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The Rise and Fall Of...Butch Walker and the Let's-Go-Out-Tonites
The Rise and Fall Of... Butch Walker and the Let's-Go-Out-Tonites
This Is Me...Justified and Stripped (Live)
Left of Self-Centered
Butch Walker Aug 17, 2019
Lemme go crazy on you 🖤
Butch Walker Aug 10, 2019
This world (including our country) can be a pretty dark place at times. Luckily, there’s this movie. My pal @tylernilson who i met, when he left a very funny (and satirical) “missing girlfriend” flyer on my studio door 10yrs ago, made a film called @peanutbutterfalcon that is every bit of the heart and hope that we need, and it’s lovely. Kinda like Huck Finn and Little Miss Sunshine had a baby. It’s a beautiful,funny, and quirky story that helps buck stereotypes about kids with any so called “disabilities”. It’s beautiful and it’s getting rave reviews. Go watch the trailer and go see it for yourself at a cooler movie theatre near you. The cast is bananas (Shia Labeouf , @dakotajohnson, Thomas Haden Church, Bruce Dern, @yelawolf , John Bernthal, John Hawkes, and introducing the very talented and amazing @zacharygottsagen )... I’m honored to have been asked to produce a song for it by the wonderful @parkerainsworth with vocal assist by @jessiepayo and @parisjackson ... Sorry that was a lot of name dropping. Just wanna give credit where it’s due, y’all. Congrats on this movie, Tyler. You done good. -BW
Butch Walker Aug 09, 2019
Getting a studio visit from this angel of a soul and lifelong Black Widow @highlonesomesilverco (Chris Unck)... Thanks for the vibes yesterday amigo. Love you so much. 🕷🖤♠️♠️♠️♠️♠️♠️
Butch Walker Aug 09, 2019
His first time ever using a recording software and he wrote and produced his first instrumental ditty for a “theme song” for a YouTube show idea.. Amazing how confident and certain he was to dive in. it’s the little things that make me the happiest and most proud in life. ♥️♥️♥️ #music #art #teach #encouragement #stayweird
Butch Walker Aug 07, 2019
Fire Bad!
Butch Walker Aug 01, 2019
Butch Walker Jul 31, 2019
Iiiiit’s been.... 1 week since they prodded me... put mesh in my groin and said “we’re sorry” (sung to the tune of the BNL song).... Man, there’s a funny clip on YouTube that is amazing when you’re a little stoned (or even straight) of the song “1 Week” by the Barenaked Ladies, but it’s the ENTIRE SONG made from just the opening vocal sample of him singing “Iiiiiit’s been..” and it makes me vomit in my mouth it’s so disturbing and funny. Don’t judge me. I’ve had a lot of time alone with myself and have been able to finally catch up on quality YouTubing rabbit holes. The one wild thing about the Internet is that you can pour your hard earned money, heart, talent, and soul into, say, a music video for a song that you wrote... but at the end of the day, it’s the dog on a skateboard or parody song made from a funny vocal sample that’ll get the millions of views. But hey, laughing is good medicine. May we never lose our sense of humor in life. Thanks @caddis_life for the dope specs. I can see dogs on skateboards much clearer now. #HotLikeWasabiWhenIBustRhymes #BigLikeLeannRimes #BecauseImAllAboutValue
Butch Walker Jul 25, 2019
Happier times, pre-cutting through my body to fix a double hernia. Fun times! It’s a Man-Chair and weed edibles week for your boi now. -BW
Butch Walker Jul 23, 2019
Found some photos of my career.
Butch Walker Jul 22, 2019
Fucking Asshole.
Butch Walker Jul 21, 2019
NOT getting high before Brian May did his guitar solo last night at the Forum was a HUGE MISTAKE. #happybirthdaybrianmay #queen #adamlambert #brianmay #rogertaylor #3othersidemusiciansthatwerealsogoodbutsorryidontremembertheirnames
Butch Walker Jul 17, 2019
GUYS! I am so excited to play the concert/campout/love fest that is EL COSMICO in Marfa, Tx this year! The lineup is amazing. single tap to see tagged artists, and get your tickets before they sell out. It always does. They’re very limited! Can’t wait to see you after i play Pilgrimage in TN the week before! • • #repost @elcosmicomarfa ・・・ ✨COSMIC PEOPLE!✨ TICKETS ON SALE NOW for the 14th annual #TransPecosFestival of Music + Love, September 26 - 29, 2019! Joining us this year are @missmargoprice, @brokensocialscene, @chicanobatman, and so many more! Click the link in bio to view the full line-up, grab your tickets, and check out our extensive FAQ section! Tickets for Music Passes are available for $250/person as well as Music + Camping Tickets for $325/person. This year's poster features West Texas self proclaimed "art-law" Boyd Elder. From stardust to stardust, and like his pet crow, long may he soar. Artwork: @mishkawestell #elcosmico #elcosmicomarfa #bunkhousehotels
Butch Walker Jul 17, 2019
Felt cute. Might die soon.
Butch Walker Jul 17, 2019
Thanks to all of you that got tickets to the 3rd annual @theautumnleavesproject TALPanga Concert For Pancreatic Cancer on Sat NOV 2nd in LA! The lineup is gonna be insane and i can’t wait to see all of you there. We raise a ton of money every year to help out Pancreatic cancer patients and you’ll be happy to know that every dime goes to making someone’s life a little easier while battling this awful disease. My Daddy “Big Butch” is smiling down on us all right now for doing this in his honor. I love you so much. More cool shit being announced for the rest of this year.. Shows. Records. Yada yada tomato tomata.. -BW
Butch Walker Jul 15, 2019
Get you a dog that looks at you the way Hank looks at you after you’ve been in Scotland for a week.
Butch Walker Jul 14, 2019
Hayyyyyy.... only 50 tickets remain for the @theautumnleavesproject 2019 TALPanga Concert for Pancreatic Cancer on Nov 2nd! Hurry up and snatch them up cuz that shit is gonna sell out in a matter of minutes, y’all. Link in profile or here: -BW • • • • • #cancer #pancreaticcancer #topanga #rocknroll
Butch Walker Jul 14, 2019
Hayyyyyy.... only 50 tickets remain for the @theautumnleavesproject 2019 TALPanga Concert for Pancreatic Cancer on Nov 2nd! Hurry up and snatch them up cuz that shit is gonna sell out in a matter of minutes, y’all. Link in profile or here: -BW • • • • • #cancer #pancreaticcancer #topanga #rocknroll
Butch Walker Jul 12, 2019
Ok!!!! Tickets are a GO! Click the link in profile or here to get your tickets to the 2019 TALPanga Concert For Pancreatic Cancer! It’s gonna be amazing and the lineup is gonna he even more!
Butch Walker Jul 11, 2019
Hi Scotland, you beautiful ol’ babe, you.
Butch Walker Jul 10, 2019
Okay! Sorry I’ve been so busy lately and haven’t given you much 411 on myself.. So here comes the first of many cool announcements for the year. The Autumn Leaves Project @theautumnleavesproject presents: The 3rd annual TALPanga 2019 Concert For Pancreatic Cancer HAPPENING ON SAT NOV 2nd! If you have come to one of these amazingly special events in the past, then you know that it’s an incredible musical gathering for a great cause. Last year, we raised tons of money for cancer patients and the show itself was something to remember (we had so many great artists: Suzanne Santo, Jaime Wyatt, Jakob Dylan, Grace Potter, The Marvelous 3 even played!). This year’s lineup will be nothing short of AMAZING. We will be announcing the artists over the next few weeks, but TICKETS GO ON SALE THIS FRIDAY AT 10am PST!! Set a damn reminder on your little smart phone and let’s not miss this. Tickets are very limited and it is a very intimate outdoor theatre in the heart of Topanga Canyon in Los Angeles. One of the most magical locations (and nights) that i am proud to be a part of. We have two types of tickets to buy (General Admission and also VIP), and they always sell out fast. Link is here and in bio on IG: (NOTE: Ticket link will not be active until this FRI at 10am Pacific Standard Time) Can’t wait to see you all!!!!! More fun being announced soon! -BW • • • • • #cancer #pancreaticcancer #topanga #rocknroll
Butch Walker Jul 09, 2019
Just an update on scammers, fake accounts, BW announcements, and stuff
Butch Walker Jul 09, 2019
It’s that time again announcement coming tmrw stay woke y’all i hate how no one uses punctuation in their posts now what the fuck it’s supposed to be funny i guess and come off kinda lackadaisical and zero fucks i guess but oh well period comma exclamation fuck my life
Butch Walker Jul 08, 2019
Hey, Brad... Ritchie Sambora called and wants his 1986 identity back... But he said to keep the zebra spandex pants. #BOYZ #BeforeIWasButch #MySistersClothes #aquanetsuperhold
Butch Walker Jul 06, 2019
Sir Aldo Walker.
Butch Walker Jul 03, 2019
Flashback to The Marvelous 3 listening to The Marvelous 3 while heading to play last years @theautumnleavesproject TALPanga concert for pancreatic cancer in Topanga Canyon, LA, CA.... we had fun. Were you there? Do you wanna come back again this November? we are announcing the 2019 show soon! Make room on your calendars babies... announcing soon... -BW #M3Forever #rocknroll #cancer #cancersucks #topanga #guitar #bass #drums #freakoftheweek