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Let's Make Love
New York City
More Than Pussy - The Remix EP
Talk to la Bomb
Talk to la Bomb
Live In NYC
Brazilian Girls
Brazilian Girls Nov 26, 2018
Brazilian Girls Nov 24, 2018
Tonight in Albany NY! Featuring Aron Magner, Al Street, and Marc Brownstein Show starts at 12:30 Yes this is gong down people.
Brazilian Girls Nov 01, 2018
Might have to just wear this condom dress again tonight #safetyfirst #happyhalloween
Brazilian Girls Oct 14, 2018
A beautiful detail from @isabel.coixet an artist we love. #homme
Brazilian Girls Sep 26, 2018
Hey beauties! Tonight’s the night us and the incredible Domenica Fossati do our free show at the Santa Monica Pier. Excited to see all of you there 💋 More info here: Https://
Brazilian Girls Sep 21, 2018
Hello internet friends! We are really excited to be sharing the stage with our good friend Domenica Fossati for the Twilight on the Pier show in Santa Monica on the 26th. She will be filling in for Sabina for the night and it’s going to be a very special and unique Brazilian Girls experience, see ya there :)
Brazilian Girls Sep 18, 2018
#letsmakelove #braziliangirlsband #newmusic do you have yours? 📷 @r_musicbox
Brazilian Girls Sep 16, 2018
Brazilian Girls Sep 14, 2018
#letsmakelove #pirates #braziliangirlsband #wildwildweb #havingfun😄
Brazilian Girls Aug 28, 2018
Denver peeps! Tuesday night!
Brazilian Girls Aug 16, 2018
I ‘m sorry to say that I won’t be able to come sing for you at Twilight on the Pier in LA on September the 26th and Ottessa Fest outside DC on September the 29th. The reason for this is a promise that I made a little while ago to my angel and best friend, my mother, who unexpectedly decided to free herself from her earthly body. I must keep that promise. I invite you to come join Brazilian Girls feat. Domenica Fossati, in celebration of my keeping that promise. She’s as un brazilian as I am, but she’s a true and fierce performer. I will be there in spirit when Didi, Jesse and Aaron will play and Domenica Fossati will sing for you and for me. -Sabina
Brazilian Girls Jul 31, 2018
Hey Everybody! Some really special artists remixed ‘Balla Balla’ and we compiled them into an EP which was just released! Huge thanks to Bombay Dub Orchestra, Hardkiss, and +1 Listen to them here:
Brazilian Girls Jul 31, 2018
Gavin Hardkiss / Hawke
Brazilian Girls Jul 26, 2018
Very excited to be a part of this year's Twilight On The Pier series at the Santa Monica Pier in California. We will be playing a free show there on September 26th!
Brazilian Girls Jul 26, 2018
Friends, lovers, fans, we're sharing the bill at this year's REI Outessafest / DC Area to celebrate amazing women, the music they make, and the earth that inspires them! Come celebrate with us! Grab your tickets here:
Brazilian Girls Jul 18, 2018
Balla Balla Balla Balla Balla Balla! ‘Balla Balla’ is the official song of the new Apple Watch ad!Watch the spot below:
Brazilian Girls Jun 26, 2018
Brazilian Girls Jun 22, 2018
Six Degrees Records
Brazilian Girls Jun 20, 2018
's cover photo
Brazilian Girls Jun 20, 2018
Hey everybody! We're really excited to announce that we will be performing at this years REI Outessafest / DC Area !!! Here's a video teaser as well as the ticket link for all of you lovelies. Have a great day! Tickets:
Brazilian Girls Jun 14, 2018
Paris!!! Je vais me reveiller avec toi... merci! SOLD OUT! #letsmakelove #braziliangirlsnyc @kartelmusicgroup 📸 @vladdyzhi
Brazilian Girls Jun 13, 2018
@richmixlondon was a beautiful extravaganza. So much love was made and shared. Thank you London 🙏🏼#letsmakelove #tour @ Rich Mix London
Brazilian Girls Jun 12, 2018
@richmixlondon tonight! #london!#braziliangirlsband #braziliangirlsnyc #letsmakelove 🖤🖤🖤📸 @mfmavor
Brazilian Girls Jun 12, 2018
LONDON Tonight, Tomorrow PARIS!