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Yesterday's Gone
Truth and Logic
Burning Borders May 03, 2014
Burning Borders
Burning Borders May 03, 2014
Burning Borders
Burning Borders May 03, 2014
Burning Borders
Burning Borders May 03, 2014
Burning Borders
Burning Borders Apr 13, 2012
Burning Borders's cover photo
Burning Borders Feb 04, 2012
Yes, we are still alive. ;)
Burning Borders Sep 03, 2011
Burning Borders May 26, 2011
Would like you to go checkout our friends in #Cold Driven freshly released new CD Wicked Side of Me.
Burning Borders Apr 14, 2011
Looking for our merch or CD's? Get it here!
Burning Borders Mar 10, 2011
We would like all you BB fans to head over to and checkout our friends NEW website and NEW Single "Wicked Side of Me" DO IT.
Burning Borders Mar 07, 2011
We had a great weekend! We've been working hard and have some news to tell you all. Just finishing up some video editing and we'll post a new video of what were up to soon!
Burning Borders Dec 31, 2010
Wishing everyone a very happy and safe 2011!
Burning Borders Dec 24, 2010
The BB Camp would like to wish everyone nothing but the best this holiday season. Much love to you all for keeping with us and responding to our updates. In the coming New Year, we will have the news you have all been waiting for. We will be back. New Band. New show. We want you all to be there with us. The NEW....Burning Borders.
Burning Borders Dec 16, 2010
Writing new BB songs everyday...Getting everything lined up...Can't wait to get back on stage and ROCK.
Burning Borders Dec 13, 2010
So what is everybody into right now? Musically. What's in the CD player/ipod?
Burning Borders Dec 11, 2010
Who's everyone going for tonight? Our boy GSP or...what's his name? Crosscheck? haha
Burning Borders Dec 11, 2010
3 more clicks of that like button and we have 1000!!!! WOOO!
Burning Borders Dec 10, 2010
Share with your friends ya'll! BB is coming back!
Burning Borders Dec 10, 2010
Let's see if we can get 1000likes on our facebook page this weekend! Share with your friends spread the word!! We'll have an update from the BB camp in the next couple days!
Burning Borders Dec 09, 2010
So how everyone doing out there today!?
Burning Borders Dec 06, 2010
What a great weekend. A very special thank you goes out to our good friend from Montana who made the trip up to sing with us. A very talented individual. STAY TUNED YA'LL!
Burning Borders Dec 03, 2010
"Sleep" From our album 'Yesterdays Gone' has hit the 10,000 views/hits mark. Much Love to you all from the BB camp! Stay tuned!
Burning Borders Oct 03, 2010
Had a dream we were playin shows last night... ughhh cant WAIT TO BE BACK!!! KEV
Burning Borders Oct 02, 2010
going to see SLASH tonight at the friggen COMMODORE!!! still cant really believe it : ) hope everyone has a great weekend!! KEV
Burning Borders Sep 19, 2010
Did some writing in front of the fire last night. An acoustic guitar, couple bottles, and some inspirado. Would have been awesome with a singer....where you at? I know your out there somewhere...