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Bobby Conn Apr 13, 2019
Happy Record Store Day!
Bobby Conn Apr 09, 2019
Bobby Conn and Charles Baudelaire join forces on four original tracks! Plus other Baudelaire-inspired tracks by Azita, Matchess, and Monica Boubou. Today is Baudelaire's 198th birthday, too.
Bobby Conn Mar 11, 2019
This exists in the world now - we have two tunes on this sweet new Skin Graft Records comp! A song about the history of nougat ("Sticky Nougat") and a song about the difficulty in dating dudes at the sports bar ("Man Crush"). Two audio snaxxx from the vaults of unreleased/unfinished stuff. But check it out! Lots of good tunes from our old friends CHEER-ACCIDENT, The Flying Luttenbachers (!!!), Lovely Little Girls, Cellular Chaos, and more. It's the 90's again, but we can play our instruments a little better! And we have better judgement and make better life choices (comparatively)!!!
Bobby Conn Jul 29, 2017
Cool badges KC Milkman made for us!
Bobby Conn Jul 07, 2017
Adam LeDeuce and Billie Howard performing as Akousen tonight in Chicago. It's getting much heavier now....
Bobby Conn Jul 05, 2017
This was great - the whole tour was a sweet, wet dream!
Bobby Conn Jun 24, 2017
Thank you, Berlin! We loved being Down by the River!
Bobby Conn Jun 24, 2017
Thank you for the peanuts! We had a great time at the Avant-garde Festival!
Bobby Conn May 29, 2017
Hello fans of psychedelic music! We will be playing at this lovely festival on a farm just outside of Hamburg on Friday, June 23.
Bobby Conn May 26, 2017
The Pretty Flowers!
Bobby Conn May 12, 2017
Please consider contributing to this crazy-beautiful project! Baudelaire is the OG, the Original Goth!
Bobby Conn Apr 28, 2017
Schauen Sie sich das neue Video von Bobby an! Er wird mit Schlittschuhen gemütlich!
Bobby Conn Mar 12, 2017
Tonight!!! 7:30 Sharp!!!
Bobby Conn Jan 23, 2017
Thanks to everyone who came out last night!
Bobby Conn Aug 11, 2016
More old stuff - a show from the first Euro tour in 1998. One of the formative experiences of my life (although I don't remember very much about this particular show!). I love Weasel Walter, Douglas Walker and Jonathan Joe in this band - there is an oddly compelling, genuinely anti-social vibe to our stage presence. Some great playing by everyone else, but I think I can sing and play better these days, actually! Ahh, the good old days... Thanks to Weasel for posting - and check out the latest from Cellular Chaos - the new record is amazing, as is Weasel's new solo release. LEGENDARY!
Bobby Conn Aug 04, 2016
The return of the Large Format Bobby Conn Band - featuring old friends Jim "Dallas" Cooper on bass, Josh Johannpeter on drums, DJ LeDeuce on electronics, Monica BouBou on violin & vocals, newish friend Billie Howard on keys/violin and newest friend Devin Davis on guitar. See us before we scatter to the winds for another few years! August 26 at Co-Pro in Bridgeport. Thanks to Andy Slater for these excellent pix from the Empty Bottle on August 1st!
Bobby Conn Jul 22, 2016
All the really stupid "funny bits" of our weekly radio show - now compiled in hour long chunks of irritation! Check it out.
Bobby Conn Jul 12, 2016
I don't know what we thought we were doing.
Bobby Conn May 13, 2016
Pink, golden crown, Beretta. What's not to like? I love it! Thanks for listening.
Bobby Conn May 09, 2016
Bobby Conn May 09, 2016
Bobby Conn
Bobby Conn Apr 21, 2016
Prince RIP. There will never be another.
Bobby Conn Apr 21, 2016
Bobby Conn