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The Rise and Fall Of...Butch Walker and the Let's-Go-Out-Tonites
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Butch Walker at Northcote Social Club (January 25, 2019)
Venue: Northcote Social Club (Northcote, VIC, Australia) Find tickets
Butch Walker at The Wooly Mammoth (January 26, 2019)
Venue: The Wooly Mammoth (Brisbane, QLD, Australia) Find tickets
Butch Walker at Oxford Art Factory (January 27, 2019)
Venue: Oxford Art Factory (Darlinghurst, NSW, Australia) Find tickets
Butch Walker Dec 17, 2018
JUST RELEASED 75 MORE TICKETS AVAILABLE RIGHT NOW!!!!!!! Ok ok ok ok ok ok ok! Tonight at the Canyon Club in Agoura Hills (LA), Ca! The sold out fundraiser for the Woolsey fire victims with @lukasnelsonofficial @missmargoprice @buffaloco @desuremusic , and YOURS TRULY (and more!) is happening. Starts around 6pm and I’m on at around 8pm!! Do not be late! go to this link (or in my IG profile) and don’t pay any attention to me saying they aren’t avail till noon. I fucked that up. Go now!!!. See you tonight folks! -BW
Butch Walker Dec 13, 2018
Hello lovely people of Southern California! Only a couple days left until me and some of the boys play some BW jams at not one, but TWO fundraisers to help unfortunate people in need that were wiped out by the California wildfires. This SAT 15th at the legendary Malibu Inn, it will be an intimate event and a chance for locals to come out and feel the love. Lots of cool musicians gracing the little stage there ( @steve_ferrone of Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, Cisco Adler and more). I’m on around 10pm or so. Second up, MON 17th at the Canyon Club in Agoura (LA), i play around 8pm or so with some of my brothers and sisters ( @lukasnelsonofficial , @missmargoprice , The White Buffalo , Desure , and others). All events are giving all the ticket sales to the cause. Get em now or they’re gonna be gone! Come do the right thing for the holidays! Besides, gonna be awhile before you can see me play in LA again anytime soon! -BW
Butch Walker Dec 11, 2018
Hi lovely people. Remember when we played two magic nights in Topanga, CA for my pancreatic cancer organization The Autumn Leaves Project last month? Well, not only did we raise a ton of money for cancer patients, and hear two nights of incredible artists, but we auctioned off some great items to audience members that helped us surpass our goal in a big way. If you were there (or watched the live stream), you might have remembered our show MC @ryansawtelle called me up onstage and convinced me to part ways with my beloved jacket for an online auction. Well, I’m living up to my end of the bargain here people. This is my trusted Black denim Levi's jacket that has traveled with me and graced many stages for the last several years, including being my official wardrobe for every TALP show for the charity. I love this thing, but I’m a man of my word, and it’s time to let someone else enjoy it. I had it specially chain stitched for this last concert by my buddy at Kai Brown in CA with our TALP logo, and my name on the front (the custom snake patch is a one of a kind i had made by a friend as well FYI). Raffle tickets are $20 and every dollar goes to helping out patients that need medical care for pancreatic cancer. Click the link here or in my IG profile. This will make a great tax write off and an even cooler holiday gift for you or someone else! Get in the spirit people!! -BW @ Topanga, California
Butch Walker Dec 07, 2018
Woke up to a little early Holiday present or two this am.. Not only did i get nominated for not one, but TWO albums for Grammys (@falloutboy MANIA, and @weezer PACIFIC DAYDREAM) but... I ALSO HAVE THAT COVER SONG AND VIDEO FOR YOU that i was talking about last weekend. To blow off some steam, i usually present myself with a fun studio challenge. The “Record a Cover Song in 4 Hours” challenge that is. I like to jump behind the instruments, sing it down, and video capture it all with my phone. Here’s my favorite pop song of the moment by a gentleman that goes by the moniker @postmalone Post Malone. It’s called “Better Now” and it was a hoot to do. CLICK THE FAN LINK IN BIO (or here: ) TO STREAM IT ON YOUTUBE, Spotify, iTunes, etc... Enjoy and Happy Holidays, y’all. Here’s to 2019... -BW
Butch Walker Dec 07, 2018
Damn, Gram... you’ve really figured out how to sum up the music business.
Butch Walker Dec 06, 2018
If going out on a weeknight is NOT your thing, then here’s a chance to come to something cool in Malibu. SATURDAY THE 15th, At the ol’ legendary Malibu Inn (also now Casa Escobar), @malibuguitarfestival and Steve Ferrone (drummer of Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers) are presenting a night to raise money and mainly make it an evening for all of the community to come together and hear some music. I’m honored they’ve asked me to play (along with @ciscoadler and other folks). Tickets are available in advance if you go to ****** or you can just make a donation at the door. Either way, this will be a fun night of music on a Saturday night in the heart of the little beach town of Malibu. Come make it a good holiday for a lot of displaced folks and help make the holidays a little brighter. -BW
Butch Walker Dec 05, 2018
#Repost @cheyenneellis with @get_repost TICKET LINK HERE: ・・・ Pretty excited to announce this little fundraiser that we put together to help our community... the lineup is amazing, my friends are beyond, and this cause is so close to my heart! 💕 If you wanna come support those affected by the fires, join us Monday, December 17th at the Canyon Club! 100% of the proceeds go straight to the families in need, even Ticketmaster is donating the processing fees back to us! Can’t thank @salesforce enough, for all the help, and all those involved... I love you! @lukasnelsonofficial @buffaloco @butchwalker @desuremusic @missmargoprice @thedeltaz @madisonryannward and @roandcostudio for the quick and beautiful design. Gonna be a fun night of music!! 🎶 If you wanna sponsor a family that lost everything and send them to the show... lemme know! Link in my bio #loveandmusicbenefit
Butch Walker Dec 05, 2018
GONNA PLAY A LITTLE MUSIC FOR A GOOD CAUSE! In light of the fires that affected many folks (myself included), I’ve been asked to perform at a fundraiser concert to help out locals and people that need the help getting back on their feet. Lots of people i know lost everything and don’t exactly have “Malibu money” to recover from this devastation, and let me tell you, the insurance companies have been a fucking JOKE. This will be a night of love and killer music to help out those that need it. Your $40 donation gets you in to see my brother @lukasnelsonofficial Lukas Nelson (Willie’s youngin), the amazing @missmargoprice Margo Price, the legend @buffaloco The White Buffalo, yours truly and many others! If you know these artists, then you know that this is a STEAL of a ticket price and all going to a wonderful cause. So errbody cancel your plans for Monday the 17th, call an Uber, and come get rowdy with us at the Canyon Club in Agoura Hills (LA, CA) for a night you CANT MISS. Ticket link in bio or here: .. I love you - BW
Butch Walker Dec 04, 2018
Good news party folks! If you’ve been wondering why the album by me and the Black Widows called “I Liked It Better When You Had No Heart” kinda disappeared off of streaming services, i have answers. We were able to get the rights back to the record from the record label so i now own it 100% in full. Unfortunately, that meant it had to be taken off for awhile to recalculate the ownership etc. But FYI, Spotify and Apple Music now have a rule that when you put out an album the artist has to match the artist on the album artwork so the album will be listed under Butch Walker and the Black Widows as opposed to just Butch Walker. Anyway, go enjoy one of my favorite little records (Trash Day, Pretty Melody, and some other solid jams on it). See you soon... -BW
Butch Walker Dec 03, 2018
My 11yr old making somebody else’s son smile today. It’s the little things that make big differences. Take these sacred, scarce things called “love” and “compassion” and show it to all this season. Have a good night... -BW
Butch Walker Dec 01, 2018
I’m Always Tired. Rose to the challenge of “record another cover song in 4 hours” and captured it on my Napster computer video recording cellular device. I will POST it this coming week. I love you. -BW
Butch Walker Nov 27, 2018
Elated to have produced this pile of joyous and genius songwriting. @amnthewilderness is a lifer, and when we met years ago (through @tommylee ), we became instant buds. I’ve watched this guy walk through the fire and come out the other side, and only get better at his craft with every album. Upside Down Flowers is out now. Go get it and make it your new best friend. Congrats, Andrew. Proud to call you a friend...... -BW
Butch Walker Nov 26, 2018
Sometimes, this world can be beautiful.
Butch Walker Nov 24, 2018
Made a Crüemoji. How are you spending your Saturday?
Butch Walker Nov 23, 2018
This is fucking awesome. I highlighted a few standouts that are in my brain from growing up being a musician at thanksgiving dinners. I almost said “if i had a dollar for every one of these things said to me over holiday gatherings”... but i do. Follow your dreams kids...
Butch Walker Nov 23, 2018
This is fucking awesome. I highlighted a few standouts that are in my brain from growing up being a musician at thanksgiving dinners. I almost said “if i had a dollar for every one of these things said to me over holiday gatherings”... but i do. Follow your dreams kids...
Butch Walker Nov 22, 2018
Just. Now.
Butch Walker Nov 19, 2018
Better late than never! Sorry we are finally live with the link for shirt orders. Remember me telling you in the last post about the shirt we are selling with my Son’s artwork for the California fires? You can now own one and know that every penny of this shirt goes to a good cause. I visited my property today for the first time since the devastation... and i can tell you that it’s awful. It’s going to be a long road to recovery for a lot of people and for the mountains and nature to heal. Thank you for listening and thank you for donating. Plus you’ll get a rad shirt with an 11yr old’s art skills on it. Go to and follow the link to the store. Link is in bio as well. I Love you -BW ****POST EDIT***** (WILDLFIRE* RELIEF FUND not “wildlife”)
Butch Walker Nov 16, 2018
My 11yr old son showed me a drawing he did on my iPad last night with an Apple Pencil stylus. Both our lips were quivering. My heart is so broken for this little town. Before too many people stereotype what they think Malibu is, let me say something... I had fantasies when i was a long haired kid that moved to Hollywood in ‘88 to pursue my dream, of one day being able to work hard enough to live at the beach in a town that still had a small town vibe (growing up in one makes it hard to shake that notion). I would drive out to the beach and say to myself, “even if i never make a dime from music, I’m gonna find a way to live out here.” So i did just that. The malibu i know isn’t rich, bloated, red faced dudes in Hawaiian shirts, driving Ferrari’s around. Most of my friends there are hardworking, small business owning locals that are 2nd and 3rd generation out there. People that love their community so much that they never left it when they were old enough to fly the coop From their families back in the day. A lot of these people lost everything they own over the weekend, yet went around helping others put out fires (including at my house. We were out of town) and protected others from losing everything too. These aren’t people with “2nd homes” elsewhere. This IS their home. My heart breaks for them after going through this (11yrs ago next week, to be exact) and losing everything. It’s gonna suck rebuilding my property as well as the rest of the town doing so but i can tell you that this is a lesson in people coming together and helping each other instead of the “divisiveness and politicizing” that people have been influenced lately to react upon. Thanks for all the well wishes, as well as birthday (it was a weird one this time), AND NOW ITS TIME TO HELP OUT. We are putting a new shirt for sale on my website this wknd that will have my son’s design above on it. We will be giving the proceeds from the shirt to the California Community Foundation’s Wildfire Relief Fund that supports intermediate and long-term recovery efforts for major California wildfires. I love you (Save your negative bullshit comments for Facebook or something. This is about coming together!) -B
Butch Walker Nov 13, 2018
Oh hello, South Carolina! Butch will be swinging through and performing at High Water Festival this April & you better be there. Tickets are on sale now --->
Butch Walker Nov 11, 2018
Please help these fighters as much as you can. They are true heroes.
Butch Walker Nov 11, 2018
Stay positive ❤️
Butch Walker Nov 09, 2018
Here we go again. Hoping some federal relief and more fire fighters will get sent instead of just thoughts and prayers. Stay safe out there everyone.
Butch Walker Nov 07, 2018
More highlights from this past weekend’s TALPanga 2018 concert! So incredible and heartwarming to raise the kind of support, money, and awareness that we did. Love! BW• • • • • #cancersucks #fuckcancer #talp #cancer #jakobdylan #livemusic #music #topanga #pancreaticcancer @ The Will Geer Theatricum Botanicum
Butch Walker Nov 05, 2018
Absolutely floored, exhausted, giddy, and full-hearted for this past weekend. @theautumnleavesproject TALPanga concert for pancreatic cancer was a MASSIVE success. We raised tens of thousands of dollars to help patients, and it’s all because of YOU. The talent was immense on that stage last night and i was just humbled to be in the company of such greats. @koreydane @soozanto @jaimewyatt @graciepotter #jakobdylan and #theMarvelous3 and my incredible band, all on one stage, on one weekend. Huge thank you to my girl Michelle Morgan and all of her incredible staff at TALP for putting in the blood and the sweat to make it happen. All of the sponsors that made everyone full, buzzed and happy, i thank you. Also, anyone who wasn’t able to be there, i hope you were able to catch the live stream on Facebook last night! It was pretty epic and thank you @superspherevr For providing. Onward and upward we go. For a few hours on Saturday and Sunday, love conquered cancer. This is what makes me keep doing what i do. -BW• • • • • #cancer #cancersucks #fuckcancer #love #music #livemusic #topanga