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Falling Out

Body Language Jun 26, 2019
Body Language Oct 30, 2018
Spinning one of my favorite parties in Brooklyn, Broke City, this Friday at Jupiter Disco as Pleaxure (detroit / house) with good friend, Tristan Arp and the man himself, Jordan Ehr. If you aren't up on Broke City, please do yourself a flavor and attend for the tunes and the tymes. its gonna be real.¬if_id=1540918126004367
Body Language Jun 01, 2018
We are taking a moment to say farewell to ACME Studio, who is moving out of their space today. ACME has been such a tremendous creative outlet for us over the years. Many Body Language photoshoots and videos have been done there including Really Love, Just Because, Addicted, What's the Point, and I'm a Mess to name a few! Just wanted to take a moment to say thank you them for the great helping hand that they've leant us - we really could not have accomplished much without them.
Body Language Mar 31, 2018
This backlit photo at this bar is absolute 🔥
Body Language Mar 05, 2018
Body Language Feb 27, 2018
We received a great little video from Melissa Roca for one of our fav deep cuts on Grammar, "Lovelife." We're gettin' a beach day early this spring! twitter / IG --> @melissaroca_
Body Language Feb 11, 2018
Body Language Dec 05, 2017
Pop over to Hypercolor and peep the new new collab that just dropped. The Ooze feat Vacationer.
Body Language Dec 01, 2017
Brooklyn peeps -- Tonight Grant will be spinning Detroit cuts at Jupiter disco along side good friend and Broke City-curator Jordan (AKA Dunes who did the Just Because remix). FEATURING YUSU all the way from Vancouver and Will DiMaggio. COME THRU!!
Body Language Nov 26, 2017
Folks are fit and happy here in FL 😂😂😂
Body Language Nov 18, 2017
Whoahhhhh @pendryhotels
Body Language Oct 18, 2017
New Giraffage is now out featuring our very own Angelica Bess !!
Body Language Sep 29, 2017
Listen up! New track is now up from Angelica Bess x Machinedrum! This. track. is. sweet.
Body Language Sep 05, 2017
Body Language Aug 25, 2017
Here is a new goodie from Matt and Grant's project, Hypercolor.
Body Language Jul 27, 2017
Oh snap! Infinite Sunshine is finally on Spotify! Add it to your list.. perfect summer jams! Peace!
Body Language Jul 08, 2017
Body Language Jul 08, 2017
Biggest dance floor! We're at Lincoln Center tonight w @frenchhornrebellion. Discooooooooooo
Body Language Jul 08, 2017
hey fam! we've been writing new tunes and can't wait to spread the love. ALSO! Tomorrow night at 7:30pm we slay outside of @lincolncenter for Midsummer Night Swing Series with @frenchhornrebellion. Info in bio ❤🤘🏾
Body Language Jul 07, 2017
LIVE TOMORROW in NYC!! Body Language and French Horn Rebellion at Lincoln Center for the Midsummer Night Swing !!
Body Language Jul 02, 2017
Bro do you even bird? #birding #beering #camping
Body Language Jun 19, 2017
Only two days to go for this mixing contest!
Body Language Jun 14, 2017
You're so vain, you probably think this song is about you, don't you
Body Language Jun 07, 2017
Body Language Jun 02, 2017
Playing at the Lincoln Center on July 8th!