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Love and War
Moonshine in the Trunk
Wheelhouse (Cracker Barrel Special Edition)
This Is Country Music
Hits Alive
American Saturday Night (Bonus Track Version)
5th Gear (Bonus Track Version)
Brad Paisley Christmas
Time Well Wasted
Mud On the Tires
Part II
The Collection: Brad Paisley
Who Needs Pictures
Brad Paisley at Casino Rama Resort (April 26, 2019)
Venue: Casino Rama Resort (Rama, ON, Canada) Find tickets
Brad Paisley Dec 11, 2018
CMA Country Music Association
Brad Paisley Dec 05, 2018
Tootsies. Tonight. 6 PM. #BuckedOff
Brad Paisley Dec 05, 2018
‪Send your video here and it may be featured in my new video for #BuckedOff‬
Brad Paisley Dec 02, 2018
You. Me. On Stage. You read that right – we’ll sing together during a show closing encore! Donate $10 to (RED)’s fight to end AIDS to enter:
Brad Paisley Dec 01, 2018
War hero, congressman, Ambassador, CIA Director, VP, President, father, family man, friend. Thank you for your friendship and for giving yourself so fully to these United States. I’ll miss you pal. Barbara’s got the whole place organized up there by now, I’m sure. Go home.‬ #georgehwbush
Brad Paisley Dec 01, 2018
New Single, #BuckedOff solo nailed! Great job Luke Gallagher Can I get a lesson please?
Brad Paisley Nov 29, 2018
Here in a few minutes when the new South Park airs on Comedy Central, look closely in the background for this poster...and also for a certain song of mine. #SouthPark ‬
Brad Paisley Nov 27, 2018
Head into Boot Barn through tomorrow to enter to win!
Brad Paisley Nov 24, 2018
Nashville’s coolest bookstore, Parnassus Books is donating 10% of profits today to charity, including St Luke’s, and you can also buy books in store or online from their curated lists to donate to St Luke’s! #indienashgiving #smallbussinesssaturday
Brad Paisley Nov 23, 2018
Happy Thanksgiving!
Brad Paisley Nov 21, 2018
Did you see Brad’s performance of “Bucked Off” on the CMA Awards? Check it out here!
Brad Paisley Nov 20, 2018
The Oak Ridge Boys. Snoop Dogg (RED) Jimmy Kimmel Live #Bono
Brad Paisley Nov 20, 2018
Tonight! The Red Special, U2 and a bunch of us. Jimmy Kimmel Live tune and shop (RED)!
Brad Paisley Nov 15, 2018
Roy Clark shaped my path. My Papaw introduced me to his music as a toddler. Every Saturday we’d watch Hee Haw. My first guitar book was a Roy Clark guitar method. I practiced his style, then practiced making his facial expressions. He was a hero. My story is not unique. How many guitar players started with a Roy Clark guitar method book? How many guitars were sold to people wanting to play because of him? How many lives were made better because of his wit and joy? I’m one of so many.
Brad Paisley Nov 15, 2018
The CMA Awards: Where even the Chevy Silverado shows up in its Sunday best. Looking good last night Chevrolet!
Brad Paisley Nov 15, 2018
Me and Carrie, and Carrie, and Carrie...
Brad Paisley Nov 14, 2018
#AlexaPlay the CMA Awards playlist.
Brad Paisley Nov 14, 2018
Have you heard “Bucked Off” yet? If you haven’t, here it is. If you have, well, listen again. Download and stream here:
Brad Paisley Nov 14, 2018
I can't wait for TONIGHT! Join us for the #CMAawards LIVE at 8|7c on ABC.
Brad Paisley Nov 13, 2018
Brad Paisley
Brad Paisley Nov 13, 2018
's cover photo
Brad Paisley Nov 13, 2018
To hear the rest, turn on your radio..... #buckedoff Now available:
Brad Paisley Nov 13, 2018
Turbo twang retro-futuristic rockin’ hi-fidelity country music on its way. Today! In STEREO. #buckedoff #getbackon
Brad Paisley Nov 13, 2018
I can't wait for you to join us for the #CMAawards live TOMORROW at 8|7c on ABC!
Brad Paisley Nov 12, 2018
I’ll be preparing for the big night listening to all of this year’s contenders on Amazon Music. #AlexaPlay the CMA Awards playlist.