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Bondax & Friends - The Mix Album
Bondax Jul 26, 2019
LDN! Hyped to return to Night Tales tonight for an extended set! We're playing 12-3, tickets almost sold out but grab the final few here: event:
Bondax Mar 20, 2019
Excited to come back to Romania, its been a while! Catch us at Electric Castle this june! Tix here:
Bondax Feb 11, 2019
Bondax Jan 14, 2019
Hyped to play Night Tales in Ldn on the 16th Feb! Tickets here: Dice -
Bondax Dec 01, 2018
Back once again with Episode 10! Thanks for everyone listening, hope you enjoy this one as much as we enjoyed recording it. Big love, A&Gx
Bondax Nov 29, 2018
How to sample vinyl, courtesy of Coldcut!
Bondax Nov 26, 2018
In the studio with the legend Roy Davis Jr.
Bondax Nov 22, 2018
Enjoy moments of love, they can't be replicated.
Bondax Nov 20, 2018
D'Angelo and Questlove looking over us...
Bondax Nov 19, 2018
MAD slipmats! 🤯
Bondax Nov 19, 2018
Studio time, need dat MS-20...
Bondax Nov 18, 2018
Enter the night 🌉
Bondax Nov 17, 2018
Track 1 - Waking ☀️
Bondax Nov 14, 2018
When the album's out and you know how to celebrate. Happy hump day.
Bondax Nov 12, 2018
Moved to London recently, feeling at home already 🏡. G x
Bondax Nov 09, 2018
All inside.
Bondax Nov 08, 2018
Coming at you live & direct.
Bondax Nov 06, 2018
We've seen it all together <3 Brothers.
Bondax Nov 05, 2018
"I'll never let final light go to waste..." 'Last light' closes the album, it's a track that brought us back home. We wrote the idea reflecting on the past years touring around this time of year... 🎆
Bondax Nov 03, 2018
Track 8 - Eyes On You 👁
Bondax Nov 02, 2018
Natural crunchy sounds. Sampling forms. This was all part of the production process for creating our new album, Revolve. If you haven't checked the doc out yet, now's your chance //
Bondax Nov 01, 2018
Big love to all of you who came down to our UK shows. Time to leave the dark rooms for a minute & get back in the studio! G & A 📹 by Isaac Wilkinson
Bondax Oct 31, 2018
Baz lovin the zombie treatment haha! Happy Halloween all 🦇
Bondax Oct 30, 2018
Eyes On You was the quickest & possibly most enjoyable track we produced on the album. Created in London with our good friend Daniel Alexander, the song focuses on the confusion of contemporary life. Once Adam started playing the initial idea on a Wurlitzer in the studio we all knew exactly where the piece needed to go & it became an exercise in restraint: only sounds, lyrics & melodies that belonged to the meaning of the track could be used. The restriction we gave ourselves created a very definite direction that lead to what we feel is one of the most raw & meaningful songs on the album.
Bondax Oct 29, 2018
Big big love to anyone who made it to one of our tour dates this past month. It was such a pleasure to be able to share tracks we've had to keep hidden away on the album for a quite a while. Catch you all soon. A&G x