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Brett Dennen
Children's Songs for Peace and a Better World (feat. Brett Dennen)
The Infamous Stringdusters and Brett Dennen at Crown Room, Crystal Bay Club Casino (January 18, 2019)
Venue: Crown Room, Crystal Bay Club Casino (Crystal Bay, NV, US) Find tickets
Brett Dennen at Boulder Theater (January 26, 2019)
Venue: Boulder Theater (Boulder, CO, US) Find tickets
Brett Dennen at Rialto Theatre (January 29, 2019)
Venue: Rialto Theatre (Bozeman, MT, US) Find tickets
Brett Dennen Dec 13, 2018
Many new original paintings were just listed for sale on the Etsy page. Go to Etsy and search ShopCaliforniaAve holiday gifts!!!!
Brett Dennen Dec 10, 2018
Can’t wait to get back to some of the best ski towns in America. Can’t wait to ski. Can’t wait to play. Check for dates. #painting #watercolor #ski #music #concerts #watercolors #watercolorpainting
Brett Dennen Dec 08, 2018
Floral painting by yers trewly. For sale on Etsy at ShopCaliforniaAve. #watercolor #painting #art #paintings #leaves
Brett Dennen Dec 04, 2018
There are lots of paintings and lyric paintings for sale on an Etsy shop that @kristinajackson1 created. I will be painting more to sell soon. Go to etsy and search ShopCaliforniaAve #watercolor #brettdennen #art #paintings #painting
Brett Dennen Dec 02, 2018
Mt. SONGmore. #songwriting #songwriter #watercolor #painting #artist
Brett Dennen Nov 30, 2018
Tickets to my third annual Lift Series are on sale now. I hope you'll join me for some quality time on the slopes and at my shows.
Brett Dennen Nov 29, 2018
Tickets on sale tomorrow. Tahoe 1/18 Aspen 1/22 Winter Park 1/25 Boulder 1/26 Bozeman 1/29 SLC 2/2 @ikonpass #art #watercolor #ski #painting #snowboarding #skiing
Brett Dennen Nov 28, 2018
Check my previous post for #liftseries tour dates. Skiing and performing are two of my favorite things. I love mountain towns. I love Mountain people. I love @ikonpass I love make #watercolor #paintings of what I love.
Brett Dennen Nov 27, 2018
Here comes another winter, and I am happy to announce I'll be heading out on my third annual Lift Series Tour in January. I will be playing shows and skiing in some of my favorite mountain towns in the western states. This year I have chosen to focus the tour around resorts that honor the Ikon Pass because I think that by partnering with Ikon Pass, these resorts are giving affordable access to the absolute best skiing while maintaining and supporting the integrity of each mountain whether big or small. Tickets are on sale this Friday at 10AM local time.
Brett Dennen Nov 26, 2018
There's a fun little Cyber Monday sale going on over at Smith Devereux Wines. You can get one of my wines, Charismatic Fool, without a club subscription when you'd normally need one. All wine is 10% off, too. Check it out at their store here:
Brett Dennen Nov 22, 2018
Thankful for you. Had a little help from the morning light on this one. I’m thankful for you, you reading this right now, out there doing what you do. With your families and your circles. You’re doing good work and you’ve given me an incredible gift. There’s many that I’m thankful for who will never read this. If you see them and remember, tell them I said thanks. #watercolor #art #painting #paintings
Brett Dennen Nov 21, 2018
Here comes the rain. Finally. It rained all night and is coming down steadily. California needs it as much as it ever has. Was reading aloud to my boy this morning and read this, “It never failed that during the dry years the people forgot all about the rich years, and during the wet years they lost all memory of the dry years.” John Steinbeck on the Salinas Valley, CA in East Of Eden
Brett Dennen Nov 20, 2018
Heart is where the home is. Home now. Reunited with my family. My baby was emotional I was emotional. Couldn’t sleep last night. I felt like I needed a good cry. I watched Manchester By The Sea and shed plenty tears. The sky is still smoky in much of California. Thank you to everyone who came to a show this year or supported my music, even by listening just once.
Brett Dennen Nov 17, 2018
About to go live on @pastemusicanddaytrotter
Brett Dennen Nov 15, 2018
It’s been tough seeing the California fires swallowing up so much land and so many homes over the past several days, especially with family nearby. I’d love to raise money for the California Fire Foundation, who are providing grants to those who have lost homes to help with basic necessities. Click the “Donate” button to give directly to California Fire Foundation. Together we can make a difference, even if we’re not close by.
Brett Dennen Nov 06, 2018
Sing your way to the polls. Sing from the heart. Be honest. We can make mistakes. Laugh. Be proud. Celebrate. @solokeys @pearljam
Brett Dennen Nov 06, 2018
Always on repeat.
Brett Dennen Nov 05, 2018
Tour is off to a great start! I want to share a playlist of songs I have been listening to that help me stay inspired while I'm on the road. Check it out...I would say there are a few surprises tucked away in there. Have a listen and let me know what you think.
Brett Dennen Nov 02, 2018
With the election coming up next week, I’d like to offer up my New York guest list at Irving Plaza for those who make their voices heard. Drop a picture of yourself with your "I Voted" sticker in the comments and we'll add you and a guest to out list. Find your polling place at and see you out there!
Brett Dennen Oct 31, 2018
We cried, smiled, surfed, swam, played with friends, and slept and slept and slept. It’s hard to leave for tour these days, as you can imagine. However, like everything else in my life now, touring has a much deeper meaning and working gives me a new purpose. Not only am I heading out to provide, I’m trying to build a legacy for my family. I’m sitting here at the airport in San Diego looking forward to playing every night so I can come home and live for my family. Thank you @laubergedelmar and to Bob, for allowing us to relax and have some quality time in an elegant place. Time to hit the road. @kristinajackson1 @ L'Auberge Del Mar
Brett Dennen Oct 29, 2018
The fam and I are in Del Mar for some R&R before tour. FYI, @laubergedelmar is the best. I first came here during Kaboo, a few years ago and keep coming back. Thanks for the wine and surfboard, Bob. As you can see, Van loves to have poolside drinks in the cabana. Thanks for having us!!!! @kristinajackson1
Brett Dennen Oct 26, 2018
Hi all, the next leg of tour starts next week and there’s still tickets. My family and I are headed south for a last lick of summer before I head out to some of my favorite autumn cities. This fish watercolor I made will be included with every VIP ticket package - a few left on the website. I hope you’re well, excited to vote, and staying hopeful. To all, the best. Brett.
Brett Dennen Oct 24, 2018
Here are some more watercolors for my tour that starts next week. Make sure you stop by the merch table to get up-close and personal with the paintings. I'll have a full band with me every night, and we're truly looking forward to seeing all of you. Tickets are available at
Brett Dennen Oct 23, 2018
I'll be rolling through Charlottesville at The Jefferson Theater in two short weeks to play songs off both of my new EPs. Join me on November 6th! Photo by Daniel Sperling Photography
Brett Dennen Oct 22, 2018
Got some old faves up on my new merch store. Some items are even 50% off. I especially like these tote bags. Looking forward to seeing you on the fall tour starting next week with some new items at the merch table.