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More Than Pussy - The Remix EP
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Brazilian Girls
Brazilian Girls Jul 25, 2019
That night in Atlantic City, @theofficialsting played #megustascuandocallas on his telecaster bass. #sting #telecasterbass
Brazilian Girls Jul 11, 2019
Tonight! Tickets are going fast!
Brazilian Girls Jul 02, 2019
Brazilian Girls Jun 27, 2019
Hallelujah! JEDI residency stats July 2nd at Nublu 151!
Brazilian Girls Jun 27, 2019
Aaron Johnston's JEDI project NYC residency starts Tuesday July 2nd! At Nublu 151! Don't miss out!
Brazilian Girls Apr 30, 2019
Aaron Johnston's JEDI @Jazz Fest in New Orleans this weekend!
Brazilian Girls Apr 18, 2019
you can "like" the J.E.D.I. project here:
Brazilian Girls Apr 18, 2019
you can now listen to the full track here: Aaron Johnstons new project J.E.D.I. come to a theatre near you:)
Brazilian Girls Apr 16, 2019
Aaron's new single out today!
Brazilian Girls Apr 10, 2019
Aaron Johnston's J.E.D.I. will be performing at the Fillmore Auditorium in Denver this Saturday night!!!!
Brazilian Girls Mar 16, 2019
#diegedankensindfrei #thoughtsarefree #braziliangirlsnyc #braziliangirlsband
Brazilian Girls Mar 15, 2019
Aaron's new project J.E.D.I. Northeast tour starts next week!
Brazilian Girls Mar 06, 2019
Colorado! Fort Collins! Aaron's project J.E.D.I. Is coming in April, don't miss out!
Brazilian Girls Feb 21, 2019
Aaron Johnston's project J.E.D.I. Will be back again for this years Jazz Fest in New Orleans!
Brazilian Girls Feb 17, 2019
#critic #braziliangirlsnyc #braziliangirlsband #letsmakelove Six Degrees Records 🎥 @krystalquiles
Brazilian Girls Feb 17, 2019
Brazilian Girls Feb 15, 2019
Brazilian Girls Feb 15, 2019
Brazilian Girls Feb 09, 2019
Aaron Johnston's J.E.D.I. Has it's March dates with a great lineup!
Brazilian Girls Jan 30, 2019
Hello!! Any friends out there? #didiisthirsty #braziliangirlsband #braziliangirlsnyc #letsmakelove
Brazilian Girls Jan 29, 2019
Coming to Colorado with Aaron Johnston's J.E.D.I. (Jazz Electronic Dance Improvised). At the Fillmore in Denver with members of String Cheese Incident and Thievery Corporation and Break Science. Killer line up! Hope to see you there!
Brazilian Girls Dec 15, 2018
#dontstop #braziliangirlsband #letsmakelove #pussypussypussy
Brazilian Girls Nov 26, 2018
Brazilian Girls Nov 24, 2018
Tonight in Albany NY! Featuring Aron Magner, Al Street, and Marc Brownstein Show starts at 12:30 Yes this is gong down people.