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Profugus Mortis
Blackguard Jan 26, 2019
Rest In Power Bruce. It was a pleasure to share the stage with you.
Blackguard Jan 21, 2019
It is with great pleasure that we can finally start sharing with you our plans for this year! We will be playing our first show in four years at Coalition in Toronto on March 22nd with CRIMSON SHADOWS(Napalm Records),BOREALIS(AFM Records) and LUTHARO ! This will be one hell of a fun show with some of our oldest friends so come out and make this a night no one will forget. Details / pre-order info for our new album "STORM" will be revealed in the coming weeks and of course, some new music for everyone to sink their teeth into. It’s been a long time coming, but we’re finally here so stay tuned! We would like to take this time to thank all of you from the bottom of our black hearts for your continuing support for this musical entity that has been such a huge part of our lives for so long. This next chapter in our history is a return to our roots, we’re going at this alone again without the shackles of business obligations that brought us to the brink in the past. This is a labor of love beyond the typical metrics of “success” or “failure” and sharing this piece of us with you is our apotheosis. And finally, for those who don’t know how this all began…. Our out of print first record "So It Begins…" under our original name “Profugus Mortis” is now available for download on our Bandcamp page ( for 5$. It’s a trip to hear the band’s evolution to what we are now and we hope you will enjoy this glimpse into our history. Thank you all. BLACKGUARD
Blackguard Jan 18, 2019
Blackguard Dec 14, 2018
Thank you so much everybody!! It was a great year!!
Blackguard May 30, 2017
Hey everyone , Paul here ! So a few weeks ago I was interviewed by Brad from KOBRA AND THE LOTUS for his new podcast. We talked for an hour and shared war stories about life and the music industry, including but not limited to - My first strip club experience (@The Club House in Dallas owned by Vinnie Paul of Pantera) - My first time meeting Simone of Epica - My first time meeting Warrel Dane of Nevermore -Making an ass of myself in front of Brian Slagel of Metal blade records twice ! aaaaannnnnd our plans for STORM this year and what we hope to accomplish. Check it out here on or Itunes
Blackguard Apr 29, 2017
"Hi ! Justine here, while we're working out the issues with Storm I'd like to share with you the new video from my other band Karkaos , I hope you enjoy ! :)
Blackguard Mar 11, 2017
Anyone remember the Deicide / Belphegor / Blackguard / Neuraxis / pathology Tour ? we had some fun.
Blackguard Feb 20, 2017
Our great work is almost complete.. What tours did you see us on? Share some photo and memories.
Blackguard Jan 28, 2017
Missed the anniversary by a few days but this happened a little over 10 years ago. The first tour we ever did was a mini Ontario/Quebec run with Moonsorrow who we would share the road with again 2 years later on the Pagan Fest in 09 . Thank you Apocalypse Productions for putting us on that and helping lay the groundwork for the bands future. We still have one more offering for you all so stay tuned.
Blackguard May 06, 2015
Thanks again to everyone who cam out to our shows with Crimson Shadows and Erimha over the weekend ! Justine and I (Paul) did a radio interview in windsor which will air this Wednesday between 10:30pm-12:00am on Metal Health on the station CJAM 99.1 FM. It will also be streamed here for those out of broadcast range Also check out their FB page.
Blackguard May 03, 2015
Canadian epic metal invasion has come to an end ! A huge thanks to Crimson Shadows for being the best bearded men ever !
Blackguard May 01, 2015
First gig in over a year ! Felt great !! Thanks ottawa ! Hamilton, youre next !!
Blackguard Apr 30, 2015
Special announcement! Blackguard will be joined by original keyboardist Jonathan Leduc for this weeks shows in Ottawa (tonight @Mavericks), Hamilton (Chaos fest @club absinth) and windsor (@ dominion house)
Blackguard Apr 30, 2015
Blackguard Apr 25, 2015
Ottawa , Hamilton , Windsor Less than a week away If you live in Ontario please share and help us promote these shows! Thanks
Blackguard Apr 16, 2015
"This is my allegiance , to those I have fought with side by side.." Our first shows back are coming up soon! Ottawa/Hamilton/Windsor get ready !
Blackguard Apr 16, 2015
Hey hey ! Un billet sur moi qui était en studio avec mon autre groupe Sykode l'hiver dernier ! On se voit sur la route bientot :) -Justine
Blackguard Apr 11, 2015
Timeline Photos
Blackguard Apr 02, 2015
TBT , why not. The show that helped launch us in MTL/QC back in the day when we were called Profugus Mortis . I think its about time we do some 10+ year anniversary shows. What do you think?
Blackguard Mar 31, 2015
Hamilton are you ready!
Blackguard Mar 21, 2015
Our mini run with Crimson Shadows is fast approaching ! if you live in or around any of these cities do us a huge favor and share the show's event page. Ottawa: Hamilton: Windsor:
Blackguard Mar 19, 2015
Ottawa! Come party with us and Crimson Shadows!. event page ---> advanced tickets
Blackguard Mar 03, 2015
Ontario get ready ! We're doing 3 dates with our good friends in Crimson Shadows . These are our first shows in over a year ! Tickets for the Ottawa show can be purchased here:
Blackguard Mar 02, 2015
First of 3 show announcements ! Headlining day 1 of Chaos fest ! Hamilton we're coming for blood !
Blackguard Feb 26, 2015
TBT An incredible show in an amazing town in Quebec far too few bands play in. This was right before Pagan fest 09 if I remember correctly . Like/Share/Drink - Paul