the The Autumn Leaves Project tattoo logo by my buddy at Kai Brown ! Time is running out! Winner will have it before Xmas! Happy Holidays errrbody... -BW