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A Tale of Hearts
Fine Girl, Vol. 1
Contexture: Gods, Men, And the Infinite Cosmos
Gentlemen's Brawl
Gentlemen's Brawl
Good Old Daze LP
Meg Ryan Would Play You In the Movie
Made For Broadway Feb 18, 2019
We missed Question friday so here is Question Monday! If we started a Twitch channel where you could watch us write music, play games, be friends and stuff would you subscribe?
Made For Broadway Feb 12, 2019
DEAL WITH IT. 📸 Henk Steyn Photography
Made For Broadway Feb 12, 2019
Made For Broadway Feb 08, 2019
AAAAH!! our boi The Shabs dropped this heat <3 he gives the best hugs and he writes the best jams <3 <3 <3
Made For Broadway Feb 08, 2019
Quuuueueueustion friiiiday! When was the last time you listened to an album from start to finish?
Made For Broadway Feb 05, 2019
The lads of Sink In dropped this banger! We met these dope dudes on tour in California and they have not stopped inspiring us since 2015 <3 This song is no exception!! TUNE!!!
Made For Broadway Feb 01, 2019
QUEEEEEESTION FRIIIIDAAAAAAY! Would you prefer 1 new song a month for 6 months or 6 songs in 1 month?
Made For Broadway Jan 31, 2019
Sup! We got Brogi going live on insta finishing up a new jam that he wrote with some help from the BroadwayFAM <3 Check it in 14mins <3
Made For Broadway Jan 25, 2019
Ah yes! our favourite day! QUESSSSTIOOON FRIDAY!!! What you guys think of BRING ME THE HORIZON's new material? Growth or nope?
Made For Broadway Jan 23, 2019
oh my! last night we tracked and wrote a new song with one of our favourite bros. CHECK OUR INSTA STORY TO FIND OUT WHO <3
Made For Broadway Jan 22, 2019
Dem bois <3 🔥📸 by Christelle Duvenage Photography obvs!
Made For Broadway Jan 21, 2019
Sup Broadwayfam! Today we are saying goodbye to Tate 'the drum machine' Sutton & Les 'the guitar god' Bainbridge. Our boys have parted ways from the team to focus on their own goals and dreams <3 You have both been an integral part of making MFB what it is today, we love you boys and know you are gonna do great things! Keep slayin, never swayin babays <3 *HEART EMOJIS ONLY <3 <3*
Made For Broadway Jan 18, 2019
Ayyyy and we are back! Brace yourselves. Over the next few weeks we are gonna take y’all on a journey. ❤️ Listen real hard for a cheeky new track <3
Made For Broadway Dec 12, 2018
AYYYY!! Dont Say Goodbye featured with a bunch of tasty jams as a cheeky wrap up for 2018 <3 Student News Grid PUKfm 93.6
Made For Broadway Dec 05, 2018
Stream "Lonely"and the rest of "New Heights, Same Lows"on SPOTIFY
Made For Broadway Dec 05, 2018
's cover photo
Made For Broadway Dec 04, 2018
Another year comes to a close for us, possibly one of our best years. Every year we are humbled by the opportunities we get and continue to be grateful for the moments we get to share with the BroadwayFam and the people who have no idea who we are <3 Your support and the real love you have for our music and the Broadway team surprises us constantly. So! We are pretty deep into the writing phase of our 3rd album, this is by far our most ambitious album and we are doing things very differently. When is it coming out? we don't know. We want to take our time with this one and make sure it leaves a mark on South African music history forever. Obviously we have to thank our manager, the bands, organizers, photographers, venues, festivals, sound guys, roadies and everyone who has made an effort to lift us up in 2018. Y'all are perfect and without you we would suck. Thank you all for an amazing year, for now we want to be with our friends and families and finish this fucking album! Have a safe festive season <3 We will see you in 2019. 📸 Christelle Duvenage Photography obviously <3
Made For Broadway Nov 27, 2018
StudenteJOL 2018 ATKV-Klein-Kariba :D :D its getting so so so close!!! Really excited to rage with all yáll <3 <3
Made For Broadway Nov 23, 2018
our lads in CrashCarBurn dropped this vibe! Couldn't be a more perfect celebration of our Punk Goes 80's tour <3 give them some love :D
Made For Broadway Nov 21, 2018
ah! wouldnt that be nice <3 Our bestie Devin Harmer even made this cheeky playlist of the best SA artists who you can give a lil love to <3 CHEKKIT in the comments :D
Made For Broadway Nov 20, 2018
Studentejol 2018 ATKV-Klein-Kariba 2nd December! lets slay!
Made For Broadway Nov 20, 2018
Its official!! We are smashing Studentejol 2018 ATKV - Klein-Kariba Holiday Resort with our main bois Held On Till May 😍😍 Lets rage!!
Made For Broadway Nov 16, 2018
LAST TWO SHOWS!! @rumoursrockcity_official tonight and Grid and Grill tomoz!! @crashcarburn @hotm_official lets fugging gooooooo!! PUNK GOES POP 2 blooody 80’s!!
Made For Broadway Nov 15, 2018
flippen Christelle Duvenage Photography <3 these arent even photos anymore. STRAIGHT UP ART BRUUUH <3 Slay or Die <3 Held On Till May Deity's Muse Truth And Its Burden and us <3
Made For Broadway Nov 14, 2018