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The Devil (Remixes) [Instrumentals]
The Devil (Remixes)
Antisleep, Vol. 04
The Devil
B - Sides and Other Things I Forgot
Blue Stahli (Instrumentals)
Antisleep Vol. 03
Antisleep Vol. 02
Blue Stahli
Antisleep Vol. 01
Blue Stahli Aug 18, 2019
Always a mix of both "horrifying" AND "magical" discovering some hidden/forgotten folder of my old Impulse Tracker and Scream Tracker files.
Blue Stahli Aug 16, 2019
DJ Force X is bringing you 365 days of Skratch, and here he is hitting the turntablism along with the track "Sunset Neon".
Blue Stahli Aug 15, 2019
If you enjoy such things as: 1. Kitties 2. Blue Stahli Then has you covered! There's some really awesome art over on that insta!
Blue Stahli Aug 12, 2019
Check out this absolutely incredible pencil sketch of me (with my ULTRAnumb video look) by ! 100% stunned by how talented this artist is! Go follow Rostislaw_ts for more jaw-dropping art!
Blue Stahli Aug 06, 2019
'The Fall' gone Southern Gothic swamp dirge.
Blue Stahli Aug 01, 2019
Massively thankful that my song "Lakes of Flame" is featured on the official Spotify Industrial Metal playlist
Blue Stahli Jul 29, 2019
Blue Stahli Jul 26, 2019
Making weird music that feels like you downloaded a .MOD from a secret BBS at 3am while a VHS of “Split Second” lights your room.
Blue Stahli Jul 25, 2019
What are your comfort horror/sci-fi movies?
Blue Stahli Jul 19, 2019
Close to the soul and away from all the doubt Live what is known when you hear the softest sound
Blue Stahli Jul 11, 2019
It's a day mixing one track, and placing vocals + doing new arrangement stuff for another!
Blue Stahli Jul 09, 2019
Check out Domi Dettling rocking a drum cover of Superhero Showdown! The drumpad samples for the intro claps got me good.
Blue Stahli Jul 04, 2019
The awesome Entropy Zero remix of Armageddon recently passed 100,000 plays on Spotify, and he made this cool video to celebrate!
Blue Stahli Jun 29, 2019
Blue Stahli Jun 28, 2019
Finally able to get my mom’s piano out of storage. When I was a kid, she rescued this thing from being sent to a dump so we could have some bit of music in the house (even if it was broken and beat to hell). Messing around on this as kid is how I started making melodies and putting little songs together. I still have no idea what the hell I’m doing on this thing (which is pretty evident), but love that I can return to it.
Blue Stahli Jun 22, 2019
‪living in lo-res‬
Blue Stahli Jun 21, 2019
In case you needed a Friday morning sing-a-long (don't deny it), I've totally got you covered. What better way to announce your weekend plans?
Blue Stahli Jun 08, 2019
Provided you're seeing this within 24 hours of Friday, there's some clips of radness in progress on my Instagram story
Blue Stahli Jun 07, 2019
Errr, that's "calm before the storm" as in the general vibe, not song title (that would be "Wind Beneath My Wings pt. 2: The Encrushening").
Blue Stahli Jun 05, 2019
Over on Instagram, shows her badassery with some Blue Stahli threads. The skull2.0 shirt that can summon eldritch cyberpunk dimensions in broad daylight, and the Blue Stahli wristband that enables the wearer to wield a broadsword forged of melted-down DVD's of the movie 'Hardware'.
Blue Stahli Jun 04, 2019
Yesterday, "Superhero Showdown" popped up in a TV spot for Stuber. Today, the good people at Position Music added "Superhero Showdown" to their Essential Epic Music AppleMusic curator playlist!
Blue Stahli Jun 03, 2019
The big stabby intro of my song "Superhero Showdown" is in the beginning of this new spot for Stuber!
Blue Stahli May 30, 2019
Blue Stahli May 29, 2019
Blue Stahli May 23, 2019
Over on twitter, sent along this awesome French cover of Scrape (acoustic)! Seeing as it was done as a school project, I'd say this automatically earns all involved *immediate* ownership of the school.