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Brendan Maclean Feb 04, 2019
Be first to pre-order my debut album And The Boyfriends on iTunes.
Brendan Maclean Feb 01, 2019
Pre-Order available on iTunes, Google Play and Amazon. [Art by Mister B Nation]
Brendan Maclean Jan 24, 2019
South Australia my one night only solo show for The Adelaide Fringe is on sale now. No extra shows so get you and your best friend a ticket ASAP. Love you F**king Adelaide!
Brendan Maclean Jan 20, 2019
One of the most lovely things about creating music is watching people make stuff out of it. This beautiful video was sent to me last year and wanted to wish the creative team all the best with the film circuit. Intimately shot and intuitively danced. Glad to share it! 💙 Directed and Produced by Michael Herman Alli Sebastian Wolf
Brendan Maclean Jan 09, 2019
South Australia - incoming solo show from me, your dad, at Adelaide Fringe. One night only so grab a ticket and let's get emotional! Playing new songs from And The Boyfriends as well as all my greatest hit(s?).
Brendan Maclean Jan 06, 2019
And The Boyfriends March 22
Brendan Maclean Jan 01, 2019
Brendan Maclean Dec 11, 2018
And The Boyfriends. My debut album is available for pre-order now:
Brendan Maclean Dec 09, 2018
Hey Adelaide friends - tickets are moving along for my show at 2019 Adelaide Fringe. Going to be a lovely night and I'll be playing a few songs from my upcoming album And The Boyfriends. xx
Brendan Maclean Dec 06, 2018
Stoked! My second year smashing the million streams mark. Thank you so, so much for your support. I love you very much. It goes without saying... I wouldn't be anywhere without you. To 2019 and my first album. You're a beauty. <3 And if you haven't followed me on Spotify I ask, why not? Love you forever if you do. xo
Brendan Maclean Dec 03, 2018
*AIR HORNS* Melbourne I'm coming for you this Friday and bringing friends Simo Soo and Regan Lynch along for the ride. We'll be playing alongside Whiskey Housten, Brooke Powers and Sunshine & The Disco Faith choir. See you at Melbourne Museum. Tickets through ze link!
Brendan Maclean Nov 29, 2018
Big news! I'm returning to the Adelaide Fringe playing one night only in The Garden of Unearthly Delights. This will sell out so grab your tickets today. I can't wait to play for you, it's been too long!
Brendan Maclean Nov 24, 2018
Hey cuties! I've been working real hard getting ready to release my debut album very early next year and I'll be keeping you up to date with it all over on Instagram. Follow me there for all upcoming gigs over the crazy season. I can't believe I'm finally going to release an album. What's five EP's between friends? [Photo by Brock Elbank]
Brendan Maclean Nov 22, 2018
Next on the gay agenda? Loose Ends Summer Dance: Tonight at OXFORD ART FACTORY. I'll be smashing a vocal set alongside some true kings and queens and in-betweens of late night music. 1st + 2nd release Sold Out. Only a handful of General tickets left and once this lot are gone, they're gone! Get on it dancers.
Brendan Maclean Nov 20, 2018
Hand me the green drink! I'm coming back to Woodford Folk Festival and joining musicians like Kimbra, Alex The Astronaut and Electric Fields helping you ring in the New Year at one of the very best and biggest festivals Australia has on offer.
Brendan Maclean Nov 20, 2018
Well that's camp. Woke up to find Where's The Miracle had it's first big kid radio play on triple j and Hibernia cracked 50k streams on Spotify. Not too shabby! Had a listen? Follow me on Spotto and give 'em a squiz. Love you! 🧡
Brendan Maclean Nov 15, 2018
Where's The Miracle? New portrait by Jonno Révanche.
Brendan Maclean Nov 09, 2018
Well, hello there Melbourne. Let's get nocturnal. ✨
Brendan Maclean Nov 07, 2018
SYDNEY: I'm on solo duties supporting my good rock and roll friends Baby Beef tomorrow at Waywards. We love the beef! If you don't know now ya know, neighbour!
Brendan Maclean Oct 24, 2018
Absolutely stellar write up from Junkee for my new single Where's The Miracle. Over the moon with the response - already planted itself in my top 5 most played tracks on iTunes. Thank you SO much, and thanks to David James Young for this beaut article.
Brendan Maclean Oct 22, 2018
SYDNEY: I'm playing The Factory Theatre this Wednesday for Homage. Myself, Marcus Whale, Jordan Raskopoulos, Sports Bra and more pay tribute to our personal queer icons in music. Book ya tix. It's gonna be camp af + we're all very talented. 🎉💕
Brendan Maclean Oct 21, 2018
Where's The Miracle Out on whatever you listen to music on
Brendan Maclean Oct 19, 2018
"He’s unveiled a new, fresh and honest version of himself – and it absolutely kills." Max Lewis - Purple Sneakers
Brendan Maclean Oct 16, 2018
My new single Where's The Miracle is yours to buy or stream all over the world. I hope you feel it. Thanks for sticking with me on this journey. Love you. 🧡
Brendan Maclean Oct 16, 2018
This is my new single Where's The Miracle Photo by Jonno Révanche Out everywhere music is.