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Kindred EP
Burial Feb 07, 2019
Practiceing the new material this week fucking brutal blackmetal no bull shit init dead grim
Burial Jan 09, 2019
The new album is nearly completed another vocal session this Saturday then mixing and mastering Grab a copy of our last album on vinyl not many left
Burial Jan 05, 2019
Our Dez takes recording vocals very seriously! We can't wait to share the new album with you all!!! Hail Satan! N.F.B.M.
Burial Jan 04, 2019
New show N.F.B.M #blackmetal #deathmetal #extrememetal #satan #occult #heavymetal #ukmetal #ukblackmetal #ukdeathmetal #ukmetalgigs # Scarboroughgigs #Scarboroughmetalgig #Scarborough #apolloscarborough
Burial Jan 03, 2019
Looking forward to this N.F.B.M #blackmetal #deathmetal #extrememetal #satan #occult #heavymetal #ukmetal #ukblackmetal #ukdeathmetal #ukmetalgigs #birminghamgigs #birminghammetalgig #birmingham #scruffymurphys
Burial Dec 01, 2018
turbonegro eat your hearts out
Burial Dec 01, 2018
Sexy black metal
Burial Nov 18, 2018
Shit man
Burial Nov 17, 2018
Recording going well NoiseBoy Studios
Burial Nov 17, 2018
Burial Nov 11, 2018
Burial Nov 11, 2018
Burial Nov 10, 2018
In NoiseBoy Studios
Burial Nov 09, 2018
Recording bass tomorrow/fucking up bass tomorrow
Burial Oct 31, 2018
We have been going since 2005 so its nearly been 15 YEARS !!!! But we have just heard the funniest and best story in all our years , a few years ago we played a gig in Newcastle and because our songs are mostly about satan we have converted a metal head into a re born christian 🤢 HAIL SATAN 😘
Burial Oct 27, 2018
Burial Oct 18, 2018
One of our new tunes of our new album currently been recorded