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The Rise and Fall Of... Butch Walker and the Let's-Go-Out-Tonites
The Rise and Fall Of...Butch Walker and the Let's-Go-Out-Tonites
This Is Me...Justified and Stripped (Live)
Left of Self-Centered
Butch Walker Apr 23, 2019
In a world that isn’t always amazing, music IS. 📷: @knoxbill_photos
Butch Walker Apr 17, 2019
Don’t laugh kids... your silly bullshit Hammer lounge pants and long tee shirt dresses will seem fucking stupid in 10-20yrs. It’s all a gamble people...
Butch Walker Apr 17, 2019
No filter. Ever. #charleston
Butch Walker Apr 16, 2019
@highwaterfest you were one for the books. Beautiful weekend with some of my favorite people on the planet. Fishing trips, beach house, playing a show on top of a bar (literally), playing another set to amazing, open minded music lovers on a beautiful river, catching up with my sister and brother from another mother @shovelsnrope (they have a new record out this week BY BLOOD and it’s amazing as usual), getting my mind blown by @caseymagic backstage, meeting @lydialovelesss and being a fanboy, getting my mom pimped out by @thefryecompany with new shoes (as well as myself thank you Frye!), feeling nostalgic and missing my Pops by setting my feet in the sand every morning at Folly Beach (he always brought the family here for spring break when i was a kid), realizing that if you post a video of yourself playing guitar while someone with a good butt holds it up for you, you’ll get about quadruple the amount of “likes” on a post on IG (Instagram you are sooooo shallow), and just enjoying the lost art of hanging out. Thanks for the inspirational weekend in the always hospitable South. Y’all have a nice day and love one another. -BW
Butch Walker Apr 14, 2019
This is why i love playing music. Jump the barricade and hold my guitar and let me get it. Thank you for helping out and thank you for @highwaterfest being so great and one of the coolest festivals I’ve ever gotten to be a part of in my older age. Really done right and the vibes were so perfect I’m still high from it. Also from some weed that was handed to me. Also from the show. I’m rambling. Are you judging me? You’re judging me. Oh god. I can’t talk. I love you.
Butch Walker Apr 13, 2019
Butch Walker Apr 13, 2019
Well i think we are off to a good start, Charleston. See you tmrw at 2pm at @highwaterfest for more of the same shenanigans. Big thanks to @thelmaandthesleaze and @palmpalmband for being badasses tonight and for proving they rock n roll is alive and well and living in your favorite bar somewhere.
Butch Walker Apr 12, 2019
Man.. do i love Charleston, SC... grew up spending a lot of spring breaks with the family here. Never get tired of this view. See you tonight for the kickoff to @highwaterfest at @theroyalamerican for a barn burner solo one man band (w/@toddstopera slapping’ da bass) set. I play first at 9pm so get there early. @thelmaandthesleaze and @palmpalmband to follow after! Then don’t forget tmrw I’m on around 2pm so get there early to the festival grounds! So many amazing artists playing! -BW
Butch Walker Apr 10, 2019
Got handed this drawing after the show on Sunday, by a wonderful human, of me, with two wonderful humans. Nose gene game strong. I was floored and moved to get this.. it’s the little things. Miss you Pops... -BW ✒️: @erikaluvsart
Butch Walker Apr 09, 2019
Seymour.. you were a true legend in your field. Character actor that never broke character. You flirted with every woman in the room while laughing with everyone, and also in the face of your eventual mortality. I still remember driving you to your condo after the video shoot in Venice (in maybe 2011 when this picture was taken?), and you made me stop 3 times because you wanted to talk to people on the sidewalk. The laughs and memories we all have of you on the set of the “Summer Of ‘89” video were talked and laughed about over many a Peroni (his favorite beer). Thanks for the cinema. Thanks for the laughs. Thanks for never giving up and showing the world that you can carry your craft to your grave. Alzheimer’s is a bitch... Goodnight, buddy. -BW #ripseymourcassel
Butch Walker Apr 07, 2019
So stoked and once again honored to see another themed cafe in Melbourne, AUS come to light! The AUSome (sorry had to do it to ‘em) folks that started the @sycamoremeadowsmelbourne digs just opened up @thespademelbourne and it looks DOPE. I’m not just saying this because I’m partial, but when i rolled through on tour a couple months ago, we went by Sycamore Meadows and not only were the people the most amazing and friendly bunch, but the food was UNREAL. Was very happy and full when i left. Can’t wait to go by and see the new spot when I’m back over there, guys! If you’re ever in Melbourne, you gotta go check them both out. Now I’m hungry and craving coffee. See you tonight onstage at the @thehotelcafe show at 9pm sharp (it’s sold out but there might be a couple of tickets at the door tonight). -BW
Butch Walker Apr 06, 2019
‘Morning... my first time playing shows after Lasik surgery. I can’t believe I’m finally going to be able to see YOU see ME and that’s gonna be wild. The little @thehotelcafe show tmrw night is sold out but i hear they might be able to release about 10 more tickets tmrw. Go to @highwaterfest To get your tickets to this awesome festival next wknd that I’m playing (the 12th-13th). Also also, the annual @mackjackmcconaughey Charity concert in Austin is later this month (the 26th) and you never wanna miss that. I’m playing a few songs with some amazing artists, and it’s always a good time at the @acllive Theatre. BTW, i counted 12 times i said “uhhh”.. why do i do that? -BW
Butch Walker Apr 04, 2019
YO YO YO READ BELOW FOR A SPECIAL SPRING SALE ON MY MERCH STORE. THIS STUFF WILL BE GONE AND NEVER MADE AGAIN! -BW ********************************* Shop the First Days of Spring Sale to get discounted official merchandise. Quantities are limited. Select items and limited quantities are available in the First Days of Spring sale. Get your official Butch Walker merchandise while supplies last. Butch Walker merchandise is on sale for 7 days only. Visit the online store today and save. ☠️
Butch Walker Apr 01, 2019
Happy April Fools Day.
Butch Walker Mar 28, 2019
Makin’ the Donuts..
Butch Walker Mar 27, 2019
Alright HIGHWATER FEST people. Come out the night before on April 12th to break the seal with me, and get that festival weekend started right! I’m gonna warm up the blood with a little one man rock n roll set (along with Thelma and the Sleaze and also Palm Palm), at The Royal American in Charleston, SC. If you wanna get an intimate, up close, personal and sweaty show, this is your call. Read below... _________________________________________ #Repost @theroyalamerican with @get_repost ・・・ Our Second Annual HIGH WATER Kickoff Rock ‘n’ Roll Co-Bill Explosion is comin’ in hot! Tickets go on sale Friday morning at 10am, and they sold out very quickly last year, so grab ‘em quick. The one and only BUTCH WALKER will be swapping coasts for the weekend to join in, PALM PALM (J Roddy Walston’s new and gnarly band) is venturing down from Virginia, and your new favorite Nashville rock ‘n’ rollers, THELMA & THE SLEAZE will be rounding out the co-bill. Friday, April 12th...come and get it! #royalamshows #chsmusic #highwaterfestival #butchwalker #palmpalm #thelmaandthesleaze
Butch Walker Mar 25, 2019
SUNDAY APRIL 7th at @thehotelcafe in LOS ANGELES y’all. Come hang with me while i play you some songs from my songbook, old and new. It’ll be a fun little intimate solo performance and you can even ask me to play your favorite song. As long as it isn’t Christmas carols. We will do that in December. I love you. -BW (TIX ON SALE HERE OR IN MY IG BIO )
Butch Walker Mar 20, 2019
Where’s Waldo?
Butch Walker Mar 19, 2019
Moved to LA when i was 17-18(?) years old, the day after i finished high school. Why? Mostly because of this band on the marquee of the Whisky A Go-Go. My band even played our first show here, only weeks after moving into town, where we played a jam night on a Monday to about 50 people. We had only about 5 original songs, so we played 2 of them twice, just to fulfill our time slot. I knew we had a lot to learn, but we still somehow got written up as “the tightest band on the sunset strip” in the local rock rag.... after our first show. It all started LITERALLY HERE. My band and i would sit in beer soaked parking lots in Rome, Ga and fantasize about what life must be like for Motley and all the other bands that we worshipped, in this magical land called Hollywood. So we chased it. Thanks @tommylee and @nikkisixxpixx for letting me come see your new movie tonight. It’s a wild ride and i expected nothing less. They just don’t make ‘em like you guys anymore. -BW
Butch Walker Mar 18, 2019
Gripe of The Week: UPDATED** FEDEX IS THE ONE WHO PACKED AND SHIPPED THIS, SO TELL ME SOMETHING I DONT KNOW*** Fuck you very much FedEx .... Way to ruin my completely restored stereo all tube Marshall Amplification power amp. It’s literally in pieces. Good to see people taking pride in their jobs in our country these days. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Butch Walker Mar 16, 2019
I did a new thing.
Butch Walker Mar 15, 2019
If you’re not having fun... then what’s the point?
Butch Walker Mar 09, 2019
If you end up with a boring miserable life because you listened to your mom, your dad, your teacher, your priest, or some guy on television telling you how to do your shit, then you deserve it.” - Frank Zappa
Butch Walker Feb 21, 2019
The older i get, the more i see my heroes fade... the first record i ever bought was The Monkees “Greatest Hits” off of TV for $4.99 and i wore it out. Their television show was on every day in my house, and it was my introduction to the Beatles because growing up in a little town, you didn’t get much musical education. The Monkees gave me everything i was enamored with as a child... Rock n Roll, humor, cool haircuts and clothes, and most of all... i didn’t know it was a parody of the Fab Four because i didn’t know who that band was yet. I just thought it was GREAT. Peter was funny and quick witted. Seemed like a cool guy to hang out with. Rest easy, my man. Will be listening to those songs in my head until the day i leave here.. -BW
Butch Walker Feb 18, 2019
Okay, fellow Southerners. Won’t get a chance to see me play for awhile if you don’t come to Highwater Fest in Charleston, SC on APRIL 13-14th! This lineup is BANANAS and I’m honored to be playing this amazing festival that is put on by my brother and sister of @shovelsnrope ! Link for tickets is here (or in IG bio): //////// Yours truly will be on the Stono Stage at 2-2:45pm on SATURDAY! Playing with some of my favorites (Jenny Lewis, Dr Dog, Leon Bridges, Hayes Carll, Lily Hiatt, Blitzen Trapper, Phosphorescent, Thelma and the Sleaze, J Roddy Walston and the Business, Lera Lynn, Preservation Hall Jazz Band, Head and the Heart, and of course Shovels and Rope). Come on. You’re nuts if you miss this! See you this Spring! -BW