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blondfire Nov 15, 2018
Tune into S.W.A.T. and listen up!! My song “Here and Now” will be featured in tonight’s episode!✨🖤👌🏼 Episode 208
blondfire Oct 10, 2018
👹🧟‍♂️👻👩🏼‍🎤👨🏼‍🎤👻🧟‍♂️👹 Dear friends, It would mean the WORLD(s) to me (dorky pun intended) if you would take a second to check out my new project WORLDS I have with my good friend Anthony aka Antoine Diligent We just released a brand new single called “Watchin”. A dark/haunting kind of jam, just in time to get you in the mood for all things Halloween. We also have a few other singles with different dreamy vibes you might enjoy out there on the web. We’re having fun creating music and visuals together and I would LOVE for you to give us a listen and maybe a follow on here and Spotify if you’re feeling it. I can’t thank you enough for all the support in my creative endeavors. More music and good stuff coming soon. Plus, a new blondfire song at the top of the year! Much love to you!✨❤️✨ listen here:
blondfire Oct 05, 2018
Fresh new music for ya Friday!! WORLDS haunting new single "Watchin" out now everywhere!! Just click it!
blondfire Oct 05, 2018
Get. It. Now. WORLDS haunting new single "Watchin" available everywhere!
blondfire Oct 05, 2018
New WORLDS single "Watchin"available at the witching hour! #midnight #newmusic #getit
blondfire Oct 03, 2018
New WORLDS this Friday y'all!! #Watchin
blondfire Sep 21, 2018
#NewVideoAlert From WORLDS! Get lost with us in the brand new blissed out music video for "Strange Feeling"!
blondfire Sep 21, 2018
#MusicVideoAlert I'm excited to share the brand new video for my other band, WORLDS, with you!! Get lost with us in the brand new blissed out music video for "Strange Feeling"! Single available now on all digital services. Link to Spotify, Amazon Music, Apple Music and more...
blondfire Aug 03, 2018
#throwbackthursday to playing Lollapalooza 2013! Good times!
blondfire May 01, 2018
It's here! I'm excited to share “COMFORT ZONES” with you! The brand new single from my other band, WORLDS. Click here to listen and please share it if ya dig it! Spotify
blondfire May 01, 2018
Stay turned on.🔛Get in the zone🔝 Listen to the new single “Comfort Zones” from my band WORLDS-out now on all streaming services!! Spotify
blondfire May 01, 2018
New WORLDS music tomorrow!! Stay tuned... 📺 #newmusic
blondfire Apr 30, 2018
Bombshell Radio
blondfire Apr 20, 2018
I’m so shocked and saddened to hear about the passing of Avicii!! Bruce and I had the pleasure of collaborating with him on his “True” album, an experience we won’t forget. Only 28, gone way too soon. RIP💔 #RIPAvicii
blondfire Mar 21, 2018
A song I co-wrote with the lovely Meiko is Today's Top Tune on KCRW!! Just click this link and you can get a FREE download of "Back In The Game" all day today! Hope you like it!! <3
blondfire Mar 21, 2018
"Back In The Game", a song I co-wrote with Meiko, is the song of the day KCRW!! Which means you can get a FREE download all day today! Start your day off right, just click here:
blondfire Mar 16, 2018
🥊Back In The Game🥊 By Meiko is out today! I had the pleasure of co-writing this and a few other upcoming releases with her and Wally Gagel It was a blast making music together and cool to see the song is already getting support from KCRW's Morning Becomes Eclectic Give it a listen!
blondfire Mar 15, 2018
🎤⚡️In Your Face⚡️🎤 That time we played a fun Bear bar SXSW #sxswflashback #sxsw #bearsofinstagram 🐻
blondfire Mar 13, 2018
🌈SXSW Flashback🌈 photo by the amazing Ellie Pritts for VICE Live Nation Concerts #sxsw2016 #sxsw
blondfire Mar 12, 2018
“Strange Feeling” sounds like Everything But The Girl covering Fleetwood Mac‘s “Dreams“. Yes to that!
blondfire Mar 12, 2018
My project WORLDS is charting on Hype Machine! It would mean a lot to me if you would follow the link and click the heart next to our song! Please spread the <3! Many thanks! Erica xoxo
blondfire Mar 03, 2018
I’m playing an acoustic set tomorrow March 3rd in DTLA as part of Naked art happening! Tickets and info at
blondfire Feb 20, 2018
My project WORLDS is the #artistinsresidence on ALT 98.7 FM this month! Tune in Sundays at 9pm with Tobi Lynn. and get your WORLDS fix! <3
blondfire Feb 17, 2018
Happy to announce I'll be playing a stripped down acoustic set March 3rd as part of this cool immersive art event Naked art happening! All taking place DTLA at the Pico Union Project! Tickets and info below...
blondfire Feb 15, 2018
🖤YOUNG HEART🖤 The #YoungHeart album turns 4 this week!!🌟 #Waves 🌊