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I AM HARDSTYLE 2017 Yearmix
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Brennan Heart, Broken Element (DE), Galactixx, Tempest (DE), and 1 more… at Bootshaus (November 30, 2018)
Venue: Bootshaus (Cologne, Germany) Find tickets
Brennan Heart Nov 19, 2018
During weekdays I go under the name Bruce Wayne 🦇🦇 #batmobile
Brennan Heart Nov 17, 2018
If only you would know what we’ve already planned for 2019... #justgettingstarted
Brennan Heart Nov 16, 2018
I Am Hardstyle 2019 - Germany 🇩🇪 Join Germany's biggest indoor Hardstyle event and #ShowYourTrueColors - 9th March 2019, Maimarkthalle, Mannheim Line up (in alphabetical order): Brennan Heart • Code Black • Coone • Da Tweekaz • D-Block & S-te-Fan (Ghost Stories Live) • Gunz for Hire • Phuture Noize (Black Mirror Society) • Sound Rush • Sub Zero Project • Warface • Wildfyre • Hosted by Villain & MC DL Tickets are now available:
Brennan Heart Nov 14, 2018
Let's get ridiculous, certified stupid... Hard like a motherfucker that's how we do this... Never coming down to a level that's lower... A 150 never ever go slower... #IAMHARDSTYLE
Brennan Heart Nov 13, 2018
Playing a back 2 back set with Coone at Reverze 2019! So we can finally drop our collab 🤗 (when do we hit the studio Coone?)
Brennan Heart Nov 12, 2018
Hard Bass 2019! Are you ready for the #IAMHARDSTYLE Take Over?? 🔥 Code Black Toneshifterz I AM HARDSTYLE
Brennan Heart Nov 11, 2018
In the heat of the moment 🔥🔥 #IAMHARDSTYLE
Brennan Heart Nov 10, 2018
A fresh new location for Pioneer DJ alpha ... for sure this one was next level!🔥🔥 Thanks to my german #IAMHARDSTYLE family 🇩🇪 and props to my man Toneshifterz for joining me on stage! #Goodtimes #Friends #Family #Lübeck 📸
Brennan Heart Nov 09, 2018
#IAMHARDSTYLE is coming back to Germany 🇩🇪 Reveal your character and #ShowYourTrueColors - 9th March 2019, Maimarkthalle Mannheim Presale starts Friday, 16th November, 17:00 › Attend here: I Am Hardstyle 2019 - Germany
Brennan Heart Nov 07, 2018
Got a really exciting RMX request this week!!!🤫 Can YOU guess for who? Tip; #thinkoutsidethebox
Brennan Heart Nov 06, 2018
Who remembers this spaceship?!🛸🔥🛸🔥🛸 #IAMHARDSTYLE #Family #dreambeach
Brennan Heart Nov 03, 2018
What to do on a free Saturday🤔? #timeoff
Brennan Heart Nov 01, 2018
Halloween Pumpkin is getting better every year! Thanks for having me❤️ #IAMHARDSTYLE #Family 📸
Brennan Heart Oct 30, 2018
Always the best catching up with my buddy Trevor Guthrie Time for a follow up?🤔🤗 #Vancouver #tourlife
Brennan Heart Oct 30, 2018
November schedule 🚀✈️🏎🚁 Which booking are you looking forward to?! #tourlife
Brennan Heart Oct 29, 2018
REVERZE 2019!! Can’t wait for YOU! Proud to be part again of Belgium’s best Hardstyle event! #Reverze #IAMHARDSTYLE #Family
Brennan Heart Oct 28, 2018
Sunday’s #IAMHARDSTYLE #tourlife
Brennan Heart Oct 27, 2018
About last night!! Nothing but LOVE to YOU❤️ Escape #IAMHARDSTYLE #family 📷 OD Creative Media
Brennan Heart Oct 26, 2018
I did this edit of Don Diablo "People Say" for fun. To be honest, absolute one of my favorite tracks atm in my sets! 🔥🔥🔥
Brennan Heart Oct 26, 2018
Thinking about my HALLOWEEN costume🤔 Suggestions?!
Brennan Heart Oct 24, 2018
Tomorrow I’m heading back to LA! One of my favorite cities😎 Always love to spend time at Venice Beach and write music in between! #tourlife
Brennan Heart Oct 22, 2018
Treat your family well❤️ #IAMHARDSTYLE #family
Brennan Heart Oct 20, 2018
Eight years in a row in the DJ Mag Top 100 representing Hardstyle means a lot to me! I'm proud to have YOU as my FAMILY! Thanks for showing your love & dedication worldwide! #IAMHARDSTYLE
Brennan Heart Oct 19, 2018
Thanks SLAM for the good times last Wednesday! Currently working on the new episode of #WERHardstyle. Which tracks would you like to hear? Let me know in the comments!
Brennan Heart Oct 18, 2018
Thanks for all the great feedback on my latest "Partyfreak" with Galactixx! Which of your friends is a real Partyfreak? Tag them in the comments! #IAMHARDSTYLE