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The Devil (Remixes)
The Devil (Remixes) [Instrumentals]
Antisleep, Vol. 04
Enemy (Remixes)
The Devil
B - Sides and Other Things I Forgot
Antisleep Vol. 03
Blue Stahli (Instrumentals)
Antisleep Vol. 02
Blue Stahli
ULTRAnumb (Remix Contest Compilation)
Antisleep Vol. 01
Blue Stahli Dec 08, 2018
HOLY hell! Thank you so incredibly much for spinning so damn much of my music on Spotify! I’m honored to make noise for you, and have a LOT of cool stuff in store! #spotifywrapped #spotifywrapped2018
Blue Stahli Dec 06, 2018
I've updated my Acoustic Solitude playlist with gorgeous songs from Marissa Nadler Still Corners Sleepy Sun for these rainy fall days. #acousticmusic #fallmusic #playlist #bluestahli
Blue Stahli Dec 04, 2018
Check out this killer Blue Stahli portrait by WaywardDreams Art, along with the speedpaint video of its making and a window into her process for putting it all together! I love that she mentions how difficult it was to find even a freezeframe of me holding still. Speedpaint video:
Blue Stahli Nov 30, 2018
This is amazing! Katarzyna Ptak shares her phenomenal Blue Stahli tattoo of the pitchfork logo from the ‘The Devil’, lyrics from the title track, and some incredibly kind words. I can’t even fully express how much it means to know that this music resonated with someone to this degree!
Blue Stahli Nov 28, 2018
Hey, guess what? I put the whole damn deluxe edition of the debut album on YouTube for you. This deluxe album is also on vinyl! Vinyl at Amazon: Vinyl: The digital deluxe version of this can be found on SPOTIFY: Everywhere else:
Blue Stahli Nov 27, 2018
Remix is now up on YouTube for you
Blue Stahli Nov 27, 2018
This may be a weird question, but it's directly proportionate to how rad the night can be (and how spicy you made it). What's your favorite salsa/hot sauce?
Blue Stahli Nov 26, 2018
Blue Stahli Nov 23, 2018
This is a year where I lost more than I can even say, and got absolutely put through the ringer on top of it. But there are more good things than bad, and I can honestly say that I am thankful for YOU there, reading this message. I am monumentally glad that you exist. No matter what is happening in your life, thank you for supporting Blue Stahli and letting me be part of the soundtrack to your awesomeness. In whatever country, no matter what you’re going through, you are awesome and I’m glad I get to make music for you.
Blue Stahli Nov 20, 2018
‪Another night of splitting the studio past midnight. Lots to do before traveling for thanksgiving. Now to work on some weirdo lyrics...‬
Blue Stahli Nov 18, 2018
To celebrate the ULTRAnumb acoustic version finally existing, I've started a playlist of acoustic songs for wandering lonely forests. Featuring Emma Ruth Rundle IAMX Skunk Anansie and more! #acoustic #spotifyplaylist
Blue Stahli Nov 16, 2018
Blue Stahli Nov 16, 2018
ReGen Magazine
Blue Stahli Nov 15, 2018
I've been wanting to make this for you for a long time. Now, here is ULTRAnumb Acoustic in all its melancholy haze. SPOTIFY: Made for the vinyl, which you can get here: #acoustic #acousticmusic #indie #indiemusic #haunting
Blue Stahli Nov 15, 2018
Blue Stahli Nov 14, 2018
Over on Twitter, amazing Blue Stahli fan Yanko Meradzhiev got a Stahli-inspired tattoo echoing my spirals! I also want to point out that all of my tattoos are designed and inked by my frustratingly multi-talented sister Nicole Marie McCord and I see this is just as much of a tribute to her awesomeness as it is for the music. Go check out the incredible art that Nicole creates and *absolutely* go get tattoo work from her! Follow her insta!
Blue Stahli Nov 14, 2018
Over on Instagram, shows off both Blue Stahli double vinyl records and her ULTRAnumb shirt! Vinyl + shirts: Vinyl also at Amazon:
Blue Stahli Nov 13, 2018
Received a care package of frightful fun from the extremely good people at Dread Presents / Dread Central of all the Dread Central Presents movies! Massive thanks to true horror badass Jonathan Barkan for consistently being awesome. Can’t wait to dive into the scares and watch special features til my eyes become pure static. #horror #horrormovies
Blue Stahli Nov 12, 2018
Blue Stahli Nov 11, 2018
Got to jam on a keytar with some absolute badasses, and surrounded by a room full of some the best people in the world!
Blue Stahli Nov 10, 2018
Ohhhhh yesssss! The deluxe double vinyl of my debut album is out NOW, along with some awesome Virocity-designed shirts! Vinyl + shirts: Vinyl also at Amazon:
Blue Stahli Nov 09, 2018
Vinyl + shirts: Vinyl also at Amazon:
Blue Stahli Nov 08, 2018
Another short clip from the double vinyl unboxing video where I also show you some new Virocity-designed shirts. The vinyl comes out tomorrow, Nov. 9th 2018! vinyl +shirts at Vinyl also at Amazon Full video: Dress for the job you want...not the job you have.
Blue Stahli Nov 06, 2018
Blue Stahli Nov 05, 2018
A short clip from the full video where I show you the new Blue Stahli double vinyl and new badass Virocity fashion designs...complete with awkward #ASMR Vinyl release date = November 9th 2018! Goodies here: