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Slayer of Gods
Breathe Fire to the Sun
Brymir Nov 17, 2018
Wolfheart w/ Brymir at Nosturi, Helsinki on Friday 30.11. Get your dose of speed and danger! Who will be there?🍻 - #brymir #wolfheart #melodicdeathmetal #metal #totalannihilation #readytorumble #helsinki #rockcity @ Helsinki
Brymir Sep 29, 2018
Catch us at Lost In Music! Olympia-kortteli, Tampere | 5.10.2018 19:30 Doors 20:15 - 20:45 Atlas 21:15 - 21:45 Brymir 22:15 - 23:00 Medeia 23:30 - 00:30 Ensiferum Get your tickets now! Link to event in comments 😎
Brymir Sep 28, 2018
Paidat vähissä? 🤔 Nyt ostohousut jalkaan sillä Backstage Rockshop tarjoaa kaikille yli 25€ tilauksille ilmaisen toimituksen ympäri Suomen 30.9 klo 23.59 asti!
Brymir Sep 26, 2018
After five days of fingering (and picking) Jarkko is off the hook. That means bass recordings are done! 🤩 Who is next? 🧐 - #bassism #bass #recording #studio #brymir #melodicdeathmetal #metal #inchingforward #stepbystep
Brymir Sep 19, 2018
The next phase has begun... ☠️ - #bass #bassguitar #recording #newalbum #studio #brymir #metal #melodicdeathmetal
Brymir Sep 06, 2018
It’s a wrap 🙉💦 The drum recordings for our upcoming third album is complete and the results are BLAZING! - Here is a clip of @patrikblast in his element (speed and danger)☠️ - @suomenlinnanstudio @v_storm - #brymir #newalbum #studio #recording #drums #blastbeat #metal #melodicdeathmetal #impressioncymbals #suomenlinnanstudio #rankakustannus
Brymir Sep 04, 2018
One song left to record and it is already pretty damn clear that these are the best tracks we’ve laid down... ever! Can’t wait to share this dope a*s sh*t with you guys 🔥☠️
Brymir Sep 01, 2018
Drums 5/11 done! Few more days for blast! #drums #brymirIII #brymir #comingyourway #metal #kebab #pizza #melodicdeathmetal #blastbeat #239bpm
Brymir Aug 28, 2018
Drum recordings for our upcomming album have finally started. The setup is finnished and tracking begins tomorrow! 🔥 The production of this album is going to be our most important and challenging endeavour so far... so wish us some luck and stay tuned for updates!🤘🏻🤘🏽🤘🏿 - #brymir #melodicdeathmetal #recording #studio #drums #blastbeat #suomenlinnanstudio #album #rankakustannus
Brymir Aug 15, 2018
New interview for! "One of my biggest sources of inspiration is sci-fi literature, though. Not necessarily the themes themselves but the utterly insane scale of the distances, timespans and technologies described fill me with awe." -Viktor
Brymir Aug 08, 2018
It sure got hot and sweaty at Mökäfest III last Friday! Big thanks to everyone involved, now back to production work!
Brymir Jul 21, 2018
Whatever naughty stuff Sean is doing there Jarkko does not seem to approve 🧐 - 📸: ScarletMemory Photography @thescarletmemory - #boyzone #coolboys #finnishboys #metalboy #metal #melodicdeathmetal #brymir #concertphotography
Brymir Jul 10, 2018
We will be part of the Lost in Music -festival in Tampere in early October! Hope to see you all there! /,,/
Brymir Jun 25, 2018
Interested in where we're at with the new album? Joona had a quick word with A&p-REACTS about all things Brymir: plans, visions, and, of course, music. Check it out!
Brymir Jun 01, 2018
Chasing the Skyline hits 50k streams on Spotify! Thank you so much for listening. Some news inbound very soon & new shit is on the way! Follow @brymirofficial on Instagram for more frequent updates & stories! (and the usual retardation...)
Brymir May 07, 2018
Thank you for the kind words!
Brymir Apr 19, 2018
Imperiumi rates our new single 9,5/10! 🏆 What would YOU rate it? 🤘🏼
Brymir Apr 18, 2018
Chasing The Skyline has streamed over 11k in just one week and hits Finland Viral 50 chart at 6! Thank you so much for listening, let's get that album done shall we! 😈
Brymir Apr 13, 2018
Official lyric video out now! We proudly present you this lyric video for our new single "Chasing The Skyline". Enjoy & share!
Brymir Apr 11, 2018
Brymir Apr 10, 2018
Brymir Apr 10, 2018
Brymir releases the new single ”Chasing the Skyline” from the upcoming third album! This first single is definitely from the lighter, more hopeful stuff of that horizon that is our new material. Maybe the most melodic Brymir has ever been, the song is a good showcase for the dawn-side of the upcoming third album. Filled with yearning, energy and drive; gaze proudly fixed to the future. With the blackest night-time spaces still left waiting to be revealed… Available on all digital formats worldwide!
Brymir Apr 10, 2018
Brymir Apr 09, 2018
? ;) by The Art of Claudio Bergamin
Brymir Apr 05, 2018
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