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Bury Your Dead Apr 18, 2019
Hope you know the words to COLLATERAL already, so you can come attack this microphone😉
Bury Your Dead Apr 14, 2019
Where do you wanna see your boys this summer?🤔
Bury Your Dead Apr 11, 2019
Spin kick the link below and get down with our latest single COLLATERAL!!🔥🔥🔥
Bury Your Dead Apr 05, 2019
Ok. I think my body has recovered long enough to start talking about that show. If you weren’t there, you missed a good one. I mean, look how much fun I’m having letting Myke do the hard parts! -*Mat #BuryYourDead #BYD #Hardcore #Metal #StillAlive #Collateral
Bury Your Dead Mar 23, 2019
Tonight. It doesn’t even feel real yet. Everyone posting pictures of their flights out here and tickets for the show, I see you. Let’s make some memories. -*Mat #StillAliveFest #BuryYourDead #BYD #Metal #Hardcore
Bury Your Dead Mar 23, 2019
Collateral is up and the response has been incredible. Thank you guys for your support. Check out our website for some new merchandise that comes with a free digital download of the single.
Bury Your Dead Mar 22, 2019
Bury Your Dead Mar 22, 2019
If you lived in Australia, you’d have it already. The rest of us will have to wait these last 9 hours. See you in the morning. -*Mat
Bury Your Dead Mar 18, 2019
5 days until we release our new single and some sick apparel designs. Stay tuned and stay sick. ☠️ Stand by.
Bury Your Dead Mar 13, 2019
I have wanted to do this for a LONG time. Myke (@myketerryble) is such a talented singer and the songs he wrote with this band are some of our best. I can’t wait to share the stage! One night only. You coming? -*Mat #BuryYourDead #BYD #Hardcore #Metal #StillAlive
Bury Your Dead Mar 09, 2019
Let’s be excited, together. This is my past, my present, and most importantly our future. I couldn’t be more excited to share it with you. -*Mat #Collateral #BuryYourDead #BYD #Hardcore #Metal 📽 @dennyblackwell1984
Bury Your Dead Mar 01, 2019
That’s right, we’re making room for some new merch coming soon. In the meantime, we are liquidating inventory. Limited quantities available. Come get some! Link to web-store in bio. ☠️🖤 . Designs: @dennyblackwell1984
Bury Your Dead Feb 25, 2019
Available for iPhones, Samsung and Zach Morris phones. Link in bio. ☠️🖤
Bury Your Dead Feb 25, 2019
Don’t forget we’ve got leggings now! Let’s gooooooo!!!! Link in bio! 🔥🖤
Bury Your Dead Feb 25, 2019
Got mine. Where’s yours? Design: @dennyblackwell1984
Bury Your Dead Feb 25, 2019
While our preorders are closing tonight at midnight, we’ll still have our tried and true “I Used To Mosh” items available until the end of time. So you better snag one up as well! ☠️☠️☠️ Thank you for all the support and much love! 🖤
Bury Your Dead Feb 25, 2019
Last day to purchase these items...ever! Limited edition runs. You better get ‘em while you can. Link in bio. ☠️ New updates coming soon. Stand by.
Bury Your Dead Feb 21, 2019
You know what’s up! ☠️🖤 These are available and on our merch store! Link in bio. Come get some...
Bury Your Dead Feb 18, 2019
🚨6 days left to pre-order our exclusive limited edition run of “Camo Is Coming” collection. This is your only chance to snag these bad boys up. Link in bio! Don’t miss out. ☠️
Bury Your Dead Feb 18, 2019
Getting ready for Monday like...
Bury Your Dead Feb 18, 2019
Yo!!!! @jose.flake you’re the winner of our ticket giveaway! DM us and we’ll take care of you! Thank you for being awesome and we 🖤 you! Let’s get weird!!! 🔗☠️
Bury Your Dead Feb 16, 2019
What’s the craziest memory you have about a BYD show? Go!! Post ‘em! 👇🏻☠️
Bury Your Dead Feb 16, 2019
We’re still slinging a lot of goods this weekend! Back by popular demand is our “I Used To Mosh” apparel along with some new items! Give our web-store a peep! Link in bio!!!
Bury Your Dead Feb 16, 2019
Shit just got real! Ladies, we got you covered! 🖤 Just released and on our webstore! Link in bio! . Design: @dennyblackwell1984
Bury Your Dead Feb 16, 2019
☠️ Link to purchase in bio. Let’s cut the crap, you know you need this. Let’s get weird.