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And the Boyfriends
Brendan Maclean Aug 23, 2019
Atlanta, that was unforgettable. Thank you!
Brendan Maclean Aug 09, 2019
Remixed by stereogamous with a music video directed by Stef Smith ased And The Boyfriends in March my gay uncles Stereogamous promised me a remix and deeply delivered with this luxe 3am mix of Goes Without Saying. What I didn’t expect was a surprise listening party with some of my favourite Sydney icons from our queer community in my favourite bar in town, The Bearded Tit: Queerbourhood. So many queer icons here, Betty Grumble, Kilia Tipa, Nicola Enrico Bruni, @Beau Kirq - totally proud of this beautiful time capsule.
Brendan Maclean Aug 05, 2019
Counting down the days now until I play my first American headline show ever! Can't wait to meet you Atlanta babies, sksksksksksk.
Brendan Maclean Jul 30, 2019
Personally I wouldn't do it, but you, you look like a person who would do it. Follow me on Spotify and then drop your favourite gondola based emoji below! There are three to choose from for some reason. 🚠🚡🚟
Brendan Maclean Jul 18, 2019
[NEW YORK: SOLD OUT] We've released the final seven tickets to the New York show at Club Cumming. Last call, let's do this baby. <3
Brendan Maclean Jul 18, 2019
Before I head off to play Atlanta I've got one more party up my sleeve in Melbourne for CLOSET 10 Years Party Series - Brendan Maclean (Fri July 26)! Some of my very first baby shows were opening slots and DJ sets at Closet and I've always felt like an extended member of their beautiful family. Leaving the band at home for this one, let's dance and sing some pop music!
Brendan Maclean Jul 13, 2019
Just sold out my first gig in the US. Totally blown away, thank you. xx
Brendan Maclean Jul 10, 2019
New York, I'm coming home! August 25 I'll be playing at the scandalous Club Cumming - this is not a drill. Me, you, the piano and catching up on about ten years of releasing music. Absolutely pinching myself. Go, go, go! [19 tix remaining]
Brendan Maclean Jul 07, 2019
Thanks for 5 Seconds of Summer for inviting me to make a cameo at the Friends of Friends party. Everyone was so lovely and the audience restored my faith in live shows. Amazing work for a good cause xo
Brendan Maclean Jul 02, 2019
Love to see it. Stupid 💜 2,000,000 streams on Spotify.
Brendan Maclean Jun 28, 2019
I could have loved you!
Brendan Maclean Jun 18, 2019
The butterflies are beginning to gather kicking off the two John Grant support slots. I'll be playing a solo support slot back in my natural habitat behind the keyboard, I'm delightful. Now look, it's not even mandatory to see me but you'll truly kick yourself if you miss John Grant. I honestly had tickets before I got the support slot. Sydney, we're on for Saturday at The Metro. Get on with it!
Brendan Maclean Jun 17, 2019
I've been waiting months to tell you about this but my first US headline show is going down in Atlanta! Stick August 17 in your diary 'cause we're having a party baby. Tickets on sale Monday! So thankful to the team flying me over. This is going to be so, so special. I'm coming baby!
Brendan Maclean Jun 11, 2019
So people really ARE listening to the new record? What a relief. Celebrating 100,000 streams of my new album And The Boyfriends. Celebrate by streaming my new album And The Boyfriends. Thank you so much. xx
Brendan Maclean May 29, 2019
"Like a meeting of Robyn and Talking Heads." Follow Brendan Maclean on Spotify to hear Stupid, House of Air and his critically acclaimed new album And The Boyfriends now:
Brendan Maclean May 24, 2019
Ayyy!!!! Cheers for coming out to help launch my first LP And The Boyfriends at The Gasometer Hotel. Much love to my friend and album producer Sarah Belkner for supporting and our Melbourne ultra special guests Cry Club. The band, the audience, Free Energy Device Studios's Richie on travelling sound and all the people that make wonderful shows like that happen. Gosh - I struggle to find the words to say how wonderful you all are. Hopefully you've had a chance to listen to the new record? Maybe once with your headphones and once on some huge speakers and maybe on some crappy laptop speakers - in order, out of order, in your own better order? I'm really happy it exists and I hope something on And The Boyfriends resonated with you. It's been a joy to share. *The next adventure is supporting John Grant at The Metro June 22. Bomb photos by the talented Seb Reivers.
Brendan Maclean May 22, 2019
Over the rainbow to announce I'm supporting a true hero of song: the magnificent John Grant. One of greatest lyricists on Earth (and throughout the galaxy) with a voice that will heal your tired soul. A delight to be his special guest at the Metro this June. Tickets will sell out so get on top of it Sydney!
Brendan Maclean May 15, 2019
And we're off to Melbourne. Having a croon on JoyFM radio this afternoon and getting set for the big band show at The Gaso on Thursday with Sarah Belkner and Cry Club. This has been Moleman Maclean in the morning. 👑
Brendan Maclean May 14, 2019
Melbourne, this Thursday I'm playing The Gasometer with my dearest friend and producer Sarah Belkner and the greatest duo Australia has seen since Savage Garden, my babies Cry Club. Tix going quick sticks, cheaper online than on the door:
Brendan Maclean May 12, 2019
That was a beauty Sydney. Thanks so much to The Red Rattler Theatre for having us. Incredible sets from Lupa J and Sarah Belkner who'll be coming with me to Melbourne this Thursday. So stoked to have Cry Club as our special guests. Grab some tickets for The Gaso.
Brendan Maclean May 10, 2019
Friends in Sydney tomorrow I invite you to come and make our space yours as we play songs from my album And The Boyfriends. The Red Rattler Theatre is like a second home to many of us in the inner west, a place that respects it's audience and so I hope we as a group can respect The Rattler. Be here, be queer, be yourself, explore your idea of what you think a gig should be and beyond just my own show, come discover music you didn't know you were about to fall in love with. My band The Boyfriends sound wonderful, I'm bursting to show them off to you. Tickets will be available on the door, but they'll be more expensive. That's business. Doors at 8pm, don't be late!
Brendan Maclean May 09, 2019
This Saturday I'm playing songs from my new album with a full band of dear friends at The Red Rattler in Sydney. I'd love to see you there.
Brendan Maclean May 04, 2019
No one comes to look when you're in love with the wolf... And The Boyfriends out now. Portrait by Jeff Anderson Jnr.
Brendan Maclean Apr 23, 2019
A rare full band show in Sydney. Supported by album producer Sarah Belkner and absolute powerhouse Lupa J. FOMG it's gonna be so good. Let's sell this baby out!
Brendan Maclean Apr 14, 2019
Dipping into the weekend with this lush remix of Tectonic by the amazing Kristian Nairn aka Hodor from Game of Thrones.