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Brett Dennen
Children's Songs for Peace and a Better World (feat. Brett Dennen)
Brett Dennen at Levon Helm Studios (August 3, 2019)
Venue: Levon Helm Studios (Woodstock, NY, US) Find tickets
Brett Dennen Jun 15, 2019
@solokeys in Fort Collins
Brett Dennen Jun 11, 2019
Summer is in full swing. It is hot up here in the mountains. Here’s some pics from a short hike with the boy. The last one doesn’t really fit because it’s a hotel in Laguna Beach, but I included it because it seems like summer. I stayed there last week. The mountain pics are from yesterday up here in Stanislavsky National Forest. #vacationertour is getting closer.
Brett Dennen Jun 10, 2019
New show announcement. Just booked a gig with short notice in Carmel Valley, CA. @folktalewinery solo acoustic. June 24.
Brett Dennen Jun 07, 2019
Tickets to the Second Annual Vacationer Tour are on sale now. See you this summer near a beach, I hope - I'm looking forward to it!
Brett Dennen Jun 04, 2019
It's my pleasure to announce a favorite of mine - The Second Annual Vacationer Tour. This August, in the prime of summer, I'll be playing special shows in quaint beach towns all up and down the east coast. Plot twist - I'll be playing these shows as a trio, a setup I haven't used often and can't wait to share with you. I'm really looking forward to it and hope you'll join us. Tickets will be on sale Friday at 10 AM EDT at
Brett Dennen May 31, 2019
New @milowofficial album today. Go take a listen. I’m on “while you’re asleep”
Brett Dennen May 25, 2019
I joined a club called #BYOBottle, a music industry campaign to use only reusable water bottles! I’m in Santa Barbara at the @loberotheatre and I’m drinking a @telegraphbrewing beer out of a stainless steel cup. The #loberotheatre is in the club too. Let’s all try to reduce plastic waste. You can join at and together we can help turn the tide on plastic pollution! @byobottle @plasticpollutes
Brett Dennen May 24, 2019
Only Love. @athletics @thelonelyisland @netflix Thank You!
Brett Dennen May 22, 2019
I've been enjoying playing these acoustic shows throughout the past month. There are some very talented artists joining me for the rest of the shows - make sure you learn their songs so you can come out early and sing along too. Tickets are available at
Brett Dennen May 13, 2019
Happy Mom’s day momas.
Brett Dennen May 06, 2019
Lunch by @kristinajackson1 Seedburger wraps. Better than any restaurant in town. #plantbased #vegan #kitehillcreamcheese
Brett Dennen May 02, 2019
For the next couple of months I'm touring in select cities. It is fly in and fly out for me. No bus, no town to town caravan, just in and out like a frequent flyer. This Pandora playlist was created for that kinda life. Some songs have air travel themes and some songs I chose just because they sound good in ear buds. Most of the songs were chosen because they seem appropriate for listening while I sit at the gate waiting to board. Enjoy, and hopefully I see you at one of these shows.
Brett Dennen Apr 29, 2019
I'm playing a fun, free festival at the beautiful Riverfront Park on June 15th. See you this summer, Denver!
Brett Dennen Apr 28, 2019
Helping this guy discover the wonders of nature is a joy. We went for a walk among some redwoods yesterday, showing our son some salamanders and redwood circles. In this picture, I think I’m watching poison oak scale the tree in the foreground. That backpack is a @deuter , which I highly recommend. Just got it out of the package and took it for a spin. Photo by @kristinajackson1 @deuter_usa #fairyrings #redwoods #marincounty
Brett Dennen Apr 26, 2019
Time's flown by and it's almost time to head down to Texas for the first two nights of my spring tour. A couple shows here and there...I'm looking forward to playing acoustic shows and still getting some family time in between. There are still some tickets left at
Brett Dennen Apr 17, 2019
Forgot that I painted this last year. It’s a bit of a different style than what I’m currently trying to achieve. I had an idea to do a series of #watercolor images of musicians that I admire, who have helped me and my career. I painted @theavettbrothers and then moved on to other directions. I think the world of these guys, not just Scott and Seth, but the whole band. #painting #art
Brett Dennen Apr 15, 2019
Hello Monday. Could watermelon be on my mind? Hurry up and finish buying tickets to my May and June tour so I can announce more shows. I say that in a cheeky way. Love me, Brett. Oh, I painted this for you. #art #watercolor #painting
Brett Dennen Apr 12, 2019
Looking forward to going to San Luis Obispo to play the charmed Live Oak Music Festival for KCBX Central Coast Public Radio. I'm happy to support public radio and the community engagement it provides. You can get your tickets for the festival here:
Brett Dennen Apr 04, 2019
Making things out of words and music. @kristinajackson1
Brett Dennen Mar 29, 2019
Tickets to my shows in May and June are on sale now. I'm looking forward to playing some special acoustic gigs. See you out there.
Brett Dennen Mar 29, 2019
New shows on sale today. Link in Bio and my shoes stink of BO
Brett Dennen Mar 26, 2019
Alone in a bubble. @yellowstoneclub
Brett Dennen Mar 26, 2019
I’m on tour in May and June, but I won’t be “on the road”, as people often say. This time I’m flying to different places that I like traveling to and making a trip out of it and many of the places I will play for a night or two. So instead of saying “on the road” I’ll say that I’m traveling on tour. Tickets will be on sale this Friday at 10 AM local time. Hope to see you out there.
Brett Dennen Mar 26, 2019
Brett Dennen Mar 25, 2019
On behalf of my fam, I’d like to thank the @yellowstoneclub for hosting us for a great getaway. I could live in this little log cabin among the Gallatin and Spanish Peaks.