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Blitzen Trapper Jan 25, 2019
Hi friends! If you're in the Eugene area tomorrow night, check out drummer Brian's folk duo Dead Lee performing at Sam Bond's Brewing Co. Free show, 7-9pm!
Blitzen Trapper Jan 11, 2019
Happy New Year! 🎆🎊 here’s a #throwback to Audiotree Music Festival - live an direct 🤘🏽💥💃🏽
Blitzen Trapper Dec 16, 2018
YES! Signed FURR vinyl, handwritten lyric sheets, plus tour t-shirts are all back in stock! Get 'em quick:
Blitzen Trapper Dec 12, 2018
Hello all, check out Blitzen's own Brian Koch and his new project Dead Lee. The duo recently debuted their own self titled EP and the video for the first single 'Are We Free' just premiered on Rolling Stone Country's top songs of the week!
Blitzen Trapper Nov 20, 2018
All love to those that came out on our final Furr tour of the eon... an honor to play these songs for ten years, to find connection.. and when I come back in my next life as an ancient Eocene canid I hope we'll all be running in the same pack...💕🐺 📸@la_isla_anita
Blitzen Trapper Nov 14, 2018
WELL HELLO! We'd like to announce we'll be a part of the High Water Festival 2019. This glorious group of musical humans features some dear friends, some of our favorite bands around, and some of our new favorites. All weekend passes go on sale this Thursday at 10AM EST! We know who we're geeked to see, what about y'all? Check the lineup:
Blitzen Trapper Nov 10, 2018
RENO TONIGHT ONLY! 11/9 🦊Off Beat Music Fest at Chapel Tavern 🍺 Itching to boogie with you...
Blitzen Trapper Nov 09, 2018
Chico! I’m sorry to announce our show at Sierra Nevada brewery tonight is cancelled due to the Paradise fire. Get a refund and please stay safe out there. ❤️🙏🏽
Blitzen Trapper Nov 08, 2018
🦊FURR 10 YEAR ANNIVERSARY TOUR PHASE III: WEST COAST🐺 coming at you starting this week! Playing the whole darn record plus a bunch more. Let's boogie one more time. 💥🎷 tickets:
Blitzen Trapper Nov 02, 2018
WHAT?! We've got FURR on cassette now! get 'em while they're hot💥
Blitzen Trapper Nov 01, 2018
SAN FRANCISCO! 11/14 we'll see you at The Independent - playing FURR front to back + a bunch more hard/soft rock 🤘🏼💥❤️
Blitzen Trapper Oct 14, 2018
As the gentle gods of soft rock attempt to decipher the parapraxis of the nightly botched lyrics of @ericeearley they pause and wonder at the large armpit hole in his shirt, is there a deeper meaning?.. surely there is a dimensional timeline wherein their entourage includes a seamstress.. capture by @dangermaus
Blitzen Trapper Oct 02, 2018
🦊 Hiya! Here’s a little review of our FURR 10 Year Anniversary tour. Brooklyn, Philly, DC and a lot more coming up. We’re having a blast and hope to see you 🎸💥🤘🏽 tickets:
Blitzen Trapper Sep 28, 2018
DC! See you 10/5 at Rock And Roll Hotel. We'll be playing all of FURR and a second set of other nuggets. Come shake a hip -- 💃🤘🏽💥🎸 Get it: photo by: Darren Ho Media
Blitzen Trapper Sep 26, 2018
Excited to be doing our thing in Chicago tonight @lh_schubas !!! Playing all of Furr+other favs and deep group therapy⚡🐯⚡ 📸@darrenhomedia
Blitzen Trapper Sep 22, 2018
Oct. 13 get your FURR on at The Fox Theatre when we'll play the whole darn record live. Stoked to see you again! tickets:
Blitzen Trapper Sep 22, 2018
Oct. 10 we'll see you back at Blueberry Hill Duck Room where we'll be performing FURR in its entirety. Hard/soft rock will be on display all night 💥🤘🏼❤️ tickets:
Blitzen Trapper Sep 22, 2018
Hi hi Nashville friends -- Oct. 8 we're bringing this hot reissue and playing it all - live. We'd love to have you there. ❤️🤘🏼💥 tickets:
Blitzen Trapper Sep 22, 2018
October 6, we'll be performing all of FURR at Cat's Cradle - we'd love to see you there 🤘🏼❤️ tickets:
Blitzen Trapper Sep 22, 2018
Ottowa! See you Sep 28 at The 27 Club Ottawa for our AnniFURRsary Tour 🤘🏼😍 tickets:
Blitzen Trapper Sep 14, 2018
So stoked to have this dbl LP reissue come out today! via Sub Pop Records with a horde of unreleased stuff from the vault, 10 years ago this record allowed us to play shows and meet folks all over the place and it's a beautiful thing that people still seem to connect with the songs and find meaning in all the dark weirdness, thanks to all the fans who have supported us and we want to see you all out on the road this fall!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ tickets: records:
Blitzen Trapper Sep 12, 2018
Indianapolis: see you Sep. 22 at Holler On The Hill! tickets:
Blitzen Trapper Sep 10, 2018
Hi hi! We'll be playing "Furr" all across Canada starting Sep. 14 at Rifflandia Music Festival. Really looking forward to rocking with you guys. Plenty of US dates coming up as well. LIVE MUSIC IS BEST MUSIC Get on it:
Blitzen Trapper Sep 07, 2018
Well hi there! Good news: Furr 10 Year Anniversary Tour coming your way soon -- tickets:
Blitzen Trapper Aug 30, 2018
"Booksmart Baby" this 2008 outtake is available soon on the bonus LP from Sub Pop Records deluxe, 10-year reissue of Furr. We'll be performing the whole record live around North America this fall and we're excited see you.🤘🏼lots of love 💥 Listen: Pre-Order FURR: Tickets: