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Panty Soakers 4
Panty Soakers 3
The Good Book, Vol. 2
Budgie Nov 14, 2018
Classic Rock Magazine
Budgie Oct 27, 2018
Budgie Books. Budgie books... The book Budgie's First Three Albums, released in March 2013, covered the early days of the influential Welsh rockers, from 1967 to 1973. Follow-up book In Pecking Order: Budgie 1974-79, released in May 2014, covers 1974's 'In For The Kill', through to 1978's finely crafted 'Impeckable'. Third book, Time To Remember: Budgie's Heavy Revolution 1980-2010, released in June 2016, kicks off with guitarist John Thomas joining the band. His arrival would prove to be just the tonic needed to launch Budgie, refreshed and re-invigorated, into the 1980s. Drummer Ray Phillips was a founding member of Budgie. In his autobiography, An Awful Biography of a Great Life – From Budgie to Tredegar and Beyond, Ray tells the story of his life. It’s a personal and musical journey filled with trials, tribulations and triumphs… and a jolly good laugh! ​
Budgie Oct 27, 2018
Budgie Live
Budgie Oct 25, 2018
Sweet Leaf: Black Sabbath, Master of Reality album.
Budgie Oct 17, 2018
Budgie Oct 05, 2018
Classic Rock Magazine
Budgie Oct 01, 2018
Hard Rock & Heavy Metal
Budgie Sep 30, 2018
The 50 Best Metal Riffs Ever
Budgie Sep 17, 2018
Budgie Sep 07, 2018
Budgie's "Parents" - performed live by Tredegar at Chistlehurst Caves, London on 31 October 1983. Line-up includes ex-Budgie members Tony Bourge (guitar) and Ray Phillips (drums)
Budgie Sep 07, 2018
Parents live
Budgie Sep 07, 2018
Time to Remember
Budgie Aug 13, 2018
BUDGIE - EARLY YEARS REMEMBERED 40 YEARS ON VIA NEW ITUNES APP August 16, 2013, 4 years ago Forty years after the riff to BUDGIE's 'Breadfan' was unleashed, a free iPhone and iPad app tells the story of the early days of the influential Welsh rockers, from 1967 to 1973. The Budgie's First Three Albums app includes 75,000 words of text, 300 images, two hours of audio interview clips and two previously unreleased music tracks. Budgie’s original line-up of Burke Shelley, Tony Bourge and Ray Phillips made three albums in three years at Rockfield Studios. A self-titled debut in 1971 was followed by Squawk in 1972 and Never Turn Your Back On A Friend in 1973 – the latter album houses 'Breadfan', widely hailed as a precursor of thrash metal. The three albums were made on shoestring budgets, yet punched above their weights to influence heavyweight bands to come, including METALLICA, SOUNDGARDEN and MEGADETH. The app has new interviews with the three band members, plus an exclusive new, heavy instrumental number from guitarist Tony Bourge. “I did 'MyGrain' in one take on the guitar as a three-piece band might play it live, to try and capture the feel,” Bourge says. “There is a hillside near Cardiff called the Wenallt, and I always wanted to set up a 100,000-watt PA and play this kind of music to the population at about six in the morning!” Budgie's First Three Albums is available as a free app in the iTunes store here. As previoulsy reported, forty years on and ex-Budgie riff master Bourge has a new 20-track album named Crank It Up, released under the moniker of Anthony Bourge. According to a press release, "the album contains a wide variety of styles, from riff-based rockers reminiscent of the metal Bourge forged with Budgie, to songs and instrumentals steeped in the blues, to ethereal pop numbers." The album’s Shw Mae Mama is a dark, heavy blues song – with a Welsh language chorus that translates as ‘How are you Mama?’ “Mother Earth has a hole in her head but she’s not dead, and neither is Budgie,” Bourge says, referring to both the song’s subject and the influential Welsh rock band’s legacy. East Bound is an instrumental inspired by a painting one of Bourge’s sons did before he left for China. “There was a large dragon’s tail and two birds flying over the sea, heading east towards a very large setting sun. Strangely enough, the red sun and the dragon’s tail seemed very Welsh,” Bourge says. Crank It Up is available from online music stores.
Budgie Jul 19, 2018
Craig Goldy ex Budgie now in a new band.
Budgie Jul 14, 2018
Budgie Jul 14, 2018
Budgie Jun 25, 2018 A great clip live.
Budgie Jun 25, 2018
Budgie live Birmingham 1979
Budgie Jun 25, 2018
Getty images of Budgie in concert.
Budgie Jun 23, 2018
Southern Hemisphere Pagan
Budgie Jun 19, 2018
Budgie Jun 19, 2018
HTTP://ROCKONVINYL.BLOGSPOT.COM.AU/2011/09/BUDGIE-NIGHTFLIGHT-INTO-GUILDFORD-UK.HTML WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 7, 2011 Budgie - Nightflight Into Guildford UK (1981) Bootleg (U.K 1971 - Present)
Budgie Jun 19, 2018
This bootleg showcases Budgie during a period of transition in their musical career, moving away from their big power ballads and steering more towards heavier, riff orientated songs. In 1979, John Thomas took over the axeman role from Budgie's temporary guitarist Rob Kendrick. An ex-George Hatcher player, "JT" injected the band with a new lease of life. Signing to RCA, their momentum was accelerated by the birth of the New Wave Of British Heavy Metal which lead many younger rock fans to discover their back catalogue. In the next 3 years, Budgie released an E.P 'If Swallowed Do Not Induce Vomitting', three albums (Power Supply / Nightflight / Deliver Us From Evil), headlined the 1982 Reading Festival and took Poland by storm. . Incredibly, 1983 saw the band without a record deal and without a live album to encapsulate their stage delivery. They soldiered on until our last gig in 1988 with Jim Simpson (ex-UFO), Williams having departed in late '86. In 1994, Shelley re-formed Budgie with Thomas and Robert 'Congo' Jones (ex-Love Sculpture) to headline the San Antonio music festival in front of 25,000 screaming Texans. Again, thanks to promoter Bill Lee, they returned to Texas in 1996 for another one-off show to celebrate 25 years since their first album. A lavish double CD anthology, 'An Ecstacy Of Fumbling' came out in 1996. Via New Millennium Communications, a double live CD 'We Came, We Saw' featuring the entire Reading Festival Performances from 1980 and 1982 was released. To be honest, this material should have come out as a live album at the time of their popularity in the early 80's. 1997 and 1998 was a period of inactivity touring wise, and many fans thought Burke had called it a day once more. However, 'Heavier Than Air' was released, a double CD of rare live recordings spanning their career from 1972 to 1978. It gave fans the first official release of live guitar work by the hugely popular Tony Bourge. . Thanks to promotion from Ray Cordell and Alan Howard and management from Paul Cox, Letchworth 1999 and featured their first UK live performance in 11 years and the return of Steve Williams on drums. This was a warm-up show for the annual rock festival held in Sweden, with Budgie headlining on 12th June 1999. The 80's classic reformed line-up then played San Antonio for the 3rd time in April 2000. Tragedy then struck with John Thomas suffering a cerebral aneurysm in June 2000. For a period, no one knew whether he would ever play guitar again. For those fans who were aware of John's illness, his return to the stage at the Legends of Welsh Rock was an emotional one. Budgie headlined this gig in Wales in September 2001. John Thomas, whilst not back to 100% top form, played a great show considering the treatment and recuperation he'd gone through. At the start of 2002, Burke Shelley was in the mood to get back on the road once more and to engage the band into some serious touring. Andy Hart, a Birmingham based guitarist well known to JT was enlisted to replace him. In 2002, Burke, Steve and Andy played over 30 dates, two of these being in the States. The show at San Antonio on 2nd August was recorded and released as a live CD entitled Life In San Antonio in November 2002. Due to commitments outside of Budgie, Andy Hart left the band in Feb 2003 to be replaced by Simon Lees who toured the US, Sweden, Holland, Poland and the UK with Budgie and also played on, and co wrote, much of the bands first studio album in over twenty years entitled 'You're All Living In Cuckoo Land'. .