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Blackfield V
Welcome to My DNA
End of the World (RADIO EDIT)
Once / 1000 People
Blackfield II
Blackfield II
Open Mind: The Best of Blackfield
Blackfield May 26, 2019
Last night Blackfield played Hello&Blackfield in front of 12.000 people, we’re back to the studio for more recording Steven Wilson
Blackfield May 18, 2019
Next Saturday, May 25th, Steven and I will play a few Blackfield songs at “Live Park” , Israel. Link for Tickets :
Blackfield May 13, 2019
Blackfield 6th, recording session, here we go again !
Blackfield Feb 03, 2019
Steven invited me last night on stage as a surprise to play “Blackfield” in acoustic version. 6th album on the way..Steven Wilson
Blackfield Nov 28, 2018
Which song would you suggest to someone new to Blackfield?
Blackfield Nov 21, 2018
While I'm melting in the rain Deep in pain, she is so far. Will we ever meet again As friends, after so long
Blackfield Nov 15, 2018
Who would you recommend Blackfield to? Steven Wilson and Aviv Geffen "have selected 15 of our absolute favourite Blackfield songs for Open Mind - The Best of Blackfield". Out now on CD and vinyl
Blackfield Nov 01, 2018
Steven Wilson - “Blackfield appealed to me because it was a chance to focus firmly on the art of the classic pop song with concise songs and strong melodies, harmonies, orchestration, and a very lush ‘golden’ production.”
Blackfield Oct 22, 2018
What is your favourite Blackfield song? Steven Wilson and Aviv Geffen have selected theirs for Open Mind, a best of album from their collaboration. Order / listen
Blackfield Oct 04, 2018
Thanks to all our fans who joined to the Milan,Zurich &Amsterdam gigs. New music to come soon..
Blackfield Oct 02, 2018
Last night in Milan with Biffy Clyro , thanks to all our fans , we had such a great time!
Blackfield Sep 30, 2018
Open Mind is an album of 15 Blackfield songs curated by Steven Wilson and Aviv Geffen, out now!
Blackfield Sep 30, 2018
Steven Wilson
Blackfield Sep 09, 2018
I’m about to support Biffy Clyro in Milan,Zurich&Amsterdam. See you soon! Biffy Clyro Aviv Geffen
Blackfield Jul 28, 2018
Open Mind is an album of 15 Blackfield songs curated by Steven Wilson and Aviv Geffen.
Blackfield Jan 31, 2018
‪My band and me would like to thank all our fans in Europe for incredible time in the last two weeks. U.S tour dates to announce soon...‬
Blackfield Jan 30, 2018
Tonight is the last show in Berlin Frannz Club
Blackfield Jan 30, 2018
Thanks Munich
Blackfield Jan 29, 2018
Playing Munich tonight in at Strom club, Tomorrow playing Berlin at Frantz club
Blackfield Jan 27, 2018
Ech Freu mech mega das ech höt sErst mol I de Schwiiz daf Spele !! Höt I de Jazzkantine ab em 9i!! Aviv Geffen
Blackfield Jan 19, 2018
European tour first day- Koln
Blackfield Jan 18, 2018
This Friday .. can’t wait to see you all
Blackfield Jan 15, 2018
Rehearsing in Tel Aviv..
Blackfield Jan 14, 2018
Liebe Fans, Ich freue mich sehr zurück nach Deutschland zu kommen. Kauft jetzt euer Ticket und wir sehen uns dann auf einer meiner Shows in Köln, Hamburg, Berlin und München. Deutschland, see you soon! Aviv Geffen
Blackfield Jan 10, 2018
Steven Wilson