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Black Taxi EP
BLACK TAXI Jul 16, 2019
So how's the heat treating you this summer?
BLACK TAXI Feb 22, 2019
It's almost the weekend. Get after it.
BLACK TAXI Nov 15, 2018
Black Taxi - House On Fire (Official Music Video)
BLACK TAXI Oct 09, 2018
What was your favorite Up Here For Thinking moment?
BLACK TAXI Sep 30, 2018
So hard when I'm without.
BLACK TAXI Sep 17, 2018
One way to hang in the library...
BLACK TAXI Aug 29, 2018
Today's a hot one. Lose the clothes.
BLACK TAXI May 10, 2018
Bowery Hotel’s new cocktail list.
BLACK TAXI Sep 27, 2017
NYC fam: EZ-RA has a show tomorrow for you. Joseph King & The Mad Crush // EZ-RA at Mercury Lounge Come on out.
BLACK TAXI Aug 29, 2017
Austin family... EZ-RA has a solo show at The Volstead tonight. Free. 9 PM. Come by if you can! w/ Joseph King
BLACK TAXI Jul 06, 2017
Florida family: EZ-RA has a show this Saturday at Safety Harbor Art and Music Center at 8 PM. You can hear some of his new music this afternoon on Thursday Traffic Jam on WMNF. Also, he has openings for private performances (anywhere in Florida) this coming week so if interested contact him to discuss details.
BLACK TAXI Jun 20, 2017
EZ-RA is back in NYC for a night of travel stories & new music; solo show at Rockwood 2 THIS THURSDAY, 10:30 PM. Hope you can make it out!
BLACK TAXI Jun 01, 2017
For those in the St Pete/Tampa area, EZ-RA will be playing a barnburner with J.T. Brown and FayRoy at The Attic at Rock Brothers tomorrow night. Not to be missed. He will also be warming up the joint at The Mandarin Hide tonight. Get some.
BLACK TAXI May 04, 2017
This Black Taxi song is so old you probably don't even know a little video I shot while traveling this month.
BLACK TAXI Mar 31, 2017
The weekend is coming. Your feelings hang in the balance, somewhere between Spring, longing, mud, and nostalgia. You need some new songs to express your appreciation but also release the emotion within. I got you. My benefit album, "SAUDADE, BABY" hit iTunes today. Take a listen...i've linked tracks below in the comments cos I love you. All proceeds go to You can also purchase tracks directly from my website Thank you, and have the best weekend of your life.
BLACK TAXI Mar 10, 2017
Florida: big, crazy, thanks to all of you who came out this last extended weekend for the Black Taxi shows Funk Fest, Dunedin Brewery, and The Attic at Rock Brothers. Those were legendary. I am wrapping up my Artist in Residence program with a EZ-RA show tonight Safety Harbor Art and Music Center, 8 PM. Would mean a lot if you could make it out this ways. Its $10 and I'll be putting all the new stuff out I've written (Including my entire benefit for Haiti EP) and celebrating my birthday early. Whhhaaatt!
BLACK TAXI Mar 06, 2017
Last chance, Florida. We will be leaving it all out on the floor for ya. The Attic at Rock Brothers. We have a couple shirts left too!
BLACK TAXI Mar 05, 2017
Dunedin Brewery. Hell yeah.
BLACK TAXI Mar 04, 2017
Funkfest. Punta Gorda. Let's do this! Hitting at 1045 after the Motet!
BLACK TAXI Mar 01, 2017
We have something for everyone this loooong weekend: FRIDAY: playing the afterparty, Stage 2, right after The Motet wrap up...10:45 till they kick us off (midnight) SATURDAY: Black Taxi w/ Future Vintage at Dunedin Brewery (March 4th) This is one of our favorite spots to rage (and drink)! MONDAY: The Attic presents Black Taxi and Loose Talk. This is the Rock Brothers Brewing Company's brand new venue. Pristine sound and selling out fast. Probably our last show (ever) so don't ya miss out. LETS DANCE.
BLACK TAXI Feb 17, 2017
Making some noise, solo-style, at Safety Harbor's FREE "Third Friday" event tonight...Trying out a bunch of new stuff so I want your opinions. Thanks! Safety Harbor Art and Music Center
BLACK TAXI Feb 13, 2017
I wrote a love song for you. Below is the electronic version. The acoustic is up on Ezra Huleatt's Facebook page and you can buy both at ...just click "valentine day gift" link. ALL THE PROCEEDS GO TO BENEFIT THE HAITIAN PEOPLES SUPPORT PROJECT. Get your lover something nice and support a non-profit doing amazing work. #winwin #valentinesday #ifeeleverythingwithyou #roseswiltmusicdoesnot Also, we have some shows coming up for you, Florida. Funk Fest 8 - March 3rd and 4th, 2017, Black Taxi w/ Future Vintage at Dunedin Brewery (March 4th) and The Attic presents Black Taxi
BLACK TAXI Jan 21, 2017
TONIGHT!!! EZ-RA (of Black Taxi) // Teen Commandments. Giving the jams one final NYC shakedown before I take off. Mercury Lounge. 10:30 Doors. Gone-Tightrope-BillieJean-Shoeshine-Electroshock-Friend-Runner-TheLessIKnowTheBetter-UpHereForThinking-DoWhatYouGottaDo-BalloonsOnBarbedWire-Hand
BLACK TAXI Jan 16, 2017
Yooooooooooooooo, NYC loves! EZ-RA will be playing BLACK TAXI jams with friends (Diwas Gurung, Daniel Gould, and Dan Hyde) for the last time in NYC before he moves to Florida for a month + (accepted into artist residence program there). This Saturday. Mercury Lounge. Sharing the bill with our dance brethren, Teen Commandments. Get your late night freak on. $10 now or pay $12 at door and risk sell out. Link is: See you out there.
BLACK TAXI Dec 21, 2016
Florida Peeps: We will be flying down to see your beautiful faces and play a weekend of shows in early March. If you are still looking for x-mas present ideas consider snagging some tix for your family/lover before they sell out! We will not have Bill and Kris for this run unfortunately, but J. Holmes is back in the mix on skins and we got some killer musicians to sub in. Let's Dance. 3/3/17 Friday - Funk Fest Florida - Punta Gorda 3/4/17 Saturday - Dunedin Brewery 3/6/17 Monday - The Attic presents Black Taxi