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And the Boyfriends
Brendan Maclean with Sarah Belkner and Lupa J at The Red Rattler Theatre (May 11, 2019)
Venue: The Red Rattler Theatre (Sydney, NSW, Australia) Find tickets
Brendan Maclean Apr 23, 2019
A very rare full band show in Sydney. Supported by album producer Sarah Belkner and absolute powerhouse Lupa J. Final early bird tickets up today. No extensions. xo
Brendan Maclean Apr 14, 2019
Dipping into the weekend with this lush remix of Tectonic by the amazing Kristian Nairn aka Hodor from Game of Thrones.
Brendan Maclean Apr 11, 2019
Brendan Maclean And The Boyfriends Playing Sydney and Melbourne this May.
Brendan Maclean Apr 05, 2019
Incredibly proud to have Sarah Belkner produce my first LP. An incredible musical force in her own right [joining me on the tour - which you should buy tickets too] perhaps her greatest gift to the record was asking me to put the songs before anything and everything else. Glad to see my friend getting due credit. "Producer, co-lyricist, keyboard player and on several tracks backing vocalist (as well as co-vocal on one outstanding song) is Sydney’s Sarah Belkner. Her influence on the recording is strong, it really seems as if Maclean, an openly proud gay man, and Belkner, married to the album’s recording engineer and mixer Richard Belkner are kindred spirits." Thank you 4ZZZ in particular Blair Martin for this considered write up for And The Boyfriends. xoxo
Brendan Maclean Apr 01, 2019
Big mood. 🔥
Brendan Maclean Mar 29, 2019
"Robyn meets Talking Heads." ★★★★ - Herald Sun "Makes you want to dance, cry and call up your exes." ★★★★ - Metro D.C. "And The Boyfriends signifies an artist who’s found a new way to simply be." - Julian de Valliere
Brendan Maclean Mar 28, 2019
AND THE BOYFRIENDS SHOW ANNOUNCEMENT: Tickets on sale now. With guests Sarah Belkner, Lupa J (SYD) and Cry Club (MELB)
Brendan Maclean Mar 27, 2019
Brendan Maclean Mar 25, 2019
And The Boyfriends is The AU Review's Album of The Week. Mazel tov 🎉
Brendan Maclean Mar 23, 2019
It's been lovely watching And The Boyfriends album unfurl with you all. The bops being found first obviously, slowly unravelling to the mid-tempo ballads and then the trickier tracks - each taking a moment in the spotlight and informing the next. Never experienced that before and it's a pleasure. Which song is resonating with you?
Brendan Maclean Mar 22, 2019
My first interview for And The Boyfriends with Billboard
Brendan Maclean Mar 22, 2019
Brendan Maclean And The Boyfriends now streaming on Spotify.
Brendan Maclean Mar 21, 2019
Brendan Maclean And The Boyfriends out now.
Brendan Maclean Mar 18, 2019
Art by Sebastian Reivers. Photography by Jonno Révanche. And The Boyfriends, my debut album, is out everywhere this Friday.
Brendan Maclean Mar 17, 2019
And The Boyfriends produced by Sarah Belkner. Out this Friday.
Brendan Maclean Mar 15, 2019
Goes Without Saying. Next Friday. Pre-order now, wake up on Friday and cry.
Brendan Maclean Mar 14, 2019
Brendan Maclean Mar 11, 2019
And The Boyfriends featuring the singles Hibernia and Where's The Miracle is out March 22. Follow me on Spotify to stream it first:
Brendan Maclean Mar 09, 2019
I can not wait to share this with you. Pre-order now on iTunes:
Brendan Maclean Mar 04, 2019
Brendan Maclean Feb 26, 2019
Brendan Maclean Feb 22, 2019
Well that is lovely. Was awarded Best in Music this week at Adelaide Fringe. Thanks to the staff at The Garden of Unearthly Delights for hosting me and so, so much love to everyone who came along - I've played Fringe in big productions but this was my first time playing solo, so you've helped keep the fraud police away. Off to play Secret Garden today (who do not give out awards to their detriment) and today also marks one month until you get to hear And The Boyfriends. *cough, pre-order in comments, cough* Anyway - bye Adelaide. I love you! See you spoon. xx
Brendan Maclean Feb 04, 2019
Pre-Order Brendan's debut album: Brendan Maclean And The Boyfriends
Brendan Maclean Feb 01, 2019
Pre-Order available on iTunes, Google Play and Amazon. [Art by Mister B Nation]
Brendan Maclean Jan 24, 2019
South Australia my one night only solo show for The Adelaide Fringe is on sale now. No extra shows so get you and your best friend a ticket ASAP. Love you F**king Adelaide!