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Heart of Glass
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Real Real Blondie (Live)
iTunes Festival: London 2014
Blondie 4(0)-Ever: Greatest Hits Deluxe Redux / Ghosts of Download
Greatest Hits: Blondie
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Essential Blondie - Picture This Live
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Blondie: Live
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Parallel Lines
Blondie Nov 19, 2018
Join us in Havana, Cuba for 4 nights of music and fun!
Blondie Nov 18, 2018
Cause if you say hello It'll mean you want to see me in the flesh
Blondie Nov 14, 2018
We're really enjoying seeing all your 'Heart of Glass' photos. Get your copy here: Photo by @roxysmusic51
Blondie Nov 12, 2018
Debbie and Chris attending the Whitney Museum of American Art's 'Andy Warhol From A to B and Back Again' exhibit last week Photo by Sean Zanni
Blondie Nov 11, 2018
Great artwork of Debbie by modclair!
Blondie Nov 08, 2018
CLEM BURKE: "The Ramones Were The Beatles Of The 70s."
Blondie Nov 06, 2018
Debbie tonight w Andy Warhol Whitney Museum of American Art w Barbara Sicuranza Joseph Beuys by Chris Stein
Blondie Nov 05, 2018
Debbie and Chris spoke to GQ recently about how Punk treated women, amongst other things. Listen on the Mad Influence podcast
Blondie Nov 04, 2018
Wash you up in red, rinse you up in blue Come on over to my house Put some color on you Photo by Mick Rock
Blondie Nov 02, 2018
Who's enjoying the Heart of Glass 12" EP? Heart of Glass took three incarnations of the song and five years to become the version we released in 1978. Listen to it's sonic journey on the EP here: Photo by @krdiow
Blondie Nov 01, 2018
Blondie Nov 01, 2018
Tommy, Debbie and Chris backstage at PBS Soundstage, Chicago, in December 2015. Photo by Miss Guy
Blondie Oct 31, 2018
Debbie and Matt attending Bette Midler's New York Restoration Project's Halloween party this week. Happy Halloween everyone!
Blondie Oct 28, 2018
The 'Blondie in Havana' cultural exchange this March will be an unique experience that we've wanted to do for a long time. Who's coming along?
Blondie Oct 26, 2018
The Heart of Glass EP, featuring six distinct versions of the track, is out now on 12" vinyl and all digital formats. Enjoy! UK Store - US Store -
Blondie Oct 25, 2018
"Afro-Cuban percussion is something I've always been interested in... 'Blondie in Havana' is an experiment" Clem Burke to Billboard
Blondie Oct 23, 2018
Blondie's cover photo
Blondie Oct 23, 2018
"I asked her, 'Debbie, what kind of music that's happening right now really turns you on?' She said, 'Donna Summer.' I said, 'OK, then how about us treating this song like it was meant for Donna Summer?'” Heart of Glass Producer Mike Chapman Pre-order the Heart of Glass deluxe 12” EP now UK store - US store -
Blondie Oct 22, 2018
"I hope I’m able to give a sense of what the vibe was like in New York in the Seventies. It’s not that long ago, but it seems like a long, long time" Chris Stein spoke to Rolling Stone about Point of View: Me, New York City and the Punk Scene.
Blondie Oct 21, 2018
We had a great Summer performing at festivals all over the U.S. and Canada this year. Thank you all for coming to see us. Photo by Riot_Fest
Blondie Oct 19, 2018
"'Heart of Glass’ was one of the first songs Blondie wrote, but it was years before we recorded it properly. We'd tried it as a ballad, as reggae, but it never quite worked. At that point, it had no title. We just called it ‘The Disco Song.’" Chris Stein Pre-order the Heart of Glass deluxe 12” EP now UK store - US store -
Blondie Oct 18, 2018
Debbie for Creem around '77-78 Creem was a super helpful early supporter - Chris Stein
Blondie Oct 16, 2018
First copy of the new book! Great intro by Jon Ronson Rizzoli New York. Chris
Blondie Oct 15, 2018
"Being in a band is this secret society, like the Masons" - Chris Stein speaks with The Guardian.
Blondie Oct 11, 2018
Debbie at Sea Hear Now Festival a couple of weeks back Photo by Stitched Sound