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Winter Thrice
For the Elements: 1996-2006
The Archaic Course
The Olden Domain
Madrid is the Dark VII Madrid is the Dark VII 2019
Venue: Sala But (Madrid, Spain) Find tickets
Borknagar, Saor, Hamferð, Thurisaz, and 1 more… at JOC Gentbrugge (December 7, 2019)
Venue: JOC Gentbrugge (Ghent, Belgium) Find tickets
Borknagar Aug 13, 2019
Our new single is on the top of the Black & Dark Metal playlist on @Spotify! Check it out now! ---> #borknagar #centurymediarecords #spotify #blackanddarkmetal
Borknagar Aug 09, 2019
Check out our new track “The Fire That Burns” on the AppleMusic Breaking Metal playlist! –> Click the link to listen
Borknagar Aug 07, 2019
Pre-order our new album True North at the Century Media Records online store and receive 15% off! The bundle includes an exclusive True North t-shirt and a limited pressing of 200 metallic gold vinyl! Shop now>>>
Borknagar Aug 07, 2019
Thank you @Spotify for including “The Fire That Burns” in the New Metal Tracks playlist. Check it out now!
Borknagar Aug 05, 2019
Our official merchandiser in USA, Kings Road Merch, has some awesome and exclusive pre-sale bundles for you. 🤘🔥🤘 Check it out: Rock on! #borknagar #truenorth #kingsroadmerch #icsvortex #larsarenedland #oysteinbrun #josteinthomassen #bjørnrønnow
Borknagar Aug 04, 2019
Anyone heard our new single 'The Fire that Burns' yet? Check it out here: Pre-sale: Side note: --->September 6th<--- #borknagar #truenorth #centurymediarecords #icsvortex #larsarenedland #oysteinbrun #josteinthomassen #bjørnrønnow
Borknagar Aug 02, 2019
Borknagar's cover photo
Borknagar Aug 02, 2019
BORKNAGAR release first single “The Fire That Burns” taken from new album “True North”! “True North” is available for pre-order now here: Norway’s avantgarde Black Metal pioneers and innovators BORKNAGAR arise at their most spirited and resplendent on their 11th studio album, “True North”, which is going to be out on September 27th, 2019. Today BORKNAGAR release the single “The Fire That Burns” as a first impression from the upcoming album. Øystein G. Brun comments: “Finally, the very first single from our upcoming album “True North” is unleashed upon the world, entitled “The Fire that Burns”. On the verge of releasing our 11th album, we’re naturally bound to reflect some about our lengthy past, all the music we have created and all the fights we have fought. In the name of music. Still we are here after 25+ years, stand firm on our musical visions and ready to boot up for yet another musical journey - wherever that may lead in this vast and wondrous world. So when deciding the first song to be released, “The Fire That Burns” was an easy pick. Not because the song represents “True North” as a whole, neither because of the song represents some sort of musical peak. “True North” is way too diverse for such a pick and please concept. But rather it was chosen because of the nature of the song. Musically it’s true towards the musical heritage of BORKNAGAR, and last but not least, the song deals with “The Fire That Burns”. Forever. The very spark that makes life a greater probability than death. Enjoy and rock on!” Next to the Digital Download and the LP version (black and colored), “True North” will be available in Europe as limited CD Digipak (+2 additional bonus tracks) in its first pressing run. #borknagar #newalbum #newsingle #metal #centurymedia #icsvortex #larsarenedland #oysteinbrun #josteinthomassen #bjørnrønnow
Borknagar Jul 26, 2019
The last months have been truly intense, but finally everything has been wrapped up and we're set for the release of our 11th album, 'True North'. The album is being pressed as we speak, the promo material has been sent to journalists all over the globe and the very first interview session happens today! Onward! We would like to thank the people that have been part of this ride. Jens, Tony and Linus at Fascination Street Studios for supreme sonic brilliance. Marius Strand at Strand Studio for the thunderous drum recordings. Thor Erik Dullum for the bone chilling yet heart warming pictures (of our precious north). Marcelo Vasco Arts for the visual wizardry. Jørn Veberg for making grumpy old men shine. And last but not least we would like to thank John Ryan of Cruachan for lifting three of our songs to new heights by gracing them with his strings. Thank you so much!! 🤘 🙏🤘 Additional note; --->August 2nd<--- #borknagar #truenorth #centurymediarecords #fascinationstreetstudio #strandstudio #crosoundstudio #marcelovascoarts #thorerikdullum #johnryan #cruachan #jornveberg #icsvortex #larsarenedland #oysteinbrun #josteinthomassen #bjørnrønnow
Borknagar Jul 17, 2019
Official teaser for Wacken Winter Nights 2020! Something very familiar about this one, check it out! 🤘
Borknagar Jul 04, 2019
This happened! We are very much looking forward to bringing some true northern winter to Germany! See you there!! 🤘 #wackenwinternights2020 #wwn2020 #borknagar #icsvortex #larsarenedland #oysteinbrun #josteinthomassen #bjørnrønnow
Borknagar Jun 22, 2019
Graspop! Wow! We truly had a blast!!! 🤘 #graspopmetalmeeting #borknagar #larsarenedland #icsvortex #oysteinbrun #josteinthomassen #bjørnrønnow
Borknagar Jun 19, 2019
Borknagar Jun 19, 2019
BORKNAGAR reveal cover and release date of new album “True North” Extend deal with Century Media Records The upcoming album by Norway’s avant-garde Metallers BORKNAGAR, entitled “True North”, will be released by Century Media Records/SonyMusic on September 27th, 2019. Following up 2016’s acclaimed “Winter Thrice” release, the new BORKNAGAR effort has once again been mixed and mastered by Jens Bogren at Fascination Street Studios in Sweden. BORKNAGAR founder and guitarist Øystein G. Brun comments: “This has indeed been a thunderous ride, and we are truly excited to finally start revealing some news about our upcoming album. We have spent almost 2 years writing, recording and producing ”True North” and we are extremely proud of what we have achieved this time around. On behalf of the whole band, I can firmly say that we have pushed the limits of our musical exploration, while our musical roots have grown even deeper into the northern ground. This is the most diverse, powerful and grandiose BORKNAGAR album to date! Let there be no doubt! Yet again we have been working with Thor Erik Dullum and Marcelo Vasco Arts for cover and layout design. From the very beginning of the process, we wanted this album to have a very clear, crisp and organic cover that spearheads the cold and northern essence of the album. So what could be more natural than basing it on our very own Nordic surroundings? Furthermore, we are also very happy to reveal that we have extended our deal with Century Media Records. Onwards!” BORKNAGAR live: 22.06.2019 Dessel (Belgium) – Graspop Metal Meeting 15.08.2019 Falun (Sweden) – Sabaton Open Air 06.12.2019 Madrid (Spain) – Madrid Is The Dark And more to come... BORKNAGAR line-up: (from left to right) Øystein G. Brun – Clean and Electric Guitars Lars A. Nedland – Keys and Vocals ICS Vortex – Bass and Vocals Bjørn Dugstad Rønnow – Drums Jostein Thomassen – Lead Guitars Photo by Jørn Veberg #borknagar #truenorth #centurymediarecords #jørnveberg #marcelovascoarts #icsvortex #larsarenedland #oysteinbrun #josteinthomassen #bjørnrønnow
Borknagar Jun 18, 2019
BORKNAGAR 2019 Photo by Jørn Veberg
Borknagar Jun 06, 2019
We have some awesome news coming up next week!🤘 In the meantime, here is a couple pix from our show at Maryland Deathfest 2019, about two weeks ago! 🤘 Photo cred: Hillarie Jason #hillariejason #marylanddeathfest2019 #oysteinbrun #larsarenedland #icsvortex #josteinthomassen #bjørnrønnow #espguitars #positivegrid #newborknagaralbum #centurymediarecords
Borknagar May 26, 2019
Baltimore, what a wonderful night! We certainly had a blast! Thank you for making our return to USA a night to remember for a long time! We will be back!! 🤘 #marylanddeathfest2019 #20winterssincelasttime Photo cred:
Borknagar May 16, 2019
In exactly 1 week from today we are on our way over the pond to do Maryland Deathfest 2019! Were so much looking forward, 20 yrs since last time we played on US soil. To mark the event we've made an exclusive shirt design, delivered by our official merchandiser Kings Road Merch Design by Marcelo Vasco Arts Hope to see you all there, let's make it memorable! 🤘 #marylanddeathfest2019 #kingsroadmerch #talentnation
Borknagar May 01, 2019
Next up: Maryland Deathfest 2019! 20 winters since last time we roved the American soil. We are so much looking forward!🤘 See you all at 25th of May 2019! #borknagar #marylanddeathfest #talentnation #letsmakeamericarockagain #icsvortex #larsarenedland #oysteinbrun #josteinthomassen #bjørnrønnow
Borknagar Apr 28, 2019
After close to 2 years of hiatus in terms of live activities, it was just lovely to get back on stage! Ragnarök Festival 2019 was a blast-as always! Thanks allot to by Danny Jakesch @ trabi for this awesome picture. The very first with the new line up. Cheers! 🍻🙌 #borknagar #ragnarokfestival #metaltrabi #icsvortex #larsarenedland #oysteinbrun #josteinthomassen #bjørnrønnow
Borknagar Apr 27, 2019
Thank you Germany! We had a blast playing the Ragnarök Festival 2019!! #borknagar #ragnarokfestival #stagekult #robsherredsound #audixmics #espguitars #positivegridbias #larsarenedland #icsvortex #oysteinbrun #josteinthomassen #bjørnrønnow
Borknagar Apr 14, 2019
Awesome rehearsals over the weekend, preparing for upcoming shows! We would like to thank James and the rest of the team at #positivegrid for endorsing us and providing outstanding weaponry for the upcoming adventures. The Bias head mini is damn easy to use, awesome to play and sounds incredible! 🤘 #borknagar #positivegrid #positivegridbias #oysteinbrun #josteinthomassen #icsvortex #larsarenedland #bjørnrønnow #newborknagaralbum #centurymediarecords
Borknagar Apr 05, 2019
This happened! Hope to see you all at the Madrid is the Dark festival in December! Cheers! #borknagar #icsvortex #larsarenedland #oysteinbrun #bjørnrønnow #josteinthomassen #madridisthedark #stagekult
Borknagar Mar 14, 2019
AND JUSTICE FOR ART- VOL 2 The new book "And Justice For Art - Volume 2: Stories About Heavy Metal Album Covers" features a chapter about Borknagar's debut album cover and a exclusive interview with Øystein G. Brun. This book features 254 color pages, more than 400 graphics and 100 interviews. It's exclusively available at:
Borknagar Mar 12, 2019
BORKNAGAR WELCOMES NEW GUITARIST JOSTEIN THOMASSEN Borknagar welcomes Jostein Thomassen as new guitarist in the band, replacing former guitarist Jens F. Ryland. Jostein is a very experienced and extremely skilled guitarist from Notodden, also known for his work with bands such as Profane Burial, Viper Solfa, Fracture, Source of Tide. Jostein has been a part of the recording process of the upcoming album. Øystein G. Brun comments; "I am extremely happy to get a new axeman at my side, and it has been a pleasure to learn to know Jostein both as a person and as a musician. We have already rehearsed quite some together this winter, but also worked intensely here in my Crosound Studio to record guitars for the upcoming album. I am truly amazed by the level of professionalism and dedication Jostein has shown throughout the process. And I stand in awe for his crispy clear tone, precision and beautiful feel as a guitarist. Onward mate! " Jostein Thomassen comments; "Borknagar’s music is a perfect match for my musical taste and playing style. Melodic, raw and challenging. I'm honoured to be a part of the band and look much forward to share the stage with allof them for the upcoming gigs. The last months work together with Øystein, with both new and older songs, have been rewarding as a guitarist, learning new ways of musical thinking. His sharp sense of details in musical compositions, sound and chord progressions truly makes the Borknagar sound unique! Watch out... amazing release ahead!" On another note, BORKNAGAR just recently finished recording the upcoming album. The album is currently being mixed by Jens Bogren at Fascination Street Studios as we speak. More updates will follow shortly. Cheers! #borknagar #icsvortex #larsarenedland #oysteinbrun #newborknagaralbum