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BLNDR May 10, 2019
Timetable for tonight at CONCRETE. All killer no filler. Warming up from 00:00 to 02:30 before the mighty Luke Slater . Come early ⚔⚔⚔
BLNDR Apr 24, 2019
Found my track "Aquarium" taken from my album on Hypnus Records in the next exclusive TSUGI Magazine CD compilation mixed by Antigone 💿 "J'étais déjà fan des projets de BLNDR un peu plus deep techno, mais quand cet album ambient est sorti, je suis resté scotché. Chaque morceau est d'une grande subtilité." Thanks a lot for the kind words Mr Antigone 💙 You can still get my first album "L'Observatoire" released approximatively a year ago on the Hypnus Records Bandcamp ! LINK▶
BLNDR Apr 05, 2019
Thrilled to be back in the CONCRETE main floor in May beside titans ⚔ On the bill with me Luke Slater, Marcel Fengler & Parfait. EVENT▶ Concrete: Luke Slater, Marcel Fengler, BLNDR, Parfait
BLNDR Mar 25, 2019
Just recovering from the night i had in Macadam last saturday for the LUNACY crew. Incredible was the word. All set from CLEFT Moody and ANFS was perfect. Thanks again to everyone who attended. I'll be back very soon ⛓
BLNDR Feb 06, 2019
It was a year ago. Heres a cover i did of "Everybody's Got To Learn Sometime" from The Korgis. Free DL available ❄💙
BLNDR Feb 03, 2019
Playing in Nantes for the 1rst time for the eminent LUNACY night beside ANFS, Moody & CLEFT⛓ EVENT▶ Lunacy_Night : ANFS live & BLNDR
BLNDR Jan 16, 2019
Last june in a sweet belgian summer afternoon i answered some questions of my friend from InDepth in the good company of the Initiate crew before an epic party we had in Fuse. On a sunny terrace of a small Brussels café we met to talk about many subjects such as my inspirations, collaborations, my album on Hypnus Records and many other subjects... You can also check a really interesting chat InDepth had with one of the Initiate cofounder Hawkan Keziah the same exact afternoon at the same exact café about the creation of his collective and many more !
BLNDR Nov 24, 2018
🇨🇱Santiago 🇨🇱 Catch me tonight at the new edition of Enter d Noise beside Kleine Pia, Der Nautilus & Raw C ! EVENT : Enter d´ Noise // BLNDR (Semantica - Hypnus) Nos vemos luego...
BLNDR Oct 17, 2018
*For French Readers* -------------------------- J'ai répondu à quelques questions pour Delighted ! J'y parle notamment de nos débuts sur Container avec DJ Varsovie, Panzer, ILLNURSE & PAULIE JAN mais également de mon EP à venir sur Intervision, mon 1er album sur Hypnus Records et bien plus encore... -------------------------- ▪full interview at:… ▪New EP Preorder at:
BLNDR Oct 16, 2018
I'm delighted to present our 4th release on Intervision 'Les Fantômes de la Côte' 🐋 'Les Fantômes de la Côte' is out now on Bandcamp, this EP will be released digitally as well as a 12" Vinyl. You can check it out and (soon) grab your copy on bandcamp : A1 - Les Fantômes de la Côte A2 - Dimanche A3 - Fading Smiles B1 - Les Fantômes de la Côte (Acronym's Horizontal Dancefloor Mix) B2 - Fading Smiles (Bambounou Remix) B3 - Fading Smiles (PAULIE JAN Stormy Retake) 💿 Vinyl out soon.
BLNDR Oct 13, 2018
For the first part of the night catch me on Rinse France with my mover brother Panzer to represent Quartier Rouge x Intervision from 18:00 to 20:00. Then we will be heading to my beloved La Machine du Moulin Rouge for Quartiers Rouges .04 : Sunil Sharpe b2b Umwelt, Mike Dearborn beside Intervision players Verset Zero, Paulie Jan , Terdjman and upstairs Sunil Sharpe B2B UMWELT, Mike Dearborn & Soul Edifice . See you on the front row⛓🔨
BLNDR Oct 12, 2018
To celebrate my upcoming release 'Les Fantômes de la Côte EP' with features of Acronym, Bambounou and PAULIE JAN, Intervision will give away 2 x 12" Vinyl. Comment below or tag a friend and share this picture publicly. We'll pick the winners among all participants on October 29th ! Good luck 🐋
BLNDR Oct 08, 2018
The first time i played at La Machine du Moulin Rouge was 4 years ago back in 2014. It was my very first gig in playing in a club in Paris invited by the As Patria boys for their Precept party. La Machine du Moulin Rouge might be the club i played the most in Paris and i’m glad to be back next saturday in their basement where it all started for a special Intervision hosted line up. Intervision Residents and friends PAULIE JAN, Panzer, Verset Zero & Terdjman all night long in la Chaufferie and UMWELT B2B Sunil Sharpe, Mike Dearborn & Soul Edifice in the main room upstairs for Quartiers Rouge ! EVENT : Quartiers Rouges .04 : Sunil Sharpe b2b Umwelt, Mike Dearborn
BLNDR Oct 03, 2018
"Fading Smiles" from my next EP "Les Fantômes De La Côte" on Intervision, our imprint with label mate PAULIE JAN & DJ Varsovie is now available to stream on the Monument soundcloud channel. Fading Smiles is one of the original tracks of the release. Les Fantômes De La Côte EP is out in digital format on October 15th, and on vinyl on November 9th. Snippets and preorder coming soon...🐋
BLNDR Sep 24, 2018
Glad to announce that my next record will be for Intervision, a vinyl label we launched a year ago with my friends PAULIE JAN & DJ Varsovie. It includes 3 mind bending remixes by techno wizards Acronym, Bambounou & PAULIE JAN. Snippets & Presale comming soon ... Pictures © DJ Varsovie - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 🐚🐋INTERVISION003🐋🐚 BLNDR - Les Fantômes De La Côte EP - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - BLNDR/ Acronym/ Bambounou/ PAULIE JAN ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ ►A1_Les Fantômes De La Côte ►A2_Dimanche ►A3_Fading Smiles ►B1_Les Fantômes De La Côte (Acronym's Horizontal Dancefloor Mix) ►B2_Fading Smiles (Bambounou Remix) ►B3_Fading Smiles (PAULIE JAN Stormy Retake) ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬
BLNDR Sep 06, 2018
Throwback Thursday. 3 years ago ambient podcast for Smoke Machine. Time flies. Let your mind drift.
BLNDR Aug 07, 2018
Bambounou's Spotify playlist for Crack Magazine including Transilien from my latest album on Hypnus Records amongs some of the finest summer tunes🍹 "Coming through with an exclusive playlist for Crack Magazine, Bambounou’s selections are suitably humid for this heat. Comprised of ambient slices and big-room techno, this one’s a soundtrack for the nights building up to the club."
BLNDR Jul 16, 2018
BleeD Music tenth release compilation is out now ⚔️ including my track "Doepfer Exercise" beside an impressive list of names such as DJ NOBU (OFFICIAL), Volte-Face, Refracted, Daniel Avery, Peder Mannerfelt , Opuswerk & my mate AWB. V/A 2 x 12" compilation, 'Social Sculpture', is out since friday The record can be found in all good stores, including Hard Wax, Juno Records, Phonica Records , and Alternatively, you can pick it up from Follow the link below to listen to all tracks in full.
BLNDR Jun 27, 2018
"Unique hardware live performance, his delivery was clearly from high stature with a set which was more clubbing than his usual performances. Travelling between ambient and dark techno, deep and hypnotic. " Nice words from my Belgian friend from InDepth about my live act in Fuse last saturday in Brussels . What a unique night with Pierre, Pattrn, Layn and my mate AWB who smashed the place properly... Late thanks to the amazing Initiate crew for being such perfect host with me during the short time i had with them . Really looking forward to see you guys very soon 🌿
BLNDR Jun 18, 2018
On saturday i'll be doing my belgian premiere at the legendary Fuse in Brussels for the Initiate crew ! Very eager to share the booth with my man AWB & the Initiate resident DJs Layn, Pierre & Pattrn. I'll be playing live 🇧🇪 EVENT► Fuse presents: Initiate with BLNDR, AWB
BLNDR Jun 13, 2018
Time for some BLOCAUS mayhem again... This time I'll be playing for the first time in Dock Eiffel July 21 Sharing the stage with Peter Van Hoesen , Rrose, Inigo Kennedy & Anthony Linell. ⚔️See you on the front row⚔️
BLNDR Jun 10, 2018
Leaving with heavy heart my belove rainy Tokyo after 3 amazing days. I would like to thanks everyone that have joined me to VENT on friday. What a splendid night we had .. shout out to Shota Yamamoto , Yoshitaka Shirakura , Akiko Kiyama & GONNO who litteraly smashed the place for his closing set. Can't wait to come back soon. Thanks Shota & Tsutomu Tabata for the invitation and legendary hospitality. Till next time 🇯🇵❤️
BLNDR Jun 08, 2018
Soundcheck done for tonight at VENT in Tokyo ! Playing live for the Sawagi Festival crew. あなたに会うのを楽しみにしています 🇯🇵
BLNDR May 30, 2018
My first record was release on Hypnus Records. This goes back to 2014. 4 years have past and i'm really moved to see my first album finally coming to light where it all started... Many things have changed since then in my sound as in my life. This is what this record is about. Hope you'll like it ❤ ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ A1. Mont Blanc A2. A Field B1. Botanical Garden B2. Transilien B3. Narita Express C1. The Castle in the Sky C2. Aquarium D1. Last Korean Sunset D2. Cemetery Flowers ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ The release is scheduled for the next full moon. Bandcamp: Soundcloud: Love and light
BLNDR May 28, 2018
I had a very nice chat with the folks from Monument talking about the creative process behind my first album "l'Observatoire" which will be landing on Hypnus Records next full moon. While waiting for the release you can already have a listen to the opening track of the album : Mont Blanc Hope you enjoy !