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The Devil (Remixes) [Instrumentals]
The Devil (Remixes)
Antisleep, Vol. 04
The Devil
B - Sides and Other Things I Forgot
Antisleep Vol. 03
Blue Stahli (Instrumentals)
Blue Stahli
Antisleep Vol. 02
Antisleep Vol. 01
Blue Stahli Feb 15, 2019
My Sunset Neon remix of Anderson Rocio’s “Darkerside” is OUT NOW! I had a ton of fun making this remix, and Anderson Rocio wrote such a damn catchy song, the chorus is still stuck in my head
Blue Stahli Feb 15, 2019
I made a massive indiepop remix for Anderson Rocio as Sunset Neon and you should be dancing to this.
Blue Stahli Feb 13, 2019
album in progress
Blue Stahli Feb 11, 2019
‪Hot damn! I finished up a series of rad projects and custom stuff, so tomorrow will see me returning fully to working on Obsidian. There’s a lot of cool stuff coming your way.‬
Blue Stahli Feb 06, 2019
‪Aaaaaannnnnd track is done! Managed to make it home before 4am, so thankfully avoided walking out of the studio to the next day’s sunrise (which turns you to stone, I think).‬
Blue Stahli Feb 06, 2019
Blue Stahli Feb 05, 2019
Going to be a late night getting vocals all squared away on this track and then it'll be wrapped! Heavy + catchy + groovy + some stellar people = fist pumping radness.
Blue Stahli Feb 01, 2019
Hot damn! "Lakes of Flame" just got re-added to Spotify's official Metal Xplorer playlist!
Blue Stahli Jan 30, 2019
Stahlivision - Drivable Weiners
Blue Stahli Jan 28, 2019
‪Making something weird for you.‬
Blue Stahli Jan 24, 2019
Badass clip of a "Lakes of Flame" drum cover on instagram, check this out!
Blue Stahli Jan 17, 2019
Holy hell! Check out this amazing Blue Stahli back tattoo on featuring The Devil remixes image crafted by Virocity Nathan kicks a massive amount of ass for this!
Blue Stahli Jan 15, 2019
Behold, this killer placement of the Blue Stahli spiral in the completion of a stunning sleeve on the fully rad, Alex Cockers!
Blue Stahli Jan 12, 2019
‪Shirts from me, Comaduster and Raizer are 20% off through January, right here‬ ‪
Blue Stahli Jan 08, 2019
‪Packing up to head home from London tomorrow morning. Definitely a damn good recharge (inspiring as hell) and there’s a TON of new music to make for you!‬
Blue Stahli Jan 07, 2019
‪The mighty Comaduster expands on the glitch-heaviness of ‘Lakes of Flame’ with a digital expanse of bassmusic sound design ‬ ‪
Blue Stahli Jan 07, 2019
Hello Paris
Blue Stahli Jan 07, 2019
‪The freakishly talented made a killer pop art portrait of me displaying my 5-string bass as battleaxe stance!‬
Blue Stahli Jan 06, 2019
‪Freaking awesome to see the Hollywood Is Dead image created by Matt Busch showing up as #streetart in London! Follow Matt for incredible art!‬
Blue Stahli Jan 04, 2019
Staying the night in the studio of Flemish artist @david.degraef while in Bruges (I know), and not only is this town incredible, David’s art is something altogether gripping and a world all its own. An inspired dark artist, and a really good human to boot! Check him out
Blue Stahli Jan 04, 2019
Hello Bruges
Blue Stahli Jan 03, 2019
Blue Stahli Jan 03, 2019
‪Some amazing Blue Stahli fan art by wherein I point to who *exactly* should be listening to my music.‬
Blue Stahli Jan 03, 2019
‪Over on Instagram, cellmate.luka shows an awesome Blue Stahli tattoo with Takedown as the anthem!
Blue Stahli Jan 02, 2019