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Red, Yellow & Blue
Born Ruffians Dec 22, 2018
shondi festoon, 2018. the best shondi party of all time. thank you all for being a part of it. already counting down til next year. thank you luna li & poesy for opening the show and embracing the shondi spirit. thank you to everyone for jumping on stage for the big snowy finale, especially little junior & roger for surprising us dressed as four undertakers, which made me keel over laughing. what a SHONDI GIFT. and thank you to everyone who has come out to see us this year. what a way to end 2018. see you all soon, may shondi the clown never visit you. 🌸💐HAPPY SHONDI💐🌸 📷: mitch brown
Born Ruffians Dec 19, 2018
toronto we are SOLD OUT - and on the EVE OF SHONDI no less! i hope you got your ticket for 🌸💐SHONDI FESTOON💐🌸 tomorrow at the danforth! get ready to dress as your best friend, bring your sealed food cans to place under the festoon lamp, and cheer away shondi the clown! and before the show why don’t you get ready with some of these lesser know shondi traditions? we couldn’t possibly cover them all, but we did our best. how is it shondi already?? HAPPY SHONDI!! 🌸💐🤡💐🌸
Born Ruffians Dec 19, 2018
what is that? wait what IS that? oh, i know: it’s red, yellow & blue on vinyl which we will have for you this thursday at the danforth for 🌸💐SHONDI!💐🌸 those last few balcony tickets are almost gone so don’t wait until shondi to get yours or you’ll be SAD. 🤡 HAPPY SHONDI! 🤡 🎟:
Born Ruffians Dec 17, 2018
TORONTO! check out this exclusive shirt we’ll have ONLY at our 🌸💐 shondi festoon 💐🌸 show this thursday at the danforth! only a few balcony tickets remain! go get yours so you can also get this limited edition beauty, which as you can probably guess, i got a real soft spot for. 🍁🏒 🎟:
Born Ruffians Dec 15, 2018
DC! we’re finally back after being snowed out this past march. lousy smarch weather. come see the last show of our 🇺🇸 run with little junior tonight at DC9! early show! doors 7 LJ 7:30 BR 8:30 DOOO ITTTT 📷: roger galvez
Born Ruffians Dec 15, 2018
it’s less than a week until 🌸💐 SHONDI FESTOON 💐🌸 so i think it’s time we learn more about that rascal the shondi clown. everybody better be good or else he’ll come for a visit this thursday at the danforth! okay? OKAY?!? .. happy shondi! 🤡
Born Ruffians Dec 14, 2018
PITTSBURGH! tonight. we play you for the first time ever. i don’t know how it took this long. please forgive us by coming to spirit tonight and singing our songs back into our faces. k thx. ❤️💛💙 📷: roger galvez
Born Ruffians Dec 14, 2018
PITTSBURGH! we're in town tonight (dec 14) at Spirit Hall. can't believe it's our first time visiting you. see you at the show! tix here -->
Born Ruffians Dec 11, 2018
RICHMOND! we're in town on December 13th for the first time EVER. lets close out the year with the fun. grab your tickets here -->
Born Ruffians Dec 11, 2018
DAVENPORT! early show tonight at the triple crown whiskey bar (doors open at 6). it’s our first time in your lovely city so let’s do it up right. right? RIGHT. ❤️💛💙 📷: roger galvez
Born Ruffians Dec 11, 2018
🌸💐 happy shondi from born ruffians & little junior 💐🌸 📷: roger galvez
Born Ruffians Dec 10, 2018
had ourselves a day off after texas knocked us on our ass but now it’s time for kansas city. see you tonight at record bar with little junior. 📷: roger galvez
Born Ruffians Dec 08, 2018
DALLAS. the big D. we’re bringing our little D’s to three links deep ellum tonight (the D stands for derrières). 📷: roger galvez
Born Ruffians Dec 07, 2018
it’s time for more 🌸💐shondi💐🌸 traditions! who doesn’t love gathering up sealed food cans and placing them beneath the festoon lamp? well on 12/20 at the danforth we will be accepting food bank donations! so you can bring your own cans and place them under the festoon lamp yourself! for real! 🌸💐 HAPPY SHONDI! 💐🌸
Born Ruffians Dec 07, 2018
SAN ANTONIO! see you tonight at paper tiger. it’s our first ever show in your beautiful city so expect a lot of heartbreak kid shawn michaels references and/or poses.
Born Ruffians Dec 07, 2018
🇺🇸RUFFLEMANIA IS RUNNING WILD🇺🇸 see you jabronis on the road as tour picks back up tonight in austin with our tag team partners little junior. oh hell yeah? amazing edit by rowdy roger galvez! 💪
Born Ruffians Dec 05, 2018
TORONTO! only a few tickets remain for our 12/20 SHONDI FESTOON show at the danforth. i’m not kidding when i say you’ll be sad if you miss out on the biggest shondi party of all time. so go get them before they’re gone. if you’re looking to save money this shondi season, balcony tickets are only $8.88 (before stupid tickets master fees, very un-shondi like)! 🌸💐HAPPY SHONDI💐🌸 🎟:
Born Ruffians Dec 04, 2018
TEXAS! hands up if you’re coming to our four show run. it all starts tonight in houston at white oak music hall. then it’s off to austin, san antonio, and dallas. then more shows after that. just not in texas. that’s how tour works i guess. 📷: roger galvez
Born Ruffians Dec 04, 2018
NEW ORLEANS! we’ve been wandering around your beautiful city all day and now it’s time to play a show. us and little junior are at gasa gasa tonight. come party. ❤️💛💙 📷: roger galvez
Born Ruffians Dec 03, 2018
New Orleans! we're in town tonight at Gasa Gasa. Limited tickets available at the door, or grab them right here and we'll see ya at the show -->
Born Ruffians Dec 03, 2018
PITTSBURGH! we're in town December 14th at Spirit Hall for the literal first time ever. crazy, right? can't wait to see you. grab your tix -->
Born Ruffians Dec 02, 2018
orange ya glad we all bought these florida shirts 🍊🍊🍊
Born Ruffians Dec 01, 2018
GAINESVILLE! tonight we wrap up our florida run with you at the wooly. so i better get off the floor i guess. see you soon. ❤️💛💙 📷: roger galvez
Born Ruffians Nov 30, 2018
☀️ FLORIDA ☀️ it feels good to be back. last night in jacksonville was a damn dream. see you tonight orlando - soundbar with little junior. YEP. 📷: roger galvez
Born Ruffians Nov 29, 2018
these very cool too sweet boys are going to jackson...ville. intuition ale works tonight with little junior. see y’all there. ❤️💛💙 📷: roger galvez