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BRAIDS May 07, 2019
‪Playing a couple festivals this summer in our beautiful province of Quebec ! ‬ All new tracksssssssssss 🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍 ‪🦋 July 6th ~ Festival D’Ete: ‪🦋 August 3rd ~ Osheaga: ‪🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🦋🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍‬
BRAIDS Apr 30, 2019
BRAIDS Jul 20, 2018
Last week, I signed an online petition and inadvertently opened a pandora’s box of misogyny, so I wrote about it. If the article resonates with u please share. Xo Raphaelle
BRAIDS Jun 07, 2018
I was stewing the other day about how very difficult it is being in a band sometimes. I was thinking this as we were in week 2 of album melt down. It was feeling gruelling, confusing, our direction unknown. As I sat on the couch, frustratingly practicing my guitar line after having stormed from the studio I began to think of what I am grateful for with being a part of this dynamic, of working so closely with my two best friends. A pondering on gratefulness was the only way to avoid a destabilizing 3rd week. Seriously. So I began thinking of how we’ve been doing this for 11 years, 11 years TOGETHER. ⠀ We’ve spent these 11 years completely building our lives around one another, constantly thinking about what the others need, about how to balance their needs amongst our own, about how to keep the ship afloat and how to be selfless. The way a band stays together is mainly through selflessness. Selflessness and the willingness to talk, to work it out when ugly things begin to bubble under the hood. I began to wonder how many melt downs we’ve had BUT how many we recovered from. I wondered how many times I’ve quit YET rejoined the band. I wondered how many storm outs and then group hugs we’ve had. How many bad shows and then shows that leave you buzzing, high, feeling like nothing can take u off that cloud. ⠀ Being in this band has taught me how to recover, how to continue loving and believing in each other amongst the bad days, the bad weeks the bad shows. It has taught me and continues to teach me the power of resilience and of friendship. And it has shown me the beauty of building a life with those you love, to stick through it with them, to go through the journey together. The gratitude I feel of being able to look back with Austin and Taylor on the many chapters of our lives, is a gift we’ve worked hard for, and that I cherish with my whole being. ⠀ So all this to say, ⠀ that we are 11 years strong, and 11 years into making our strongest record yet.⠀ We love you for listening and for your support over the years. Really, really.⠀ Alright, ⠀ now back to work ! ;)⠀ Xoxo, Raphaelle ⠀ #resilience #friendship #newrecord #11years Photo by Melissa Gamache
BRAIDS May 13, 2018
For my Mom💖 Back when I was a little one my mom & I had this unspoken tradition of going to the drug store when we had time to kill. We would walk up and down the isles & talk about whatever. We’d try weird eye shadow colours on and flip through gossip magazines. My mother would explain to me ‘the male gaze’ or how I didn’t need a boob job to feel worth it. I would get annoyed, being 10 years old, and would leave my mother in search of things that were more fun than her lectures. My favourite place in the drug store was the card section. Here I would spend forever reading hallmark quotes, wiping sparkles from the cards onto my hands. We rarely ever bought anything, sometimes some candy or lip gloss. The drug store is a place that I still go when I’m feeling lost or in need of comfort brought on by nostalgia...Just perusing the isles, and still I find myself always at the card section. Last weekend my best friend and I went to the pharmacy and spent half an hour reading all the Mother’s Day cards until we found our favourite ones. We took pictures of quotes we wanted to write on cards that were less expensive. It’s so funny and beautiful the things we carry around with us from our mothers. As time passes I realize how much like my mom I am becoming, and I love it. My mother encouraged me to write Miniskirt, to wear feminism on my sleeve like it’s my favourite go to. The more my writing has developed and the more that I give less of a shit.... if that makes sense, the more I hear my mother coming out of me. The lyric from Burdock & Dandelion “What if I asked, do you like your cock?” Is something my mom & I laughed about on the phone. I told her about the boy I was dating & how he asked me if I liked my breasts, she was like “well what the hell ! What if you asked ‘do you like your cock!’ He would shrivel and die, these idiots!!!!” My Mom is always the fire when I’m feeling put out. She reminds me to get back out there & to enjoy the feeling of being sassy, sexy, vulnerable & confrontational. Here is a long winded way of saying I LOVE MY MOM. #happymothersday To all the fierce and bad ass moms out there, u r so loved ! #feminist #badassmomma
BRAIDS May 02, 2018
Sonic apothecary for digital malaise, 2 new tracks : Collarbones, Burdock & Dandelion For those of u that have ever taken selfies, contorted ur body for selfies, pushed up ur breasts, hid ur breasts, hid ur ass, pushed up ur ass, exaggerated ur bulge, exaggerated ur collarbones, turned up the contrast, softened ur lines, been ghosted, ghosted, used tinder, failed at tinder, fallen down an instagram hole, deleted and downloaded it, deleted and downloaded it, deleted and downloaded it, wandered the drug store for clarity, thought hair dye could ease ur pain, at least for a couple days, and flipped the bird at 1 or all of these things - these songs are 4 u We hope you can sing with them, scream with them, dance with them, laugh with them and dream of how u want to feel and deserve to feel. Take a moment for urself. xo Braids
BRAIDS May 02, 2018
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BRAIDS May 02, 2018
Somethings coming..... ;)
BRAIDS Apr 20, 2018
Touring this May in the US/CANADA alllllll new & unreleased material. Tickets: 05/03 - Montreal, QC - La Sala Rossa^~ 05/04 - Winooski, VT - Waking Windows 05/06 - Cambridge, MA - Middle East* 05/08 - Washington, DC - Songbyrd* 05/09 - Philadelphia, PA - Johnny Brenda’s* 05/11 - New York, NY - Zone One @ Elsewhere*^ 05/12 - Annandale-on-Hudson, NY - Smog* Special guests: *Alexia Avina ^Graham Van Pelt ~Common Holly Photos by Romana Kovacsová & Libor Galia
BRAIDS Mar 31, 2018
BRAIDS's cover photo
BRAIDS Mar 29, 2018
Guess what ?! We’re playing more shows, this time in the #EASTCOAST US & #MTL. New songs, hot #energy, feeling primed, feelin on fire ! Don’t miss it 🔥💥💓🎸TIX #USTOUR #SPRING #FLING #hashtag
BRAIDS Mar 29, 2018
💛EUROPE IN 2 DAYS💛 03/31 - Bucharest, RO -Control Club 04/02 - Budapest, HU -A38 04/03 - Vienna, AT - B72 *new venue* 04/04 - Prague, CZ -Meet Factory 04/05 - Warsaw, PL -Cafe Kuluralna 04/06 - Poznan, PL -Scena Na Pietzre 04/07 - Gdańsk, PL -Klub Zak 04/09 - Jena, DE -Trafo 💛TIX💛 :
BRAIDS Mar 09, 2018
Polska! Przyjedziemy do Was już w kwietniu! 6 kwietnia zagramy między innymi w Poznaniu w Scena na Piętrze! Bilety możecie nabyć TUTAJ:
BRAIDS Feb 21, 2018
We’re touring again ! This spring in EASTERN EUROPE 🌸 Getting ready to record and testing out new material :) can’t wait to share new songs with u. Really !!! 🌸tickets🌸at
BRAIDS Jan 02, 2018
We are playing on January 26th in Winnipeg at Big Fun Festival at the West End Cultural Centre! Can't wait to see you there :) <3 Tickets are on sale now -
BRAIDS Aug 26, 2017
Calgary ! We will be trying out a handful of new material that we've been working on for the last 8 months on September 22nd in our home town. It will take place at the beautiful National Music Centre for the "Studio Bell After Hours" series. It's going to be a seriously special night. We're feeling passionate and excited with what we've been working on. Reaching new heights ! You can find your tickets here: Xo, Braids
BRAIDS Jul 25, 2017
Hey bb's, raphaelle here ! My other project Blue Hawaii has announced our new album 'Tenderness' and has shared a new track today 'No One Like You' - listen below 💕 & preorder here:
BRAIDS May 30, 2017
BRAIDS Feb 20, 2017
Delighted to announce that we will be going back over to Asia in March! Escaping from this winter madness in favour of Ramen and hotpot! Tickets -
BRAIDS Feb 20, 2017
*Please note that the venue has changed for Ulaanbaatar and it is now at UB Palace: * :)
BRAIDS Feb 20, 2017
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BRAIDS Nov 10, 2016
Did a remix for KT Tunstall's track 'Maybe It's A Good Thing'. Got to harmonize with her damn beautiful voice ! Got a few more shows with her coming up! Tour dates/Tix here -
BRAIDS Oct 24, 2016
Loved KT Tunstall since high school & now we're opening her UK tour! *dream* STARTS TODAY <3 Tour dates/Tix here - Much love, Braids xo
BRAIDS Sep 21, 2016
Qt's ! We r playing a festival in Cardiff. UK October 22 - if ur across the pond, come out ! ;)
BRAIDS Jul 26, 2016
Touring the UK this October/November with the fabulous & amazing KT Tunstall !!