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The Devil (Remixes)
The Devil (Remixes) [Instrumentals]
Antisleep, Vol. 04
The Devil
B - Sides and Other Things I Forgot
Antisleep Vol. 03
Blue Stahli (Instrumentals)
Antisleep Vol. 02
Blue Stahli
Antisleep Vol. 01
Blue Stahli Apr 18, 2019
‪Holy hell! Finished lyrics for one song last night, and woke up with words coming from the ether for another.‬
Blue Stahli Apr 17, 2019
Blue Stahli Apr 17, 2019
I began the day thinking I'd be working more on my "sludgy doom metal with drum machines" track...but no. Today is 200bpm doublekick action.
Blue Stahli Apr 16, 2019
Join the best Spooky Lady I know for a good cause!
Blue Stahli Apr 16, 2019
Honored to have a chat with the mighty Andy Last on the Beyond Synth Podcast for my Sunset Neon project! Andy is a solid human and his passion for electronic music meeting all forms of nostalgia is unmatched.
Blue Stahli Apr 14, 2019
‪lyrics and rituals‬
Blue Stahli Apr 12, 2019
Blue Stahli Apr 11, 2019
Behold this badass Blue Stahli fan art by Skulls, circuits, flames, pitchforks, and guitars. What else do you need for a relaxing night in?
Blue Stahli Apr 09, 2019
Blue Stahli Apr 06, 2019
HOLY HELL! Look at this incredible Blue Stahli tattoo that Suave Assassin just got ( ) incorporating not only the lyrics of ULTRAnumb, but also my dumb signature! I am beyond blown away and all kinda of emotional. Go check out Olivia's art page here:
Blue Stahli Apr 05, 2019
music for rituals
Blue Stahli Mar 28, 2019
Riffs as weapons
Blue Stahli Mar 27, 2019
One of the most fun songs I've ever made, and especially awesome to have Emma Anzai of Sick Puppies take everyone to school on bass and backing vocals
Blue Stahli Mar 26, 2019
Apologies for the gratuitous “bass face” all over the place.
Blue Stahli Mar 21, 2019
Blue Stahli Mar 18, 2019
It's a super dumb dichotomy that I'm so excited for you guys to hear a song that's so weird and melancholy.
Blue Stahli Mar 18, 2019
While walking from the car to the studio, I remembered a riff that I had no clue what to do with and had a strange vocal idea. Came in and worked out the basis of a new song within that energized haze.
Blue Stahli Mar 17, 2019
‪It’s a damn good day for vocals.‬
Blue Stahli Mar 15, 2019
Blue Stahli Mar 15, 2019 Channel the summer haze with my Sunset Neon remix of the absolutely brilliant Anderson Rocio
Blue Stahli Mar 14, 2019
ULTRAnumb is featured on this official Spotify Finnish playlist!
Blue Stahli Mar 11, 2019
Blue Stahli Mar 08, 2019
You pushed "Lakes of Flame" over 1 MILLION streams on Spotify, and "ULTRAnumb" over 15 MILLION streams on Spotify! Big Blue Stahli merch sale over at during the month of March 2019
Blue Stahli Mar 08, 2019
By the way, lots of clips of what I'm working on in my Insta story
Blue Stahli Mar 06, 2019