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I AM HARDSTYLE 2017 Yearmix
I AM HARDSTYLE 2017 Yearmix
I Am Hardstyle
Intents Festival 2015
Evolution of Style
We R Hardstyle Yearmix 2014
Qlimax (In an Alternate Reality)
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Kingsland Festival 2019 | Amsterdam Kingsland Festival 2019 | Amsterdam 2019
Venue: Rai Amsterdam (Amsterdam, Netherlands) Find tickets
Brennan Heart at Kesselhaus Augsburg (May 17, 2019)
Venue: Kesselhaus Augsburg (Augsburg, Germany) Find tickets
Brennan Heart at Harbour Event Centre (May 18, 2019)
Venue: Harbour Event Centre (Vancouver, BC, Canada) Find tickets
World Club Dome World Club Dome 2019
Venue: Commerzbank Arena (Frankfurt, Germany) Find tickets
Electric Love Festival Electric Love Festival 2019
Venue: Salzburgring (Salzburg, Austria) Find tickets
Electric Love Festival Electric Love Festival 2019
Venue: Electric Love Festival (Salzburg, Austria) Find tickets
Open Beatz Open Beatz 2019
Venue: Open Beatz Festival (Herzogenaurach, Germany) Find tickets
Parookaville Festival Parookaville Festival 2019
Venue: Airport, Weeze (Weeze, Germany) Find tickets
New Horizons New Horizons 2019
Venue: Unknown venue (Nürburg, Germany) Find tickets
Brennan Heart Apr 21, 2019
The perfect way to start my easter! Thanks @paaspopfestival for the good times❤️ #paaspop2019 #IAMHARDSTYLE @ Paaspop
Brennan Heart Apr 19, 2019
I wanna live and feel my blood running inside I wanna give it all I got to give tonight I wanna feel until there’s nothing left to feel I want this to be something that’s real Technoboy Tuneboy #Realness #ShowYourTrueColors #Album #IAMHARDSTYLE
Brennan Heart Apr 19, 2019
Can’t wait to go back to #Sydney #Australia🇦🇺
Brennan Heart Apr 17, 2019
I’m currently working on a book that will be published later this year. ⁣ It describes my journey from home producer to DJ, from globetrotter to businessman and all the ups and downs that come with it. ⁣ ⁣ In this book I write about the hard dance scene that has its own politics, but also has the most dedicated fans in the world! Stay tuned ⁣ ⁣ #ShowYourTrueColors #IAMHARDSTYLE
Brennan Heart Apr 16, 2019
Counting down... 73 days till Defqon 1!! #DQ2019
Brennan Heart Apr 16, 2019
When Batman meets Aftershock 🦇🔥🦇🔥 #Collab #IAMHARDSTYLE
Brennan Heart Apr 15, 2019
You will be awake when you fall for the HARDDROP! 🔥 #ShowYourTrueColors #Album #Harddrop #IAMHARDSTYLE
Brennan Heart Apr 11, 2019
Finally we’re live!! Relive my back2back set with Coone at Reverze! What was your favorite moment?⁣ ⁣ #IAMHARDSTYLE #FightForSomething #Reverze
Brennan Heart Apr 10, 2019
“You gotta fight sometime⁣ To show you stand for something⁣ Make the wrong things right⁣ It's now or never it's all or nothing”⁣ ⁣ #FightForSomething #ShowYourTrueColors #IAMHARDSTYLE #collab Videoclip coming soon!
Brennan Heart Apr 09, 2019
Family goals🙌🏻 #IAMHARDSTYLE #family #Chile
Brennan Heart Apr 08, 2019
I think we should give the sloth from the “Need to Feel” video a name! Suggestions?!⁣ ⁣ #IAMHARDSTYLE #NeedToFeel #Videoclip #Sloth
Brennan Heart Apr 05, 2019
A NEW CHAPTER⁣ / I AM HARDSTYLE the label ⁣ This uncomplicated credo that says it all, it has become a household name for hardstyle lovers across the globe. It is no secret that Hardstyle is more than music, it’s a way of life ! ⁣ ⁣ With merchandise that is worn proudly and events that grow in numbers it was only logical to take the next step forward and launch a new record label to feed the scene: I AM HARDSTYLE⁣ ⁣ Yesterday we celebrated our label launch in an intimate setting with friends, colleagues & fans. Really proud of all the artists!!❤️❤️ #IAMHARDSTYLE #Label #Family @ Netherlands
Brennan Heart Apr 03, 2019
“I AM ... The most powerful combination of words For what you put after them shapes your reality” #IAMHARDSTYLE #worldwide #label #ShowYourTrueColors
Brennan Heart Apr 02, 2019
Did YOU already check out the video of “Need to Feel” with @mattanjabradley ?! ⁣ Very proud of the result! ⁣ We’ve filmed the video in just 2 days in Nevada, again a great project together with @stijnepiccinema 🤙🏻A true artist when it comes to cinematography & editing! This time I wrote the script, co-directed & produced the video myself. Did you spot my cameo? #ShowYourTrueColors #NeedtoFeel #Makingof #Video #Album #IAMHARDSTYLE @ Nevada
Brennan Heart Apr 01, 2019
04.04.2019 #IAMHARDSTYLE
Brennan Heart Mar 31, 2019
Over 1 MILLION plays already on my new album on Spotify! (within a week!) So many messages and reactions... nothing but love for YOU guys❤️ Btw, for those who missed it; the Show Your True Colors hoodies are back in stock! #ShowYourTrueColors #IAMHARDSTYLE #worldwide #album #onefamily
Brennan Heart Mar 30, 2019
Malaysia YOU guys showed YOUR true colors last night!! What a vibe and what a great reaction on the album❤️❤️🎉🎉 The perfect way to celebrate the 15th anniversary of @zoukclubkl 🍾🎂🥂 #ShowYourTrueColors #IAMHARDSTYLE #malaysia🇲🇾 #Album #tourlife @ Zouk Club KL
Brennan Heart Mar 29, 2019
Show Your True Colors 🔥The extended mix of the I AM HARDSTYLE 2019 Anthem is out now! #IAMHARDSTYLE
Brennan Heart Mar 29, 2019
Tourmode on ✅ Today; Kuala Lumpur @zoukclubkl 🚀⁣ ⁣ Preparing for the next months... my summer festival schedule is looking insane but I can’t wait to see all of you! #tourlife #ShowYourTrueColors #IAMHARDSTYLE
Brennan Heart Mar 28, 2019
I’m really proud of this one, it was an honor to work with Mattanja Joy Bradley! Two complete different styles merged into something unique! Check out the official videoclip for ‘Need To Feel’ Link in comments #IAMHARDSTYLE #NeedToFeel #Videoclip
Brennan Heart Mar 27, 2019
“You gotta love this life⁣ Like you don’t care what’s coming... ⁣ You gotta fight sometimes with all you've got when you fight for something” ⁣ ⁣ #ShowYourTrueColors #Album #Coone #collab #IAMHARDSTYLE
Brennan Heart Mar 26, 2019
A sloth, Mustang, police car & @mattanjabradley ; what do they have in common?! ... This week we will release the video for “Need to Feel” 🤙🏻 #ShowYourTrueColors #NeedtoFeel #Release #Album @ Nevada
Brennan Heart Mar 25, 2019
Dear Monday....just hand me Friday and nobody gets hurt... #bringtheweekendback #and #the #festivalseason
Brennan Heart Mar 24, 2019
Saturdays @fabrikmadrid are the best!!🔥🔥 So much love for our family❤️ Thanks to @mcvillain for joining me! #ShowYourTrueColors #IAMHARDSTYLE 🇪🇸 @ FABRIK
Brennan Heart Mar 23, 2019
The perfect way to celebrate the release🎉🎉🍾 Did an exclusive album presentation with my fans & friends! Good times! So many great reactions on the album! Nothing but love for YOU guys❤️ #ShowYourTrueColors #Album @ Amsterdam, Netherlands